The Art of Doing Stuff is GROWING.
Read about the changes coming up!


Everyone calm down.  They’re good changes. It’s not like becoming a woman in the middle of gym class or going gluten free.

I started The Art of Doing Stuff 4 years ago knowing that blogging had everything I loved.  Writing, photography (which I had NO idea how to do, but was always curious about), a bit of business and the ability to work at 2 a.m. if I wanted.  As it turns out, I did a lot of blogging at 2 a.m., not always because that’s what I wanted.

Blogging is easily the hardest, most time consuming job I’ve ever had, and that’s coming from a woman who was a television host for over 15 years.  I know. Television doesn’t sound all that strenuous, but when you’re shooting, work days are generally between 15 and 18 hours long, for weeks on end, plus you’re the only one on set with the added pressure of having to have good hair the whole time.


But blogging is also the most FUN.  At this point I can’t imagine doing anything else.  So it’s with great sadness I tell you that The Art of Doing Stuff is coming to an end.


See, I told you that because now whatever I tell you will seem like a relief!    The only problem is there’s a slight chance  you choked on your coffee and coughed so hard an eyeball popped out.  So now you hate me.  Sorry ’bout that.

There are a few changes coming up for my website.  Nothing earth shattering, but there are enough changes coming that I figured I should let you in on them so you aren’t alarmed or startled when they come about.


Something I’m working on right now is a complete redesign of my website.   Most blogs that are as old as mine are on their 2nd or 3rd redesign.  I, on the other hand, am still on my first design, which was chicken scratched with crayons on to the back of a soup can label.  I generally like the design of my site but I’m finding that it isn’t structured in such a way to encourage people to really click around and read other posts.  And if you’re a blogger, that’s kind of essential.

I also would like a newer look.  Maybe incorporate the word SASSAFRASS!!!   and a dancing frog.

And finally everything, every single one of my posts needs to be recategorized.  When I first started this site I had no idea what my categories should be because I only had a general idea of what I was going to be writing about.  For instance, when I started this site I didn’t have chickens so there isn’t a category for chickens.  My goal is to have 5 categories at the top of my site with a drop down menu, with sub categories.  So if you’re looking for a recipe, you can click on “Recipes”, then the drop down menu will give you the choice between soups, salads, doughs, etc.

I’m only in the beginning stages of redesigning my site (O.K. all I’ve really done is browse around other sites seeing what I like while eating potato chips), so it’ll be quite a while before you see the new look.



A few months ago I was approached by a literary agent from Brooklyn.  I’ve been approached by publishers about writing a book before could never bring myself to commit to it.  Maria, my agent, has convinced me that it can be done.  She’s with a very reputable agency and has assured me she’ll help me every step of the way.

So.  I’m writing a book.

At least I’ve committed to the possibility of writing a book.  I’m only at the proposal writing stage, which means no one has even agreed to publish my book yet, but Maria and I are both fairly confident someone will.  Unless of course they read this post, which is turning out to be incredibly boring and dry and not something I’d be even remotely interested in if I was a book publisher.  They’d be smarter to read my post on The Diva Cup.



Anyone who’s a regular reader knows I gave a week long, live, video course on Turning Your Blog into a Business (Which is now available for you to download!).  I had SO much fun doing that course.  LOVED it!   If blogging is my dream job, TEACHING about blogging through my old friend video, is my wet dream job.

The video course let me e-meet a lot of you, actually interact a bit with you, teach, entertain and return to my roots as a television  host.

So, I’m working together with Cassie, the same girl who I worked with on the blogging course, to bring you Video Craft Night!

The goal for Video Craft Night is to have a live, video craft night with you once a month.  We’ll all hang around in my kitchen doing either one of my famous Halloween crafts, or a great recipe, or maybe try out something I’ve seen on Pinterest  and liked!  Before the course starts you’ll be emailed a list of all the ingredients or materials you’ll need.  It’ll be something that can be done in the half hour or hour long the class is.

