The Christie Antique Show.
Spring 2013

WELCOME to the Spring 2013 Christie Antique Show and Sale! Post.

For some reason I really wasn’t in the mood to go to the Christie Show this year. I just wasn’t into it. Some years I’m so excited I can hardly sleep the night before. This year, there wasn’t anything I was really looking for, I didn’t feel like spending any money and it was COLD out.

Cold, cold. Winter coat and gloves cold. Stupid cold.

But then something happened when I got there. A man who likes men said I looked cute. Which is way more complimentary than a man who likes women saying it for some reason. Probably because most men who like women think  lace and feathers on them is cute.

And just like *that* I was a force to be reckoned with. Snap. Outta my way I have antiques to BUY.  I’m CUTE!  Thank you gay Todd for unintentionally getting me into a shopping mood. I just made that name up by the way. No idea if his name was Todd. No idea if he was really gay for that matter, but the Louis Vuitton purse was a bit enlightening.

I’ll get to my actual purchases in a later post.

THIS post, the first of two Art of Doing Stuff posts on the sale, is just random shots of some of the sort of things you can find at an antique show of this size. The Christie Antique Show is the largest antique show in Canada with over 300 vendors. And one very inspiring gay.



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title-5 copyLater in the week I’ll have a more focused post for you featuring the art, crafts, food and quilts of the Christie Antique Show & Sale. That same post will also feature pictures of a few of the Art of Doing Stuff readers at the show who came up to say hi to me.

I was as cordial as I could be for a woman who was on a mission from Todd.


  1. Terri says:

    I love the chippy/rusty peacock and the bright colored hanging dress that looked like it was blowing in the wind!

  2. RosieW says:

    Someone in these letters mentioned getting a vintage metal glider, planning to sand it. I scored four of the vintage chairs, really rusty. Found a company here in the Atlanta area that did ‘media blasting’ – think he used ground glass – got them down to bare metal, then primed them for me. Really reasonable cost. Price around your area – huge range of costs. I bought all new screws, nuts and washers at my hardware store.

    A question for you Karen, can you recall what they were asking for the antique bed? I have a really gorgeous one, actually it’s painted solid walnut. Would like to sell, but can’t get around to repainting.

    • Karen says:

      Sorry Rosie, I didn’t even look at the price of the bed. Most things I just took pictures of. The price of your bed will depend on the condition, uniqueness, style, whether the paint is original or not etc. etc. Unfortunately true antique beds aren’t in high demand because the sizing of them prevents the use of a modern mattress. ~ karen!

  3. Marti says:

    I’m guessing you loved that tripod lamp as much as I did? I’m now dreaming of the house where I could install that.. AND that ultra modern “sunburst” lamp.

    It really looks like Christies was particularly great this year. 🙂

  4. Natika33 says:

    Aaaaah! You make me miss Canada, glass, metal, real wood and a sense of design. (I’m so thoroughly sick of my bland, boring and plastic Japanese apartment, right now). Of course, I probably couldn’t afford anything at that fair either, but a girl can dream…

  5. korrine says:

    I’m just going to go ahead and say it. The tea towel you bought Betty is creepy. Also, I would bite my own thumb off for those wire chairs.

  6. Langela says:

    I’m with the others. The little penis, muscle guy is creepy–in a funny way.

  7. Wendy says:

    stood in line at the ATM machine TWICE just before they ran out of money….struck up a conversation with the guy in-front of me waiting that his daughter purchased embalming fluid??? While the guy behind me was quacking into his phone (password)? I bought fantastic leather boots and french fries with $3.31 and help from the man behind me since I was .19¢ short. ATM was filled again…time to go home…love Christies even in the cold!

  8. Trysha says:

    I see lockers in the background!! I love lockers. I actually own some my dad found at an antique store and bought me for my birthday.

    So in the spirit of “Ask Karen…if I don’t know I’ll find out”: Should I leave the lockers as they are (which look to be in the condition that the ones in the last photo are) OR do I spray paint them some vibrant color (like a glossy grey) and if so, how does one go about painting metal lockers without looking like a complete amateur who has never wielded a can of spray paint in her life?

  9. stephbo93 says:

    please, oh please tell me you got those sheep!!! Or are they deer? Whatever they are, I love them! And I recently saw one of those peacocks in a store near me and fell in love. I did NOT love the price tag though. 🙁 looks like fun!

  10. Candace says:

    Love the cash register! It seems like sales like that would be fun, but also kind of a rip-off.

  11. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    More Please!!!!! And I would like to see your cuteness also! And I would like that peacock sculpture for in my garden!

