Sweet Potato Strangulation

I tried a multitude of vegetable gardening experiments this year.  Well … pretty much everything was an experiment.  Most of it went really well, but the odd thing became what a wise person would call “a lesson”.

Lesson 1.  Do not grow sweet potatoes in bags.  Not in burlap bags, or nylon bags, or any bags.

Have a look …



Can you see that?  That wonky sweet potato at the bottom of the bag?  Yeah.  It’s made a home for itself there.  Forever.  Here’s a closer look …




It actually grew INTO the bag.  It wove and wiggled it’s little sweet potato root into the fabric of the bag where it continued to grow until it had strangled itself.  Which didn’t stop it from growing.  It just stopped it from being harvestable.  Here it is from the bottom of the bag …



And this wasn’t the only example.  Any sweet potatoes I grew in bags either grew long and squiggly or they attached themselves to the bag.

What did I learn here? I learned that even a sweet potato has a vicious sense of self preservation. They will do anything to prevent being peeled, cooked and eaten.

Can’t say I blame them. Although I’m not sure self strangulation is the route I would choose to go.