Click if you wanna see Sparkly Balls!

It’s that time again. Time to give thanks. Not to your Lord and Savior. Not for your Health. You will also not be required to give thanks for the fact that you looked really good the last time you saw your ex.

Today what we’re giving thanks for is … smelly soup and sparkly balls. Amen.

Below are my favourite things this month from my sponsors. The sponsors that make this website possible. The sponsors that put good, quality cheese on my table.

To these sponsors, I give thanks.

Click on the Pic. to see which sponsor it comes from!

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Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

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  1. Judy D. says:

    I believe the “sparkly balls” come from Design The Life You Want To Live by Laynne Knowlton. In her blog, she was asking for suggestions as to what to call her balls. 🙂 My suggestion is Grapevine Luminaries. I didn’t post a comment on her blog, I’m just sharing my idea with you. JD

  2. Jan says:

    Smelly soup? Which photo? or could it perhaps be smelly soap? i am clearly or not so clearly confused. Love the photos and the chicken coop plans!

    • kathryn says:

      yes, let’s give thanks for smelly soup! hooray for aromatic tomato & basil! all hail stinky broccoli & blue cheese! yum. but is a smelly soup a true soup?

  3. Bridget says:

    Hi Karen, did you change your blog so that we cannot see the other comments? Did I somehow change it? I loved reading what others said…and your responses.

  4. Moe says:

    Karen, you tricked me. I was reading sparkly balls but was thinking glowing balls from the mason jar post. Colour me disappointed, until I started reading how to make the sparkly balls and realized that the slip of vine that I “borrowed” from a neighbour yesterday is actually grapevine. So that makes me want to traipse through the bushes around my house to see if there is any grapevine growing wild. Then I can make a sparkly ball, even though making a glowing ball mason jar is what I really wanted to do. :o)

  5. Langela says:

    I was expecting to click and have sparkly balls all up in my face. I didn’t realize I’d have to find them hidden amongst other goodies. Thanks for the morning tease and waking up my brain to search for advertised sparkly balls. Sparkly balls are always worth the extra effort!

  6. Jamiek says:

    Are they anything like Schweddy Balls?

  7. Patti says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Oh no! Or oh YAY| I just fell in love with the Acorn Birdhouse from Cattails Woodwork! Wood is good! And acorns are better! And birds are best! Uh-oh. Neeeeeeed.

  8. Flossie says:

    LOVE those El Mismo Sol dresses! I’ve got one and it always gets compliments. I had mine custom made with favorite t-shirts so it is extra special! Thanks for giving El Mismo Sol top billing!

  9. Ruth says:

    My pocket will not allow ‘sponsor support’ at this time. However, I was very amused by the ‘Strongest Prayer Requests’ ad that showed up at the top of your page. DWL!

  10. Gayla T says:

    Karen, Karen, Karen! I thought you were way smarter than this. Sending us to read about sparkly balls??? Of course we are going to sign up for more hilarious stuff. So next year when the voting starts we have to decide if folding sheets is more fun than sparkly balls? You certainly have set your self up for some stiff competition. For those of us reading both blogs it’s a win win but for you it means working way harder. So maybe it’s time to hit us with the story of how you got to the bottom of the stairs. Just a suggestion since you have seen fit to import your own competition. This should be lots of fun.

  11. kris says:

    I love the tee-shirt dresses! I had one made and it’s just about all I wear these days. Karen (Anderson) made from a bunch of tee-shirts I had collected from participating in the Dragon Boat Festival in Grand Marais, MN over the years. People hardly ever compliment my clothes, but this little dress sure gets gets noticed!

    BTW, I want to make myself a little fort out of that chicken coop.

  12. Hi Karen !
    I think you have rubbed off on your readers. Wait, maybe that came out all wrong. What I mean to say is that you have brought out the FUNNY in them. They left comments in my blog yesterday…on different names for the grapevine BALLS. Somehow, I can help but think my balls are sparkling a little bit brighter today 🙂 LOL.

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