We’re still working on it, but what I’d really like is to be able to see you as well as you seeing me.  So if you’re doing something right or wrong I can tell you.  Of course if you don’t want to be live on video you don’t have to be.

If there’s a project I’ve done you’d love to have as one of our craft nights let me know!  The first craft night will be a bit of a crap shoot, lol, so there will be a very, VERY low introductory price because well … it might be a shit show.  Which has all kinds of fun potential as well.



Between the site redesign, writing the book proposal and the video courses I’m hoping I’ll still have time for my next goal for The Art of Doing Stuff, which is putting out my weekly newsletter on a weekly basis as opposed to the once a season basis I’m currently struggling with.

I really like doing the newsletter because I include some stuff that’s happening around here that I don’t put on the blog.  Little fun things like what I’m reading, watching, wanting and listening to.  Plus I remind you about some of the best posts from the past week or two in case you missed them.




And finally, The Art of Doing Stuff will be going down to 3 posts a week instead of 5.  They will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Why 3 and not 5?  The biggest reason is so I can do a better job on each post.

As it turns out, I’ve recently learned that none of the other blogs my size post 5 days a week.  They post 3 days a week and promote their sites and do all the other work they need to do on the remaining days.  Because doing 5 posts a week would be impossible for any but the most sleep deprived of individuals.  Did I mention I gave up foods that require chewing about a year ago?

And if the larger blogs DO post  5 days a week they either have contributors, assistants or more than one person working on them. Or a hefty supply of speedballs.

I’d rather do fewer posts  and be prouder of them.  You know, spend more than half an hour writing them for instance.  A girl’s never gonna win a Oscar with a post that’s written in half an hour.  That’s my excuse for not winning an Oscar anyway.

Just writing the posts takes up every hour of every waking day.  I never get weekends off, and rarely even get a day off every couple of weeks.  A lot of times I’ll go months without a day off.  Ask my family.  They’ll confirm it.  I don’t really mind because I love my job, but I need a bit of breathing space to come up with great ideas for the site.

Also, one of the most important things about having a blog is PROMOTING it.  Just ask the people who took my course. A whole class was spent on the importance of promoting your site.  If you aren’t promoting your blog constantly, people won’t be reading it.  When I first started The Art of Doing Stuff I spent at least 2 days a week and most nights finding ways to promote my blog and get the word out.  I haven’t had time to do that for a couple of years now, because as the site grew I ended up with more responsibilities. Things like dealing with advertisers, and getting sponsorships.  The blog has given me many writing opportunities for magazines and companies like Canadian Living and Lee Valley that also take time.

So from here on in, The Art of Doing Stuff will only be coming to your inbox 3 times a week instead of 5, but you’ll also be getting the newsletter once a week (eventually) and you have video courses and a real live BOOK to look forward to!  I’ve really overused the exclamation point in this post but I’m trying to work everyone into an “ISN’T THIS FUN!!!” frenzy.


So those are the changes that will be coming up in the next few months (except posting 3 days a week which takes effect immediately).  It’s all in an effort to help The Art of Doing Stuff grow and become better.  It will give me time to expand the site and give me more time to focus on the business of it as well as the creative part.

You don’t have to do a thing differently.  Except maybe sign up for my courses if you wanna. And buy my book.  And read my newsletter.  O.K. this is really going to be a bit of an ordeal for you now that I think about it.

Not really.

Just keep doing your part.  And my readers you do have a part.  I’ve heard over and over again from advisors, experts and consultants that The Art of Doing Stuff has the most engaged readers they’ve ever come across.  You’re invested in my little site and I understand that. So I’m not changing things too radically.  Not radically at all, really.

