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Several years ago I needed my side yard fence fixed. The first 2 guys I called to give me a price didn’t show up and the third guy showed up drunk. I know this because he fell down. At 11 in the morning. So when a couple of guys actually showed up sober with a very professional looking flier, I hired em. They built the fence 6 inches shorter than they were supposed to and the nails they used to put it together shot out through the back of the fence by about two inches. From the street side of the fence it was exactly like a very expensive upright bed of nails. It was about this time I decided to become even more handy. I still haven’t built a fence myself but I’ve done just about everything else. I’ve put up drywall, changed out light fixtures and installed my own dishwasher. I’ve made my own furniture, built raised planter beds and often copy things I see in stores and magazines for a fraction of the price they’re charging. If you too want to stick it to the drunken handyman or the overpriced stores … read on.

The Art of Doing Stuff