The Best of September

For those of you who have been busy doing things other than reading my website … you know, more important things … like streaking … I have for you a selection of the best posts from September.

What do you have to look forward to for the rest of October? A big announcement, bald chickens, and beguiling bricks.


  1. Marti says:

    You wrote this with me in mind, didn’t you?


    Thanks much! Happy Thanksgiving up there in the Great, soon-to-be-very-White North!

    • Karen says:

      Thank you ma’am. But if last winter is any indication, there won’t be a single flake of snow. It was a very weird winter. Didn’t even use the snowblower once! ~ karen

  2. magali says:

    ok, I’ll read the trip to the emergency care once and for all! it’s probably the only post of yours I haven’t read, I was being a pansy and I was scared it would make me feel woozy!

  3. Lara says:


    I too have a few. Green tomatoes left on vine, that is. No frost here yet. Last year I was covering against frost for a few weeks, hoping to increase the yield. I don’t have that challenge this fall — just a few still green on vine. An old farmer told a professor friend who told me to harvest when dry — no dew, no rain — wrap individually in newspaper & store in cool dark place. I was told that the green ones stored this way would ripen by the December holidays. I’m going to try this.

    If you have dozens ripening (picked & red ripe & sitting on your counter or in your garage) a very good and easy way to store them is to cut out the core & any ‘black bums or splits’, cut them in quarters– skin and seeds and all–put them on cookie trays, roast them @ 375 f after smooshing with olive oil and adding three or four garlic cloves (whole) for about 45 or 50minutes, dump into bowl or pot, skins, seeds &all — purée and freeze. To make a yummy pasta sauce, simply thaw adding to as much sautéed onion as you like in a pan and add a few scoops – more than you’d think it necessary or required –to the tomato sauce. We like to add basil or pesto too –to your taste.

  4. Reg says:

    I hope the big announcement is a new refrigerator too. I worry about the safety of your food supplies. Where do leftovers go?

    My favourite September project was the easy basement shelves. Eventually I’ll try to do them in my basement, and be very organized with my scattered Christmas decorations……hopefully.

  5. Alicia Herron says:

    I can’t wait to hear and see what thanksgiving was like! I love pictures of your decorating skills! Also I enjoy pretty much anything you make. I miss Christmas…. (I know I’m weird!) so giving me things to look forward to in October… makes it seem less far away! Also… Sunday cannot come fast enough! I would love to hear the bog’s announcement and either squeal with joy OR be sad because someone else has awesome boots!

  6. Marion says:

    My fingers are crossed that the big announcement is that you’re adding some more animals to your urban farm plot! Or that you’re going to give me free food and Bogs boots just because…

  7. Brooke says:

    I too have sent you an email regarding the Great Bon Ami Game of Keepaway and am concerned you did not receive it (or are purposefully ignoring it). Please let me know that 1) you got it; and 2) whether you’re purposefully or unintentionally ignoring it. (See? Trick question there…sometimes I amaze myself. I should have been a lawyer.)

  8. Nancy Blue Moon says: has been a good month at TAODS..learning how to save tomato seeds which I wanted to to build easy shelves which we are definitely considering for the garage/shed..”Will They Eat It” is always fun..The trip to the Urgent Care with the Fella who is as stubborn & bullheaded as most men..but a lovable guy too..I hope he is all better now..More pics of your beautiful garden..and last..but certainly not least..the fun of watching you suffer with the hiccups..which we all know is a miserable thing but is kind of amusing when it happens to someone else..Thanks for sharing your life with us and I look forward to going through Fall/Winter & the Holidays with you and seeing all the great ideas you come up with..Are you making Maple Syrup this year? looked so pretty in those bottles last year..

  9. Spokangela says:

    I can’t wait for October! :) Bald chickens?? Not these fashionistas:

  10. Scouty says:

    You mean there is another big announcement other than the Ambassador for Bogs!
    Exciting, however, bald chickens ain’t pretty.
    looking forward to more in October

  11. Kim Kline says:

    Hi Karen,
    As always, a great and entertaining perspective! How do I reach you by email? I have tried sending from your “email Karen” link a couple times, without much luck. (Feel free to delete this post after responding if you wish)
    ; ) Kim

  12. Tigersmom says:

    Please let the big announcement be refrigerator news. I’m very close to literally dying to know.

    • Shauna says:

      or, how about the real reason she fell down those stairs in the ‘caption this’ post? (I’m not gonna forget this Karen). Talk about patient, I think we’re very patient around here. Still waiting to hear about the stair fall and the refrigerator!

  13. Sarah In Illinois says:

    The hiccups still amaze me! You have such violent hiccups! :)

  14. Alex says:

    Do you have green tomatoes in your garden? If so please give my green tomatoed (is that even a word?) garden self a post on them. I am surrounded by a science experiment of my own making in my garden with green tomatoes and trying to ripen them. No fair with the big announcement tease. We’re not patient people over here.

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