So continue to comment, read, Pin and Like my posts the way you always have.  Your job stays the same. (You can follow me on Pinterest here)

That is all.  Don’t forget to let me know what sort of inexpensive video courses you’d be interested in.  They’d range between let’s say … $10 and $50 depending on how many nights they are.  Let the commenting begin!  (this oughtta be good, lol)












  1. Su says:

    A dancing frog? cool.. an upcoming book? super cool? a post only 3 times a week? not so cool but I get it, I really do? crafty videos? sounds fun….. a newsletter? I’m in! ….
    Change is hard and unsettling that’s a fact, Jack. Even change you initiate yourself is stressful, but you gotta keep moving forward, growing and pushing in new ways. Otherwise you become like a rotary phone, still usable, but quaint. And you are too young to be quaint.
    I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out, cause lets face it, you are the one doing most of the work, while the rest of us get to sit back in our jammies and drink coffee and be entertained…..

  2. Jane P says:

    Congrats! I loved your online video class and after learning sooo much can completely understand posting three days a week. I bet your creative juices will be flowing!

    Maybe one day you can do one on one classes…you know…in your spare time

  3. Edith says:

    Hi Karen,

    No worries! Whatever you do will be great and we’ll be here. But it sounds like the newsletter would be a lot of work without bringing you much in return. Hey, how about letting us see more of Betty? It would be fun to see you two together. Maybe you could do a video series where you interview her over a glass (or two) of scotch! How does she feel about her grandchickens? Does she miss the fella? When did she know that her kid would be a star? Who’s her favorite Kardashian? Stuff like that.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Edith. Just for you I’ll do an entire question and answer with Betty based entirely on your questions. :) ~ karen!

  4. Leslie says:

    Woo Hoo! Fun news! Looking forward to all the changes. Especially video craft night! :) I missed being a part of the live sessions a few weeks ago although the having the videos to watch whenever I can is awesome.

    It’s so obvious by your success that you are doing exactly what you should be doing in life. It’s very inspiring. Congrats Karen!

  5. Jody says:

    Good on you! Can’t wait for the craft nights. I have always compared other blogs to yours and they all come up short.

  6. Sally A says:

    Good for you Karen! Though I must admit when I read 3 instead of 5 I said “Oh nooooo!” out loud and imagined myself wandering the streets of my neighborhood in my bathrobe on Karen-bloggless-days crying “What is Earth?” between sobs. But then I realized I can be content to re-read some of your past blogs to get me through. Like Jan, I too was amazed at the 5 posts a week! Thank you for everything you do Karen! Your posts always start my day happy! Looking forward to the craft projects too!

    Sally A

    P.S. I wouldn’t mind a dancing frog. In a top-hat. Like the Warner Bros one. “Hello my baby, hello my honey…” ha! Good luck with your book project! So exciting!!

  7. AnnW in the US says:

    Well, I’m glad to hear that your kitchen article has been published. So maybe you can write a post about it? We have been waiting for 6 months, or a year? One of your posts every week used to be the menus. I looked at them, but never made anything. So the 4 a week is just fine with me. I like the idea of a question and then comments. We could hijack your blog and go on, and on. About the videos, I’d like to learn how to make that little glass fireplace thing on a table.
    We want you to be successful blogging, and happy blogging, so we’ll go along with just about anything. Ann

  8. Lisa says:

    Good for you Karen! The first rule of “Doing stuff” should be doing the stuff for yourself that needs to be done.
    Tues/Thurs will drag – but I’m sure we’ll struggle through!


  9. jane says:


    Realize I’m going to be the contrairian voice in all of this. Here’s my take. There are three things this blog does very well: unique and well written content, regular posts and a strong community.

    Delighted you’re branching out; finding more, better, different ways to market your content. Good for you. That’s fun.

    And I recognize that there will be trade-offs. However. Five posts a week invites a routine. Three posts a week is “Oh yeah, wait, what day is it– did she– I should probably check, but , eh, tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get to read two that way.”

    Danger of that is that the community starts to become out of sync. And there’s less interaction, not likely to comment on both posts, simply the newest one. The very thing that made this blog most notable, well, doesn’t. Video courses reinforce that divide. Now you’ve the people who’ve seen your course and those who haven’t. You’re fragmenting your community even more.

