The Best of January.
In case you missed me being chased by poo.

January was a fun filled and information packed month here at The Art of Doing Stuff.

Which is astonishing when you consider I only have one finger and a runny eye.

Wait!  No I don’t.  I have 10 fingers and rheumy eye.  Silly me.

Last month was January, which means this month is February which means NEXT month is March!  Which is practically spring, the season that comes just moments before summer.  It just occurred to me I should be wearing sunscreen.

I know you don’t all sit at your computers waiting for my posts and I know not all of you check in every single day.  So I want to make sure that you see the very best posts of the month.  There were clunkers too, but I’m not going to show you those.  That would just be stupid.

By the end of reading all of these posts you’ll know what shows to watch, how to clean your closet,  get some great book recommendations, and see a video of me trying to unsuccessfully fix  my plugged toilet.  And MORE!  

Tentertainment!  That’s another thing everyone learned in January.  The fact that I teach and I entertain.  I TENTERTAIN!  Except when I’m angry.  That’s when I tempertain.

Read on …



3 Shows you should be watching.
A few days after I mentioned Brooklyn 9-9 in this post it won Best Comedy at the Golden Globe awards and Andy Samberg won best actor in a comedy.


The first in my 5 days of organizing series.
Cleaning your closets.




5 books I read plus 5 books I’m gonna read.

And if you’ve already read my suggestions  the comment section is filled with great book ideas too!



The World’s Coolest Windex Dispenser.
If you’re Ian Astbury or Alice Cooper.



How to Fix a Clogged Toilet.
Kind of. Not really. But it’s certainly a great adventure that you should take the time to watch. My favourite post of the month.


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You don’t want to miss out because you never know what’s going to happen. I could plug my toilet again. Or stab myself in the nose. Or go on a date with Idris Elba.

You just never know.


  1. Barbie says:

    You know what? You probably will eventually date Idris Elba. Hmmmmm!

    • Karen says:

      Hah! No. I’m guessing no. Besides, the truth is, I’m not sure I’d like his personality. His looks though? Yup. Yup, they’ll do, lol. ~ karen!

  2. sera says:

    I read every day, but I admit, sometimes I don’t watch the videos right away (sleeping/reading husband next to me). So I went back to watch the toilet video. Ah, plumbing. My husband and I were just discussing our eventual plan to put in a new bathroom on our first floor which includes running a sewer line across the basement ceiling which seems really scary. We also have a toilet on a pedestal in our basement which is really weird. We’d love to turn it into a real basement, but the sewer line doesn’t drop all the way down, which is why the toilet is on a pedestal. My husband uses it all the time. So weird.
    Also, I cleaned my closet and got rid of a bag full of clothes. But I didn’t take pictures because the angle was bad. I didn’t finish by the end of the week, but I finished by the end of January. Just in time to clean out my fridge again. What were those other assignments?

  3. cbblue says:

    I read every day and wait with bated breath whatever the heck that is. Maybe held breath would be the correct term as I am waiting for MY Tim the plumber. Your plumbing story gave my plumbing something to think about. Bad Bad Bad stinky poo! I knew I should have got that Poo Pourri. Dang

  4. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    Here I sit, at my computer, reading your post…everyday.

  5. Hope says:

    Of course I sit my computer and wait….and on a late night because I am one time zone over
    I get to read it before I go to bed! Nana nana boo boo!

  6. Ruth says:

    I think we share a favourite.

    I only realised LAST NIGHT that we were in February…. oh dear. I’m afraid to blink, lest I awake to summer… and I’m not exactly in a hurry to return to 35C temps. Nope… digging my heels in.

  7. magali says:

    “Last month was January, which means this month is February … ”

    I think you just wrote a Rebecca Black song!

  8. TucsonPatty says:

    Absolutely a classic for you, Karen! I still shudder for you. Maybe that is why the rheumy eye ?
    Just sayin’. ; )

  9. nancy says:

    “I know you don’t all sit at your computers waiting for my posts and I know not all of you check in every single day.”

    We don’t??? Am I the only one??????

  10. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Hi Karen..I was just sitting at my computer waiting for your post..I check in every single day you know..Well..See ya tomorrow..oh yeah..good month January..except the part where you forced me to clean things..nite..

  11. Stephanie Hobson says:

    I think that was my favorite too. “…chased by poo”. hahaha

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