Tell me your cleaning tips & appear on The Art of Doing Stuff.

My sister in the pink tool belt is the type who loves to clean. So is fish pedicure sister actually. And my niece. My mother and I? We prefer to make the mess.

I like the end result of cleaning. The sparkle, the glow, the bugs turning around and marching out the back door.

To be perfectly honest it isn’t the cleaning I dislike. It’s the putting away. Laundry? Not a big deal. Putting it all away. Barf. Doing dishes? Don’t mind it. Putting them away? Hate it.

The more organized my house becomes the easier the “putting away” thing is getting. I have spots for places and try very hard to remember where they are. Books in the bookcases, extra dishes have been banished to the basement so I’m not wandering around the kitchen for half an hour deciding where I can possible fit the oversized bowl … and I cleaned out my closet and drawers so I don’t have to throw my clothes in the laundry hamper when they’re perfectly clean because they won’t fit anywhere else.

Come with me (in an imaginary way) for a moment as I scan my yet to be completed kitchen. On the island there are no less than 3 sets of Hex keys, a flashlight, a screwdriver, a pair of scissors, car keys and some black Isotoner gloves. And maybe Dexter. If I looked a little harder I would probably find Dexter.

That island was empty just moments ago. I actually woke up 2 hours early today so I could put things away before I started working but it’s all back. All of it. It’s like living with a teenager only I’m the teenager and yelling at me doesn’t work either. I’m going to have to take my iPad away from me.

However, like I said, even though I still leave things out, things are much easier to put away now that my house is more organized than it’s ever been. Which leaves me more time to clean.

I’m not going to tell you what I clean or how I clean it because that’s not what this post is about. Although this is one of my tips …


This post is about how YOU clean.

I’m looking for any of your tips, tricks or cleaning recipes.

I’m going to test the 3 that I think are the most interesting or useful and will then feature them in a full post on The Art of Doing Stuff along with a picture of you! Don’t worry. If you’re picked and you don’t want me to include a picture I’ll put up a picture of Dr. Phil or his wife and say it’s you. If you’re a man you get the Dr. Phil picture, if you’ve had so much botox your eyebrows live on the North Pole, you’ll get the wife picture.

Dusting, cleaning solutions, routines … any cleaning tip is accepted. It can be something you do because your mother did it, or a recipe you found on the Internet that works great, or just something you discovered on your own. Extra points for either exceptional results, or exceptionally fast results.

Start commenting about cleaning!

Have a great weekend.