    Here’s my thought. Five posts. Three you write. Two we do. Post a question. A clip from the course. Ask for feedback about the book. Use it to quietly advertise. To actively incorporate readers, keep them involved, interested, engaged. To leave them wanting more. Keep it a routine. Continue to be able to say you’re different: you’re the only blog that posts every weekday.

    That’s my take on it. Thanks for listening. Best of luck with your path forward: I wish you well, of course.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jane! I understand it seems counterintuitive to get more readers by doing 3 posts, but it’s actually the way to go. If I continue with 5 posts a week the content will no longer be unique or well written. It’ll be drivel. One of the largest blogs out there, Young House Love just quit altogether because of the pressures of putting up 5 posts a week. I certainly didn’t want to do that! The posts are still regular. They’re Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And they really will be higher quality. I know it’s hard and seems wrong to you but I know this is the right way to go. Thanks for your input! Honestly. ~ karen

  10. Linda J Howes says:

    Very excited for you and the new look! I am in the process of making some fundamental changes with my own “profession” and can’t wait to see how it all turns out for you. You first kinda thing. Hip Hip Hooray for you!

  11. Melissa says:

    Happy for you about all of the changes! I am really excited for the craft night. Get some rest and let those creative juices flow!

  12. Connie S. says:

    Karen, I agree with Jan. You’ve been very generous with us to post 5 x/week! I also follow a few other bloggers and they generally only post 1x/week and aren’t nearly as funny and entertaining as you ;)
    Glad it’s “not really coming to an end” (scared me there-realized at that point i was a junkie, LoL) I’m a big fan and looking forward to all the new things coming our way . Congratulations of the book deal !!!

  13. Debbie D says:

    Congrats for you! You have a video on how to fold a fitted sheet? Congrats for me! I have watched umteen billion videos on this (M Stuart’s is the funniest one) and still can’t seem to get it right. I have to watch yours now. Sincerely, the sheet challenged!

  14. Tigersmom says:

    Not angry at all. I will miss the daily exposure to you, but I’m thrilled for your growth.

    I promise to preorder your book on Amazon through your site.

    I’m off to follow you on Pinterest. My pseudonym over there is texastart, (so you’ll know it’s me).

  15. Maura says:

    Hmmm not feeling great about this…. truly love your site as it is! I looked forward to reading your post every week morning and missed them on the weekend. Actually feeling a little sad at the moment but I’m sure it will pass once I see the redesign and other changes. Good for you to have the courage, energy and enthusiasm to change things up!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Maura. It’s a bit daunting for me too. I hate change. Everyone does, lol. But we’ll deal with it. :) ~ karen

  16. AmyKate says:

    Congrats on the book! So excited for you! Looking forward to all the new stuff to come!

  17. Jan says:

    Good for you, Karen! I’ve always been a little astounded that you post daily, anyway :) I follow quite a few blogs of various types, and none of them post daily. Good luck on the book project!

  18. Julie says:

    Great idea karen. I also never get the time to read all of your post, looking forward to the new “stuff”

  19. Judy D. says:

    All the changes you’re making to your blog sound very positive. It goes without saying that I’ll miss you on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but your reasons are valid. I’m excited about the Video Craft Night as well as the Weekly Newsletter. Karen, you are such a joy to e-know. Keep up the GREAT work and I’m sure the number of readers (e-friends) will just keep on increasing. ♥

  20. janni says:

    “coming to an end” ~ I actually took a little gasp! I am so you glad won’t be leaving us :)
    fondly, Janni
    ps. A book sounds very exciting, you must be thrilled. Congratulations :)

  21. Cynthia says:

    Lost me about halfway through mainly because I have a huge unopened bag of the Kettle Chunky Sea Salt chips I sent you from Australia, sitting beside my laptop waiting to be opened and seriously inspected.

    I also have a downloaded movie to watch whilst inspecting and crunching away.

    Nobody’s gunna get angry. It’s all cool. It’s like being the neighbourhood crack dealer with open house five times a week and then the supply is cut to availablity three times a week.

    We’ll adjust.

    A girl’s gotta grow in ways she wants to branch out.