  12. Diana says:

    Don`t know where to start.
    Love love love the white chairs, the head with beard (lol) the lamp and the Chaiselongue great…
    I would spend Money that I don`t have without a men loving man…

  13. ev says:

    Um, whomever owns the feet–you are heading into bunion territory, and I don’t mean Paul! Thanks for the great pics. I am not a “shopper”, but that event would be fun!

  14. Shauna says:

    So much good stuff. Except the small penis muscular man with a scary face. I love out of the box art, but that is not something I’d want to see every morning – no thank you! The yarn, the chairs, the owl, the vintage stuff – yes please!

  15. ally says:

    Thanks for the pictorial review of the show – missed it this year. 🙁

  16. Laurinda says:

    “A mission from Todd”- hilarious! I understand a compliment from a gay man means more than one from a straight man- because the straight is likely trying (or thinking about trying) to get somewhere with you. This is why I try to compliment women on a regular basis, because it means more from someone who isn’t trying to win favors.

  17. Jasmine says:

    So wonderful! I used to visit my sister in Ontario and we would look forward to the Stittsville flea market-I’m guessing this is like that on steroids. It was such a fun way to pass the day. Until you decided to buy something too heavy to carry and you carry it anyway. Looking forward to seeing what you DID buy!

  18. SIoban McCoy says:

    I love your blog but the comments about the “inspiring gay” got my goat. I’m gay and would never refer to one very inspiring “black” or “Jew” or any other term like that. I know that you didn’t mean it in a derogatory way and I understand that a gay man can make your day but just hit me as offensive. He’s not only gay-he’s male, he’s whatever religion, he’s whatever ethnic background, he’s Canadian or American or French. He’s not only “a gay”. Super offensive. Thanks for letting me get it off my chest.

    • Karen says:

      Sioban – If that’s the only thing on my blog that’s offended you then think you’re being overly sensitive about this one issue. Because trust me … I’ve said WAYYYY more offensive things than that. ~ karen! (former FAB magazine cover model)

    • Pam'a says:

      SIo– I’d like to point out, in Karen’s defense, that although she said the guy probably was gay, she didn’t say he was JUST gay. She said he was *inspiring.*

      I, too, am offended by slurs or stereotyping; But for the life of me, I can’t find anything resembling that here.

  19. taria says:

    that metal bird is wonderful. what a fun show. all that old stuff in one place is heaven!

  20. Laura Bee says:

    Love all the chairs! But the guy with the beard sure is creepy!

  21. Gail says:

    Need that owl to scare the sqirrels in the garden-

  22. Jodi T. says:

    I want to OWN that peacock. It’s so pretty!

  23. susan w says:

    We need some pix of the cuteness of you.

  24. Diane says:

    Ohhh I love the bed and the chairs and even the owl…Lol, however that white, naked muscle guy is rather creepy.

  25. SarahP says:

    Great pics. I spent 4 hours at Christies and saw only half of the things you posted. I would have remembered the skinless man statue.

  26. Some really awesome pics you got there, Karen. Cheers to Todd for making your day!

  27. michelle says:

    Hope you snapped up those Prada shoes. If not for you, for me at least.

    • Karen says:

      I did not. But I really should have! That particular booth was overwhelming. Prada, Dior, Hermes, Chanel … yikes!~ karen

  28. Mary Werner says:

    At first I wondered which was scarier – the legless doll or the owl. Then I saw the skinless man and the man head with hair. Freaky! Good place for halloween decorations! Loved the picture of actual feet next to the shoes – OUCH!

  29. Kelly says:

    I love the term “to dear” for expensive. My mom uses it all time……lol

  30. Ann says:

    If I could go to this sale, I would have felt like I died and went to heaven. You are so right about the inspiration. I got some just from seeing your pictures. Can’t wait for the next post.

    This weekend, I was able to go to our small, but somewhat famous flea market called “Dog Days” here in southern Tennessee. I finally found the best vintage metal glider for my front porch. I have wanted one forever but was being very very picky. Now to just start the sanding that needs to be done before I can paint it. But we are already sitting on it and enjoying watching the world go by. I adore things that were made to last a lifetime and buy very little of the stuff made today that won’t last more than a year or two.

  31. Emily says:


    Looks like the kind of place I would love to go ! Have you been going since 1999 or earlier?

    Also, are those your bare feet? If so, glad to see you got all the cement off of them… I was worried about that ! 😉

  32. Amie says:

    Wow! I look forward to these posts ever year. Just love the glassware. Seriously, I’m drooling on my iPad! Can’t wait to see what you bought.

  33. Sue T. says:

    Thanks for sharing these Karen. The pics are great, that is except for #38. That white marble(?) statue of the guy with no arms or legs is just down right creepy! Still, wish I could’ve been there.

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