Super Smart Stuff
… quite possibly the smartest thing ever done by any human being. Anywhere.

Looking for an insanely simple way to make your life better and easier?  This DIY oil dispenser is it.

Yup. I put my vegetable oil in a pretty bottle with a spout. Who knew something so simple could change your life!

When I used to open the cupboard that housed my oil laden, grossly greasy, jug o’ vegetable oil I’d cringe. Gross, dirty old thing that my Crisco bottle was. NOW when I open the cupboard I am greeted with the sound of singing birds, visions of fresh spring flowers and a visible sprinkling of fairy dust. My vegetable oil bottle, which I use almost every day, is now nice (insert sound of singing angels here.)

It sounds stupid, but if you put your oil (vegetable, olive or my new favourite … grape seed) in a nice bottle with a spout your life will be better. It looks good, it feels good, it’s easier to hold and you end up using wayyyy less oil because it’s so easy to pour out just a small amount. Plus the bottle is simple to clean as opposed to that weirdo faceted plastic Crisco bottle. I love getting the oil out now. It makes me feel fancy.

I can’t explain my somewhat extreme reaction to this small, super-smart thing but I’m sure it’ll make you happy too. It’s a life changer. I’m almost positive it’s even made my highlights grow out more slowly. Hand over heart.