    So, chillax and know you are following the path that has the support of all of your fans.

    Ya want I should send you the empty bag?

  22. shauna says:

    What a relief! Sorry but with two or three full time jobs myself, it was hard for me to read all 5 posts each week and then, worst of all, I’d have to choose which ones to ignore (sorry but usually the chickens lost – not my item really)… So categorize away. Take some time so you can maintain your hilarious uniqueness and spend time on Pinterest (what a fantastic idea that was! I can disappear down the Pinterest rabbit hole so fast…. oooops… quick! it’s 3am! Aaaargh…) Anyway, whatever you do will be well received by your loyal fans and a lot of new converts I’m sure. Thanks for the “warning” – good PR tactic : )

  23. Patty Martin says:

    All sound like great changes! I can tell you’ve been struggling to write stuff on some nights lately so it’s best to go to 3 nights/week. I look forward to seeing your reorganized blog. I enjoy seeing the kind of stuff you have under “Workshop” because I try to do as much as I can myself as well. If it’s easier to find what I’m looking for under that category, so much the better! I hope you make your first craft night a project thing and not a cooking thing. I hate cooking. I leave that up to the hubby.

  24. Pam'a says:

    This is the natural progression of things, and you’ve certainly earned it! For those who can’t live without five posts each week, here are a couple of suggestions:

    1. Let the chickens do two (webcam).
    2. Just post a question and let everybody do what we always do… comment ourselves silly.

    I think everyone will survive just fine.
    And YOU might actually have time for a life. :)

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Pam’a! I laughed at the time for a life comment. That’s not likely to happen just yet, but at least I’ll be doing a few different things to keep my interest up. :) ~ karen!

  25. Virginia says:

    Go girl gooooooooo! Will miss you Tuesday and Thursday, but all great reasons and decisions.

  26. Stephanie says:

    Once your book hits, I am predicting interviews on American morning shows with very famous hosts. We’re gunna be like, “I knew Karen when…”

  27. Nichole says:

    I apologize if you explained this in your course. I did not enrol because I’m quite content to go to work for the big secure company that direct deposits a predictable sum in my bank account every week. I don’t think I was meant to be a blogger. All of the changes make sense to me except the newsletter. It seems that the newsletter would be as much work as a post and I would much rather have a post. That post would also be archived and I believe posts bring people to your site where newsletters do not so I do not see how you really benefit from a newsletter. Myself and you other readers do support you which is why I feel you deserve honest feedback which isn’t peppered with exclamation points.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nichole – No problem. It’s a valid question. There are a few reasons for bloggers to produce a weekly newsletter as opposed to a post. Firstly, a newsletter is usually formatted into certain categories or topics, so there’s no need to come up with “creative” like a post. It’s much faster to do. And the newsletter is a quick little glimpse into little things that are going on around my house. Maybe something funny that happens at Thanksgiving, or an update on how my fermented pickles are doing, along with what I’m reading, watching, listening to etc. PLUS, the newsletter links to the best posts from the past week or month. So for anyone who happened to miss those posts, they are reminded of them and they click over and see them. Also having a newsletter encourages people to sign up to get my posts emailed to them daily which in turns results in higher traffic. :) That’s the sort of basic explanation of why a newsletter and not a post. ~ karen!

  28. Deb says:

    I just got my *NEW* CANADIAN LIVING magazine that I won on this here blog. Through it, I have examined every centimeter of your beautiful kitchen and look forward to participating in a crafting video thingy. Your writing was superlative in the article, and I expect the book will make you a household name.

    I have also used up 90 enjoyable minutes of my weekend watching all the videos on your YouTube channel. Although I am not a fan of the fitted sheet folding technique (because I have developed my own style) everything else was useful, entertaining, educational and witty. If only there were more of them! And I believe there soon will be!

  29. Jen Renda says:

    Okay, 3 post a week? Cool! Now I can post for my MBA class on the other two. As long as I get a post about the chickens now and again, I’m happy.

