The Best of June.
On the Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July my American friends! I know you’re all drunk by now or at the very least have a sparkler and a few baked beans stuck up your nose, so I won’t confuse you with a lot of words in this post.

This here is the BEST OF JUNE post. Which is to say these are the posts that if I were writing home, would say were my very best from the month of … June. Hence the Best of JUNE. Holy crap, you are drunk aren’t you?

Let me explain it this way …

If a network executive came to me and said, “HEY, you, blog writer (executives are rude that way) … which were your best posts last month? Lay em on me.”, these are the ones I would lay out.

If you missed them the first time around you missed out on some pretty amazing STUFF. Lucky for you, this network airs reruns.


The first look at this year’s Front Yard Vegetable Garden plantings.




How to lay VCT tile, the easiest, most durable, cheapest flooring option around.



Garlic Scape pesto! Garlic Scape season is almost over! Do it now.




The fastest, easiest, most practical DIY I’ve done in ages! An iPhone band made from a sock!



Simple recycle bin covers. Wood + Screws = pretty.


38 calorie Jalapeño Poppers!



Thank you readers worldwide for putting up with me having to overexplain everything to my drunk and celebrating American friends. To be fair, they aren’t all drunk. Some of them just have beans up their noses.


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  2. KiwiKat says:

    And for other reading – – yours features at number 11!!

  3. Shelly says:

    Really Gigi, get a grip. You’re making the rest of us Americans look bad. Keep making us laugh Karen!!!

  4. Bonnie says:

    I’m just saying, some people just take themselves too seriously. Really?

  5. Bonnie says:

    You totally have to see this person’s rant on backyard chickens. I think you will relate. Who wouldn’t?

    • Karen says:

      LOL. I don’t even have to look at it to know that I’ve seen it. You’re about the 10th person in the past day to Facebook, Twitter, email or comment about this video. And it’s all true. Every single bit of it. ~ karen!

  6. Gigi says:

    An American insult? Huh. Really, how many of us are there that u can afford to offend? I read you daily cuz you’re wacky and plucky. Guess I’ll take a break and just wonder about your front garden progress and chickens. Just wonderin if the fella shares your sentiment about slow Americans?

    • Karen says:

      Gigi – Really? If *this* post offends you then you probably are best to take a break. ~ karen

      • Bonnie says:

        I hope you don’t get upset. Some people just take themselves too seriously. Your posts are humorous and so non-offensive, but there are always people who can be offended at anything. I think that they don’t know how to laugh at themselves. It’s not your fault.

        • Karen says:

          LOL. Not to worry Bonnie, but thanks for the support! I’m confident I’ve made fun of myself enough to warrant making fun of everyone else along the way too. And frankly, who hasn’t shoved a bean up their nose in this lifetime? ~ karen!

    • Bonnie says:

      It was all in fun. Lighten up.

  7. Pam'a says:

    Thanks for the wishes, Karen!

    You’ve forgotten one very important ritual Yanks (not all of us, but many…SO many…) engage in: Blowing things up while the rest of us huddle inside hoping they don’t set our houses on fire. Woohoo.

  8. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Thanks Karen..I haven’t had a drink since New Years 2000..An alcoholic one that is..I am making beans though which we will simultaneously stick up our noses in your honor..It’s an old tradition I just made up!

  9. krstephens says:

    And some of us are just browsing the net, checking out our faves in our pjs at 12:18pm… just saying! Happy 4th!

  10. Shelly says:

    Hah Karen! Thanks for the happy sentiments toward us Yanks…I can assure you that I am not drunk (yet!) but I do have a baked bean up my nose (but that’s from last July 4th…)

  11. Sue Schneider says:

    I love your sense of humor! I’m going to find some beans to stick up my nose. :) then, I’ll crack open an IPA. It’s almost noon- official happy hour start on holidays and weekends!

    Thanks for the well wishes and the laughs. Hope you had a nice Canada Day!

  12. happy 4th to you too Karen, the small h is cos you’re not American (or maybe cos my “shift” button misses sometimes).
    can’t believe it’s raining in so many places and not here in Irl! Probably the first time this century that happened!

  13. Auntiepatch says:

    Oh, how we pray for rain here in So. Calif.! We are soooo dry this year! Send some our way!!!

    We are having a Block Party for our 4th of July celebration. About 75 people are expected. Wild & crazy on our block! And that’s just the adults!

  14. Mary Werner says:

    No beer or beans – just blog hopping with coffee. Too much rain to do anything else here in Florida but visit great sites from my easy chair.

  15. Thanks for the good wishes. Katy and I are working today. We are tour guides at Shark Valley in the beautiful Everglades.

  16. Laura Bee says:

    I fully agree with all your picks. Excepy the sock. You can’t get me to run for love or money. Not that anyone has ever offerd me either one as a reward.

  17. BarBee says:

    I beg your pardon. I do not have beans up my nose. I will, however, be packing up in the morning to go to our weekend place on a small island in Puget Sound, where we will be catching & eating mass quantities of Dungeness crab-so there!

  18. Hey, I’m not drunk and I don’t have any beans up my nose. Yet. Happy 4th

  19. Marti says:


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