The Best Post I’ve Ever Produced.

No matter what your job or what it is you do, every so often, everything comes together for you.   You are the epitome of efficiency and excellence and everyone around you is in awe from the moment you walk into work until the moment you leave.  You scanned the most groceries, won the case or sold the most.  You looked great, felt great and just glided through the day.

As a blogger every once in a while this happens too. You create a post that all other posts will be measured up against. A post so creative and original and riveting that you figure you might as well pack it up now because you’ll never write a better post than this.  No one will ever create a better post than this.

This is not that post.

This is the opposite of that post.  Which is really just as impressive an accomplishment.

I decided to change things up a bit by doing a nice long video for you where I just walk around my garden and talk about it and what’s going on in my life.  Not that anything out of the ordinary is going on in my life, but this video was going to be different than my normal videos because it wasn’t going to be a quick, edited, 2 minute piece.  You and I were going to spend some quality time together wandering through my community garden looking at everything.

I even brushed my hair so I’d look super cute. I considered wearing the Elvis wig I bought but went with brushing my hair instead.  It seemed more practical.

I think it was around that point that things started to fall apart.

My phone froze up making the video, I couldn’t get my microphone to work, my tripod tipped over and after reviewing what footage  I did get, I noticed I didn’t look super-cute so much as super-tired and super-in-need of a bleach job.  Note to all: never record a video the day after returning from 5 days on Beale Street in Memphis.

So what I have for you now is half of a video, featuring bad sound quality, saggy skin, dark circles and hair in need of 14 buckets of bleach.

Please enjoy.



I’m taking this as a sign.  No more long meandering videos.

And no more going anywhere without at least one wig.