Thank You Dear Sponsors

Thank you

© me. karen.

You are my sponsors, I like you much

I’ve never met you, you could be Dutch.

But I wouldn’t care if you were sticky and gummy

Because of you I make some money.

Not that I think the Dutch are gooey,

To say so would be all kinds of hooey.

Nancy ole’ gal, you’re good with budgets

Your Money by Design would never fudge it.

You count all our pennies and show us the way

To save enough cash for a rainy day.  Or a really nice pair shoes, (on sale of course).

Mr. Pickles your blog offers GREAT advice,

Too bad you weren’t around for Miss. Heidi Fleiss.

She’s a crackhead whore with all kinds of issues,

From drugs to jail to gross dirty tissues.

Completely Coastal your website gleams

I love all the stuff in your beachy themes

Your DIYs are super-fun

I’d have to say this is my favourite one!

Waylay Designs your help was great

You fixed my website for a really good rate.

And Cubits your seeds are great for beginners

Only 3 months to grow enough to make dinner.

So as I was saying, thanks for all that you’ve brought,

My sponsors, my pals, my little Dutch lot.

Have a superfantabulous weekend.   Or even a mediocre one.  A mediocre weekend is still better than a Tuesday at work. If you’re looking for something to do, support those sponsors who support me by clicking on their links and having a look at their wares.


  1. Brigid says:

    I think that I may,
    I think that I might,
    just give a click
    to a blog on the right!

  2. Jeffrey Lee says:

    I was nice of you to say thanks
    for those who advertise.
    I hope on Monday we return
    to the DIY projects oh so wise.

    From how to make gift bows
    with an illuminated loop.
    To how to cook pistachio chicken
    (but not one from your coupe).

    Your website is always informative
    and thoroughly enjoyed.
    But it is time to quite rhyming
    before I become unemployed.

    Thanks Karen!!

  3. kate says:

    After reading your ode to the sponsers I checked out Mr. Pickles. He is going to change my life. At my significant other’s family gatherings I am subjected to stories from one particular family member of her witnessing someone being “saved”, as in the they’ve turned their life over to Jesus. I’m glad they were saved. I didn’t know the person. But hey…if it works for them. Great. I don’t feel the need to be saved. No one needs to know my religious beliefs. The “saved” storyteller always sits next to me and tells someone else. Never me directly. But always I get a story. Anyway…I never knew how to get out of this situation…and Mr. Pickles has answered it. Albiet in his response to someone that is always subjected to stories from a co-worker about the newest level of cuteness their child has approached. Mr. Pickles suggested that you respond by with something like…remembering that windex is on sale…or lowering the toaster setting. This Mr.Pickles advice is something I could really get behind. I am totally going to do that for my next family gathering “saved” storyteller. I am actually looking forward to it. Rather than my usual dread of that family member. The reason I am writing this here is because you lead me to him! Thank you…and thank god for Mr. Pickles!!!

  4. Cindy Marlow says:

    Karen…you light up my life! (Debbie Gibson whom I think was ‘saved’. (this in reference to kate’s awesome testimonial of Mr. Pickle’s blog)

  5. Cindy Marlow says:

    Oh wait, that was Debby Boone!

  6. Mariaurora says:

    In verse and in prose
    Karen is a pro
    She lights up my day
    With her comments so gay!

    Ive come to expect
    funny witty and direct
    And Karen your blog
    is really the bomb!

    Her sponsors are few
    But if you knew
    you would click on a link
    as fast as a wink

    their wares are so cool
    you would be a fool
    not to click on the link
    as fast as a wink

  7. @ Kate – thank you, thank you, thank you for thinking that an answer that a cat in a top hat and bow-tie gave will serve you well! Mr. Pickles tries his best to save you from the throes of uncomfortableness whenever he can. Spread the word!

    And to you Karen, a haiku:

    She gives great advice
    About chickens and whatnot
    Knows what real pies are

  8. Edith@TheSimpleEssentials says:

    That was funy and cute. you may have a second calling. Lol

  9. Mary Edmondson says:

    The link to Mr. Pickles blog is no good. Can you check it out? I am on a mission to increase your earnings by ordering from a couple of your sponsors today and I think all of your readers should do likewise. We love you.

    • Karen says:

      Hi mary! THanks for letting me know. But it’s entirely possible that Mr. Pickles is out of business. 🙁 It was an advice column given by a cat, lol. And thank you. 🙂 ~ karen!

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