Stuff I like.
The mystery cup.

I like it.  I have no idea what the hell it is, but I like it.

These were the thoughts going through my head a couple of Sundays ago while at my local Garden Centre.  Not the one where they all greet me by name and ask how my fish are doing.  The other one … where they just kind of ignore me.

I am partial to this store because although they ignore me, sometimes it’s nice to be ignored.  And besides, they have really nice stuff at this garden centre.  Plaid rain boots, exotic plants, and once for some unknown reason they gave away a box of crackers with every purchase.  It’s hard not to love a store that gives you a box of crackers.

So as I’m going through all the displays I spot this thingamabob.  I loved it immediately even though I had no idea what it was.  Strangely, that doesn’t often deter me from buying something.   My first assumption was some sort of planter pot.

I wandered around a little bit more and pondered things like “I wonder how heavy that $200 hanging basket is? I wonder if anyone buys those hanging baskets at full price?  I wonder if the people working here ever faint from the heat and then get to go home early and eat ice cream?”

Ice CREAM!  That was it.  The thing I saw earlier was obviously for sundaes.  But why would they have sundae serving dishes in a garden centre.  No.  It didn’t make any sense.

Out of curiosity I went back to the mystery thingamabob and flipped it over to see the price.  And right there, stuck to the bottom was the price alongside an explanation of what this thing was.

Needless to say it wasn’t a sundae serving cup.  ‘Cause as I mentioned before, that would be silly in a garden centre.  Wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever.  Sometimes I get the craziest ideas in my head.  I should really start taking pills for it.

No, the cup (which makes infinitely more sense ) was ….


a french fry cup.  With an accompanying ketchup dipping bowl.

I’ve never fallen so hard or so quickly for anything in my life.*  I have what can only be described as a raging addiction to french fries.   I’ve tried to cut down, tried to substitute them with some other addiction, but I’m just too weak.

I realize many of you won’t understand our special relationship, but the french fry cup and I plan to live happily ever after.  Til meth do us part.


*(excluding the time Chris Isaak sat beside me at a dinner party, played the guitar and sang “Wicked Game“)


UPDATE As of this very minute, you can find these Maxwell Williams french fry cups here at Amazon. Thanks Jenn and Zina!


  1. Caroline says:

    that *is* pretty awesome!! I can’t blame you for loving that.

    • Karen says:

      Wow! That was a quick comment! You’re #1!!!! I know … a cup devoted to serving french fries. It warms the heart. And the arteries.

  2. Laura says:

    Chris Isaak does top the french fry cup.

    • Karen says:

      He even talked about how on the weekends he’ll go into the woods with his mother to pick berries. I mean, seriously? He’s quite a hunk. But he’s no french fry. I’m almost certain he’d never let me drop him in a vat of hot oil and cover him in salt. Unless … he’s into that sort of thing. In which case … I’d still prefer a french fry.

  3. Lynne says:

    Love, love, love french fries and of course the french fry cup too!
    Brilliant actually and now I will be on the hunt for one here in BC.
    ….wonder if my garden centre carries them?

  4. MollyCookie says:

    That is an awfully cool set. It’s great that you found it! I love to collect things like that.

  5. Shauna Wobeser says:

    Sorry, but french fries are good…but Chris Isaak is…. hmmmm Come on it’s Chris Isaak…What are french fries….and how come you’ve been doing this blog and haven’t mentioned him sooner…you have photos!!! Can you just add a little sub-blog where you tell us something about him each week….???lol but really!!

  6. Rosanna says:

    that just made my day, I do believe despite the fact I live 10 stories up, I may begin frequenting garden centres in the hope of meeting such a dish.

  7. michelle says:

    Did you know that Chris Isaak’s mum was a potato chip factory worker. Hence the connection. Non?

  8. Holly says:

    Wow a french fry cup set at the local garden center…that is just as odd as a sundae cup but it is a cute find! It is way nicer than the metal wire ones you see everywhere.

  9. Jenny says:

    French fries and Chris Issak are two of my most guilty pleasures.
    Oh Karen, you’re my hero. 🙂

  10. Jessie-Lee says:

    This might be the world’s greatest invention ever. And that is no exaggeration. French fry lovers rejoice! There is a special serving cup just for you!

  11. Zina says:

    Okay, where can I get some of those?

  12. Zina says:

    Oooh, lookit — this one even has newsprint on it! IT MUST BE MINE!!!!

  13. Maggie says:

    Oh my, Chris Isaak. That would make my panties disintigrate in a second too.

  14. Helen says:

    If you were feeling healthy (heaven forbid) how about using it for carrot sticks or cucumber batons and hummus? Ridiculous idea, I know….

  15. Elisa says:

    That’s it will be buying some today…great find!

  16. mimi says:

    Whatever about the cup for french fries, the matching little dipper cup would totally sell this to me. It’s exquisite, and I can see how you two will live happily ever after together.

  17. marisa says:

    2 words, steak fries. i have given them up for lent more times then i care to admit. do you like the coated fries? you know, the ones that are kind of bumpy? before you respond, my future as your bloggee depends on your answer.

    • Karen says:

      Marisa – My possible future bloggee … coated, bumpy fries are not fries. They are little barf inducers that have NO PLACE on menus across this (these) great land(s) of ours. I hate em.

      • marisa says:

        i couldn’t agree more. forget firearms, those “fry” imposters should be banned across the land. i shall forever be your devoted bloggee–

  18. Leanne says:

    A cup for french fries. How are any of the other cups supposed to compete with that? Poor other cups.

  19. Amanda says:

    WANT! Those are awesome! I think I would’ve thought odd planter and tea light holder set…seeing as how it was in a garden center 😛 I love surprise finds like that! mmmm…suddenly, I need french fries :)~

    • Karen says:

      Amanda – I know! I love them too! Now I want sweet potato fries. Have you got to my sweet potato fry post yet? Addictive! And I’m not even a huge fan of sweet potato fries! ~karen

  20. MamaToMany says:

    I don’t even remember anymore how I got to your site- something to do with it being 3:39am may take some blame… but I gotta tell ya- I’m having one of those “my husband is annoying me so now the world is annoying me” moments (thus why I’m not sleeping)- and you managed to seriously crack me up! Don’t think I’m being flippant, either, because I’ve been wallowing in a pretty pissy mood… you really ARE that hilarious! I found this page after your SP fries post (which I WILL try tomorrow, & as many times as necessary to get it right) I chuckled at you telling “Anonymous” to shove off- & then this post did me in.
    Thsnk you for sharing that a garden store gave away crackers & sold a french fry cup. Awe-some.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I must try to find some pissy quips on Pinterest about how much men suck…I wouldn’t want my husband to know that I laughed during the night. It would ruin everything I’ve worked so hard for.

  21. kelli says:

    that’s a mighty fine french fry cup, I guess cos you’re all fancy like that. And Chris Isaak? *Homer drooling noises* I can’t even watch that video of his (you know the one) it’s just too sexxay for my brain.

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