    I am so excited about your opportunities. (BTW – This is the only blog that I actually comment on, so your consultants are correct!)

  30. Jane says:

    Wow! I absolutely love everything you mentioned in this post. I believe you will go far! I can’t wait for your book! I’m betting it will be a best seller! No kidding) Can’t wait till Monday!

  31. Liz says:

    All I can say is, YAY!!! On all of it.

  32. Missnicoleo says:

    Love the craft night idea, just last week some girlfriends and I decided to host craft night every few weeks at someone’s house. It’s like you are one of my friends!

  33. Pam says:

    I’m not gonna lie…I’m bummed to lose two posts a week, but I totally get your reasons. And I know your other posts will be extra fun and full of your special ‘Karen-ness’ so it will all work out in the end. Now if only I could magically become crafty so I could participate in your Craft Night videos. Ah, heck who am I kidding? I’m never gonna be crafty!

  34. Terri says:

    I read your posts while taking a bath at night. Guess I will be saving water now.

    You mentioned the Nester. I only follow the two of you faithfully. I will enjoy both of your books on my coffee table.

    Have fun and good luck in your new adventures.

  35. chris aka monkey says:

    well being a new reader i guess i can do 3 instead of 5 but i must say this your blog is addictive…i wait for the mailbox ding to go off and i think there’s karen i wonder what in the hell she will be writing about tonite ha ha i like crafts but would not know how to go live so can i just watch i am sure all of these changes will be for the good of us and you,just don;t get me all hyped about raising creatures i have the big fat brown furry thing in a jar on my dresser because of you xx

  36. Bobbi says:

    Just a suggestion. Perhaps the first video craft course could be offered free. I would be happy to pay, but here is my reasoning. For folks who are just tuning in, it could be something that anyone could access…sort of a carrot in front of the horse. It could always be available as a “sample” of what other goodies are to come. Good luck with your new plan. Got any ideas for what I might read on Tuesday and Thursday ?

  37. barbee says:

    Same as I tell my children-fly free little bird! As you grow, so do we!

  38. You are flippin awesome! I would love an autographed book please please please- once it’s done of course- it will be full of sassafras I know it! So excited for 2.0
    love ya Karen and your chickens!

  39. gailanneM says:

    Sounds all good. Except the frog. No dancing frog. please.

    Craft night sounds like a blast, tho!
    As long as we don’t dissect frogs or something…..

  40. Liesl says:

    I think you should think of us as groupies rather than readers. Because no matter what you do, we’ll love it. Even (especially) when you’re posting on diva cups and frozen yoghurt. Seriously, your courage made me de-lurk (also learnt about that in this comments section). I’m glad you’re taking time to do what you need to do to reach your goals! Being a one-woman show is exhausting. Can’t wait for the book!

  41. ruth says:

    You had me going there, for a second. Progress is good. You had me at uncle shifty’s antojitos and I’m never leaving!

  42. TucsonPatty says:

    I think this sounds genius! I’ll love fining out about the craft nights!
    It all sounds wonderful enough to make up for losing you for only two small nights a week!
    I’m very excited for you and wish you the best of luck – wish I could somehow help you archive your posts.
    That will be a big job! Thank you for doing that!

  43. Becky says:

    I’m sure whatever changes you make will be wonderful… I know i get all kinds of tingly when I see a pin on Pinterest, and i know, without even looking that its one of yours.

    • Karen says:

      LOL. That’s funny. I just sent The Nester a message on Pinterest that I can always tell HER pins! Wow. Weird. Actually Pinterest is something I’m going to be spending some more of my time on now. As a blogger, being active on Pinterest is INCREDIBLY important. In the past 2 weeks I’ve spent half an hour to an hour every night Pinning stuff. My stuff, other people’s stuff … just stuff. The traffic my site gets from Pinterest has grown by 20% in that time. 20%!!! ~ karen!

      • amyfaith says:

        Hey Karen, do you have any inside info on why Pinterest now only allows subscribers to see content? I used to be able to peruse your (and other’s) stuff, but now it requires me to sign up (which I’m not planning to do. I’m a curmudgeonly sort who refuses to go along with the masses. I’m still a Facebook holdout too.)

