Summer’s last …






3 days ago, we were doing this.  Today … I’ve broken out the flannel p’jamas for the first time since last winter.  They smell like drawer.



3 days ago, we were doing this. Today … I put the electric fireplace in our bedroom back on its timer to come on every night just before bed.



3 days ago, we were doing this. Today … I’m making beef stew with dumplings for dinner.



3 days ago, we were doing this.   Today … I officially gave up on watering the planters.



3 days ago it was summer.  Today I’m feeling fall.

I’m currently sitting in a pair of flannel p’jamas, beside my electric fireplace with a stew spoon in my hand, looking out at the summer planters I secretly hope will soon die.

Wish me luck.

It’s currently 75 degrees fahrenheit with a forecast of 91 for tomorrow.

I didn’t say it was fall … I’m just sayin’ I’m ready for it.


  1. GC Lehman says:

    Man oh man! Am I ever out of the loop! I didn’t realize I’d been away for so long but, the last time I was here there was you single now you have an “our bedroom” ?!? ….and an 8 (-ish) year old.

    I guess I know how I’m going to be losing sleep tonight! lol

    Happy First Day of Fall!! I know here in BC we’ve been in it for a few weeks. I think you guys are still having warm weather though. Come visit if you like. ;)

  2. Reenie says:

    Am I going to get lynched if I say BRING ON THE KILLER FROST BABY! I HATE ragweed season!!!

  3. Langela says:

    Fall is my favorite season. I am not a fan of hot weather. Here in Iowa it is 75 and sunny and very windy today. Perfect (except for the wind)! We will be picking some of our apples today.

  4. Maggie says:

    last night I opened this post in my reader and my waters broke (it was still here waiting for me when I reopened my laptop this evening) today we have beautiful baby boy.

    • Karen says:

      Are you KIDDING??? That’s shocking! (the fact that you’re reading Internet posts and not fretting or folding or crying or breaking down in any other way) You’re very together for someone who had a baby a day ago! You’re gonna be a good mom. Congratulations to all!

  5. Shauna says:

    It was 7 degrees here yesterday and windy….today is 9 and rain, and rain all week!! Although you have been in a major heat wave this past week, I’m sorry, but for us in the Prairies, no sympathy!! lol P.S. Is there a stew recipe to follow?

  6. kasia says:

    I made chili just yesterday, for the first time since last winter, and wore my really thick socks with silly faces on them, just to lounge around the house. I LOVE Fall!!!!! Hate the heat!! woo hoo!

    • Karen says:

      Love the heat … hate monotony! I’m sure I’ll be screaming for summer around the middle of November when I’m suck of the cold. – karen

  7. Sera says:

    I totally hear you. Totally. Love the heat, can’t cope with the kind of humidity that we’ve had in Ontario this summer. Not complainin’ – just sayin’.
    Big grin.

    • Karen says:

      I love the heat too … but I’m a gal who gets bored easily. I will miss being able to run out of the house with flip flops and no coat though. Uch. I HATE scraping a car full of ice and snow before I can drive away in it. – karen

  8. JanieV says:

    As a teacher who started school last week, I am ‘doing’ Fall even though I am not ready for it. It seems so wrong to be baking a fresh peach pie with a pot of minetrone soup on the stove… My poor tomatoes would love another couple of weeks of 75 degrees but this morning it is 55 and rainy. Green tomato recipes anyone?

    • Karen says:

      Oh. Ick. Back to school as a grown up. You don’t even get the excitement of thinking you’re going to keep all your notebooks really neat, and double underline all the titles in red and stuff. That particular usually lasted about the first 2 days for me. Peach pie though! YUM!!! I’ve never been great at minestrone soup. Always seems to tomatoey to me. :( – karen

  9. amy says:

    i love the pictures, thank you…

    • Karen says:

      You’re so welcome Amy! I had fun taking the pictures so there’s no need to thank me. Thank me when I do a post on gutting a pig or something. :) – karen

  10. deborahinps says:

    Thanks for the giggle this morning :-)

  11. I know! It’s not Fall yet, but I’m freezing over here with my fave sweatshirt, track pants and socks on. My budget will certainly appreciate that the fact that my hydro bill will not $1000 like last month!
    BTW – I found you through the Style at Home feature! I love your blog and the way you write!

  12. suzy says:

    We went apple picking. The apples are early this year. Is this a sign of a long winter? Doesn’t it seem that winter gets longer every year? Sigh!

  13. Yeah, we’re totally not ready for fall. It’ll be another month or so before it shows it’s head around here.

  14. gf says:

    After weeks and weeks of running the AC I have finally been able to open the windows and let the house breathe for a few days. Even here in North Carolina the air has the feeling of fall.

    This morning enjoying coffee on the front porch I was a little chilly in a long sleeve T and warm up pants. I love this time of year… Cool or cold at night, warm during the day with lots of morning and afternoon sunshine. :)

    • Karen says:

      I’m watching a show with North Carolina in it right now! I was just saying how beautifulllll it is. Seems like a great vacation place! Dumb Canadian that I am, I had no idea it even go “chilly” there! – karen

  15. Pam'a says:

    You crack me up.

    Although fall is my least favorite season, I share your secret longing about now for one cruel, hard, early freeze, so all those accursed plants will leave me alone.

    But no way am I ready for beef stew. I’m eating roasting ears until they disappear!

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