The Christie Antique Show.
Spring 2013

WELCOME to the Spring 2013 Christie Antique Show and Sale! Post.

For some reason I really wasn’t in the mood to go to the Christie Show this year. I just wasn’t into it. Some years I’m so excited I can hardly sleep the night before. This year, there wasn’t anything I was really looking for, I didn’t feel like spending any money and it was COLD out.

Cold, cold. Winter coat and gloves cold. Stupid cold.

But then something happened when I got there. A man who likes men said I looked cute. Which is way more complimentary than a man who likes women saying it for some reason. Probably because most men who like women think  lace and feathers on them is cute.

And just like *that* I was a force to be reckoned with. Snap. Outta my way I have antiques to BUY.  I’m CUTE!  Thank you gay Todd for unintentionally getting me into a shopping mood. I just made that name up by the way. No idea if his name was Todd. No idea if he was really gay for that matter, but the Louis Vuitton purse was a bit enlightening.

I’ll get to my actual purchases in a later post.

THIS post, the first of two Art of Doing Stuff posts on the sale, is just random shots of some of the sort of things you can find at an antique show of this size. The Christie Antique Show is the largest antique show in Canada with over 300 vendors. And one very inspiring gay.



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title-5 copyLater in the week I’ll have a more focused post for you featuring the art, crafts, food and quilts of the Christie Antique Show & Sale. That same post will also feature pictures of a few of the Art of Doing Stuff readers at the show who came up to say hi to me.

I was as cordial as I could be for a woman who was on a mission from Todd.