Category: This Week’s Flowers

When I first bought my house I started buying fresh cut flowers. Lots of them. You might call it an obscene amount. If my flower obsession were a pornographic magazine it would be Hustler, not Playboy. O-B-S-C-E-N-E. I’ve cut waayyyyy back but I still have new fresh flowers every week. Through trial and error (and no fear of cutting the stems) I’ve taught myself to arrange just about anything. So the next time someone gives you one of those grocery store bouquets DO SOMETHING with it. Don’t just stick them in a tall vase. Try different vases, don’t be afraid to cut the stems in half if you have to, and throw out any of the flowers you think are just plain ugly. You’ll screw up A LOT of flowers at first. But you’ll learn pretty quickly what works and what doesn’t. Or if you want to, just copy some of my weekly flower arrangements, and when you feel confident you can venture out on your own; or into your neighbours backyard. At night. With some clippers and some kind of cover story.