        Do you know if there’s a workaround, so I can see your pins?

      • Patricia says:

        Pinning is HUGE for bloggers. I have fo8nd so many sites that I follow because of Pinterest. I love Pinterest; it has taken the spot of magazines in my life. A nice way to lightly browse through a topic in the evenings. Ages ago I pinned your site onto my “Sites I like” board and I pin many of your images for recipes etc.
        Good luck with your next phase. I can also see you presenting seminars at the Home and Garden Expos! I’d go see you…
        Love your blog and your sense of humour.

  44. Katie says:

    I want to do an event! How fun!

    • Karen says:

      So you aren’t angry I’m taking away 2 posts? Thank you! :) I’m very worried people will be angry even though the 3 posts I give you really will be better. Better photos, better DIYs and better writing. And still for free, lol. ~ karen!

      • Katie says:

        Heck no! You will be happier with the content and we will be extra excited when we see something new pop up. It’s a win win!

      • Louise says:

        No, not angry – just bereft. :( (It’s not often I get to use that word, thank God!)
        But I think the craft courses will be fantastic! So I’m excited about those, and I can’t wait to see your book. So I guess I’ll be happy instead! :)

  45. brandi says:

    You,Karen are a total rockstar! I can’t wait for videos or the book. Congratulations!! You are the most engaging person I e-know!!

  46. Ella says:

    Wow! Cool. AS soon as you mentioned a book, I pictured it sitting on my coffee table. So, I sure hope it has a beautiful cover! I can expect nothing less from you. I really like the idea of a live craft night. I’m not a blogger,so I didn’t sign up for your other course, but love crafts. I like the proposed addition of the archive tabs as well. With a weekly newsletter, I think that 3 posts/week are more than sufficient. After all, we don’t pay you for your hard work! Fun fun fun. Did you coin the “wet dream job” expression? Never heard it before. THAT made me choke, but nothing else about the post ;)

    • Karen says:

      I DID!!! I MADE IT UP!!! I was SO impressed with myself for that one, lol! Kindda gross, but I had to use it. And I never thought about the fact that the hypothetical, potential, maybe book would be on someone’s coffee table. NOW I have something ELSE to worry about. The cover. Thank you Ella. Thank you very much. ;) ~ karen!

  47. Nicole says:

    Good for you! This sounds professional-ish and such. Looking forward to 2.0! Now, go get your 25 minutes of sleep. ;)

  48. Phyllis Kraemer says:

    Great!…Just flipping Great!
    What the hell am I going to read when I wake up on Tuesdays & Thursdays?!….that being said…Good on You Girl! I’m very happy for you…except on Tuesdays & Thursdays!

    • Louise says:

      I hear you, Phyllis. I’m really going to MISS the 2 posts a week! (I already miss it enough on the weekends!) You’ve done such a wonderful job, Karen, that you’ve become part of your readers’ lives. I’m glad for you, though, because you deserve to reap much more for what you do. Here’s hoping you get everything you hope for; if anyone can make something happen, it’s you!

      Now I’m going to curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb – WAAAAAAH!

      • Karen says:

        O.K. just calm down and take a deep breath Louise. Don’t forget you’re getting a book, fun live video courses with me AND a newsletter every week! So really it’s still 4 posts, plus all kinds of extra stuff! It’s kind of your lucky day really. ;) ~ karen

        • martina says:

          Can I ask a question that’s going to sound rude, but I am genuinely curious about? What is the point of the newsletter? I’ve never been a newsletter subscriber and I guess I just don’t get what they offer either the reader or the blogger. Can’t that information be provided in a normal post?

        • martina says:

          I read further down the comments and see that you’ve answered this question already. Sorry!

        • Karen says:

          No problem! ~ karen

  49. Eric Mason says:

    Brad and I would like to be the first to sign up for the first “live event!”
    Can’t wait!

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