Hand Shaped Pepper Mill. Awesome.

It was my mother’s birthday a few weeks ago.  She’s always complaining that she has too much to do.

So I gave her a helping hand …

It’s the most versatile hand you’ve ever met.

Observe how much it can portray through just a gesture.

Hand First


DSC 0695
hi in hawaiian.  the  hand is bilingual.


DSC 0707
everything’s a okay


PepperMill spoon


DSC 0700
metallica rules


DSC 0709


DSC 0720
thumbs up


PepperMill N
universal sign language for “n”


DSC 0734
thinking of taking up the flute


Pepper Mill Finger
what do you mean you won’t pay for flute lessons?


DSC 0733
hey!  what the  hell are you doing?  put me down this instant!


Pepper Millcrank
twist, twist


DSC 0751
tap, tap


Pepper Mill Final
surprise, surprise!

 Yup.  It’s a pepper mill.  And a handsome one at that.  Heh.

I saw this at the cash of my local kitchen store, The Keeping Room and HAD to have it.   (if you click on The Keeping Room link … yes that is Jacque Pepin standing beside a lifesized stuffed bear).

I didn’t even know it was a pepper mill and I loved the thing.  It was sitting by the cash register with a wooden spatula in its fingers.  When they told me it was a pepper mill I screamed out a whole bunch of random swear words that didn’t even make any sense and ran out of the store with it without paying.

Here … I’ll explain.

I actually just borrowed the pepper mill so I could do a post on the thing.  I couldn’t justify buying it for myself, but how could this exist and I not share it with you?  The owner of the store, knowing my blog, my level of insanity and dedication to making the lives of people who say no to me miserable, agreed.  She let me take it home to photograph with the promise I’d return it.  One day.

Then my mother caught wind of the pepper mill and decided SHE had to have it too.  So, being the general time of her birthday and knowing if she owned it, I could borrow it, my boyfriend and I decided to give it to her.

I know it’s a little early to be thinking about Christmas or Hanukah but I have a feeling these things are gonna sell out, so if you want one order it here through Amazon or you can contact the manufacturer.

No.  I’m not getting paid for this.  But only because no one’s offered.  I’d totally take payment for it.


  1. Carol says:

    How do you open this hand pepper mill to fill?
    Please explain in detail like I’m five years old.

  2. I love this thing! I would buy it this instant if I had more than two square feet of counter space. So I have to gift it… but I don’t know many people as crazy/quirky as me/us (us = artofdoingstuff-ers).

    Great post! Hugs!

    Erin @ Dwell & Tell

  3. Jules says:

    yep I was too excited..thanks :) buying 2!

  4. Cassie Moore says:

    awesome!! I SO look forward to your posts! Once I saw where you were going, I was hoping some sign language would come up! I teach sign language interpreters. Do I dare tell you that is the American Sign Language “n”, but not universal? You would need two pepper mills to do, say, British fingerspelling. We don’t even share common sign language with other English-speaking countries. Aren’t you fascinated? sure you are :)

    • Karen says:

      Cassie – REALLY?! Sign language isn’t universal? O.K. That’s just stupid! I knew about the 2 handed finger spelling, but I thought it was just something different. The pepper mill is fairly pliable but a lot of letters just weren’t possible. I wanted to do a K, but it just didn’t bend that way. I did a tv show segment on sign language once and I immediately wanted to take sign language. I LOVE it. ~ karen!

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