The Best of June!

Ah … June. Or as my mother calls it, The end of summer. Betty pretty much starts saying it’s almost time to close the pool before the kids are even out of school yet.

She also says it’s almost midnight by around 7 p.m. and has been known to refer to a bottle or two as a “glass” of wine. As in … I don’t know how the lampshade got in the refrigerator. It’s not like I was drunk … I only had a glass. And then she hands me a fork and offers me some of the cheese fondue she’s serving off a 100 watt lightbulb in the living room.

And now we’re into July. The second trimester of the summer season in Canada; where all the sickening work is done, but you aren’t quite at the point where you just want it to be over yet.

So welcome July, good-bye June, if you missed any of these posts you’re a red assed baboon.

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The Fella Awards a Bag of Potato Chips Chicken Burgers Glass Hurricanes Put Your Face on that Comment! How to Kill Weeds Vegetable Garden Clickable Image Maps

And if you think June was impressive, wait’ll you see what’s coming up in July. Fun with explosives, How to build a jail, Curdled Milk and believe it or not … red assed baboons. The most fun part? I’m not joking about any of those topics.


  1. Lottie. Hurst says:

    I love it,I need a good laugh everyday,such great ideas

  2. Diane Stairs says:

    I think I would love your Mom….

  3. peggy says:

    I’m so glad I never miss a post, wouldn’t want to be one. I love your front yard garden especially and when my 4 yr old grandson comes over, we watch your chicken foodies over and over.

  4. Gayla T says:

    Well, thank you very much. I’ve hurt my neck trying to see what color my ass is. I may have to take a picture of it and send it to you for verification. Your mother has my deepest sympathy as I am sure you exagerate greatly just like my brats do. They tell each other that I’m getting senile but I still know where my will is located and how to make changes in it as necessary. Fondue on a light bulb! Really?

  5. nancy says:

    Red assed baboons have always been special to me. I learned about cosmetics, and red lipstick specifically, at the same time I learned about the reason baboons develop red asses. Very special. Just a young girl trying to look cute and that’s what I got………

  6. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    So we are going to see a Red Ass Baboon..locked up in a home-made jail..drinking curdled milk and leaving explosive farts..kinda like the Fella..COOL!!!

  7. Mary Werner says:

    Can’t wait – bring it on and hurry before winter is over!

  8. Debbie says:

    I have lived among people like your Mother. My ex Mother in law. Every thing was over before it actually started. She would like to be the person in charge of a holiday. Christmas invite for dinner and tell me how its nice for me not have to cook dinner that night. Dinner was at 1 in the afternoon. I was still cooking dinner that night at 6 or 7 pm. Same with Thanks Giving, Easter, Halloween (in day light). It always made more work than help. Its what made her special.

  9. Laura G says:

    Somehow I missed the post on the chicken burgers – my hubby orders chicken sandwiches at all restaurants, but I think I could actually manage to make this with my limited cooking skills. I can tile a bathroom and install light fixtures but am not good in the kitchen. :)

  10. Dawna Jones says:

    Can’t wait my dear dying with anticipation! Red ass and all!

  11. Tigersmom says:

    Well freakin’ hooray. Explosives, jail, curdled milk and red-assed baboons!

    It’s about time you FINALLY cover some topics with relevance for ME!

    Thank you in advance and I await them eagerly. ; )

  12. Langela says:

    Oh I can’t wait for the July posts!

  13. nancy says:

    I am new have been reading for several months now, this is the only non-school thing I follow on my computer as I complete my masters program and I thank you for the wonderful mental siesta I enjoy everytime! Also was prompted to write cause I agree with your Mom in a way. After the first day of summer every day has a bit less daylight and it is a slow steady march towards the BEST holiday -Halloween!

  14. mimiindublin says:

    ok, whatever about any of the others, you’ve got me hooked with “how to build a jail”!

  15. Krikit says:

    I can hardly wait for the “red assed baboons” part of July! Surely, it’s got to have something to do with sitting too long on the it’s-so-hot-you-can-fry-an-egg-out-there sidewalk?

    Will the chickens be laying hard-boiled? ~;0)

  16. nancyeileen says:

    I believe Betty and I are lost soul mates.
    I enjoy the colors you’ve painted her.
    She’ll keep you young :)

  17. Amanda says:

    June was a great month for posts… But according to your last sentence I’m very excited for July!

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