The Art of Doing Stuff bookmarks are IN!

I mentioned a while ago that I was going to be speaking at the Niagara Falls Seedy Saturday on February 9th. I hate public speaking so you should come out and see me at my most uncomfortable.

That’s only partially true. I used to hate it when I was in television (more so than I am now) and I’d get invited to speak at events I had no interest in. I refused most of them and the few I accepted were always completely unfulfilling. THIS however, is going to be different.

Because I love talking about seeds and growing vegetables and all that crap. So in truth I’m looking forward to speaking at this event.

I’m also looking forward to possibly meeting some Art of Doing Stuff readers.

I’m doing this talk as a favour to Linda Crago from Tree & Twig Heirloom farm.  I did a post last summer featuring her farm.

Because the event will be filled with Art of Doing Stuff readers and potential Art of Doing Stuff readers, it would be stupid not to go with something Art of Doing Stuff related for people to take home.

Having a blog is one thing.  Realizing that a blog is a business is another.  And if you have one, take every opportunity possible to let people know about it.

First I thought of having pamphlets made up with the planting dates for Zone 6 on them.  But people throw pamphlets away.  Then I thought of  having Art of Doing Stuff tee shirts.  Way too expensive, way too much work,  and … well … kind of a stupid idea.   To my credit, it was fleeting that one.

Then it hit me.  Bookmarks!  It’s something people use every day (if they’re readers), something they’re less likely to throw out, and I could design them and have them printed fairly quickly.

So bookmarks it was!




I picked these up a few days ago.  One set of bookmarks simply has The Art of Doing Stuff on the front and is blank on the back.

The other set has The Art of Doing Stuff on the front and the Zone 6 planting dates on the back.  Of course planting dates vary wildly each year so it’s a general reminder as to when to get your ass in gear.

Now I realize that a lot, most in fact, of you can’t make it to the Seedy Saturday Event in Niagara Falls.  SO …


Now since I expect (hope for) envelopes from around the world I’m going to try to make this as fair as possible.  I know it will take less time for someone from Canada to get me their envelope than someone from the USA.  And I know it will take someone from the USA less time to get me an envelope than someone in Australia or Ireland.

So I’m categorizing the envelopes into Canada, USA, and the rest of the world.

5 bookmarks for Canada, 10 for the USA and 5 for the rest of the world.

Once I get the  20 entries in, I’ll announce it here and on my Facebook page so the rest of you don’t lose too many stamps.  I *will* keep the extra envelopes on file and you *may* randomly receive a bookmark in the future!

Have a good weekend!


Note: I’m just now realizing my stupidity. (since you all pointed it out) I won’t be able to mail with stamps other than those from Canada. So, those of you in other countries just send me a self-addressed envelope and I’ll stamp it, and send you the bookmark. If you’re wondering … the reason I’m having you send me the envelope is so only people who really want a bookmark get one.


  1. Sherri says:

    Well I am sure I am well past the 20 mark. Can I purchase the bookmarks?? Just found your site… and must say… I am in LOVE. Thank you for lots of advice and humor!!!

  2. Donna Decloux says:

    Hi Karen, I live in Niagara and wondered what and where is Seedy Saturday?

  3. Jay says:

    Karen, some weeks ago I stumbled across your blog when trying to work out how to make cupcake tree ornaments for a friend. I loved your writing style so kept coming back.

    As I read more, I found out you were in Canada. “Cool! I grew up there” I thought.
    And you have chickens. “Hey, me too – neat.”
    And you converted yours front garden to a veg patch. “Wow, we converted out deck to a veg patch. We’ve lots in common”
    And you were going to Niagara “Oooo, Southern Ontario – that was my patch. Fab.”

    And now I find out you’re in XXXXXX?? Which is only My Home Town!
    If you don’t mind being twinned with a shortsighted fat wench in Yorkshire, I now declare us Sisters Under The Skin.

    (I grew up on Anne Street off Creighton Road, then Cloverhill, off Mercer Street)

  4. Toronto Boy says:

    I always like reading these articles. Just when I am looking for inspiration for my small business, another article pops up! A bookmark! Simple but effective! Especially if you are looking for a way for your a prospective viewer to remember to visit your web site. In my case, I will definitely include a unique bookmark with each and every booklet that my clients must to read (whether they like it or not!). The front will have a smart looking image that will encourage the client to keep it long after the service is completed. Next, I’ll tactfully place the company’s URL at the bottom of the image. On the back of the bookmark, I list the company contact details with a slew of services that I am currently offering. Thanks for the idea Karen! Best of luck with the public speaking gig! Be sure to dose it will alot of ha ha ha humor! :)

  5. Lisa Kuhl-Thomas says:

    What a great idea! I never thought of bookmarks for my business. I’m totally going to do that. Thank you. And I wish too I was close enough to come see you. Idaho is a bit to far for someone who hates flying. Sorry. If you could move to BC instead, then you’d be right above Idaho and THAT I would be willing to do. Then I can drive. Just an idea….toss it around a bit.

  6. marilyn says:

    awesome idea that bookmark is…good luck at seedy saturday will most definitely rock it

  7. Barbie says:

    Good Luck Karen. Wish I was close enough to come and see you.

  8. Pilar says:

    Hi Karen! Do you give some more time for the readers of the category “rest of the world” Otherwise have’t any opportunity to participate! It would be great to have one of your bookmarks.
    Best regards – Pilar (Austria)

    • Karen says:

      Pilar – Yes 3 categories. Canada, USA, Rest of the World. Canada will obviously come in first, then I expect the envelopes from US, then the rest of the world. I’m taking a limited number of each to allow all parts of the world to participate. karen

  9. mimiindublin says:

    Never heard of these zones before, maybe I don’t read enough gardening books, but if I had a cute and beautiful bookmark to mark my page, then of course I would read more!
    There! Apart from sending the envelope, that’s it.

  10. Jan says:

    I’d leave for others with with the words “free bookmarks” on them. I know a busy bookstore checkout counter where they could be left in a prominent place and be a nice bonus fo book buyers.. They like me there. I buy plenty of books from them Garden centers like free items to give customers too.

  11. Jan says:

    .pdf of bookmarks would mean we could print extras ( I have card stock and willingness to print extra bookmarks) to leave for others or hand out to them and PROMOTE your website. Yay!

  12. toekneetoni says:

    the bookmarks are a great idea. the cleaver is a nice touch … not at all intimidating. :D

  13. Dawna Jones says:

    Great idea Karen, your brilliant!!! And good luck with the speech I know you will knock their socks off!

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