The Christmas Pledge.
How’d you do?

You knew this was coming when I invited you to take the pledge.

I am now going to ask how you did. I considered printing out all of your names here (those of you who agreed to take the pledge), but decided against it based solely on the fact that I’m afraid Santa has some sort of patent or copyright on the whole Naughty or Nice list thing.

I can’t afford to get sued by someone who has so much power he can control the behaviour of approximately 378 million children for the entire month of December.

So instead of pledge shaming you I will instead just ask … how’d you do?

Here. I’ll go first.

I didn’t do well. I did O.K. though. Let’s take a look again at the Christmas Pledge calendar, shall we?


So I still have a couple of presents to buy (which is WORRISOME) and everything to wrap. But I really like the stuff I got for wrapping this year, so I don’t mind doing it in December. I’ll probably do it tonight actually.

Saying the interior of the house is decorated is pretty much a lie. It’s mostly done, but there’s only so much I can do with the current mess of the kitchen which seems to spill out into the rest of the house. I’ve done as much as I can though. It’s not my fault. It’s the kitchen’s fault.

I also didn’t do everything on the exact days written down. The days were more of a guideline to get stuff done. The outdoor stuff didn’t get done until the very, VERY last minute as a matter of fact. Mostly due to the fact that last year I thought I’d hide all of my outdoor Christmas garland in a nook behind the pegboard in my workshop. Which means to get it out, I have to remove everything from my workbench, all the tools and other crap from the pegboard, unscrew the pegboard and remove it, then hop up onto the workbench and pull all the garland out of the nook. Then of course, everything has to be done in reverse.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

It no longer seems like such a good idea.

It reminds me of the time I ate 3 bowls of chili and 4 pieces of buttered toast in one sitting.

So that’s where I am, 20 days before Christmas.  Not a bad place to be really.   2 presents to buy, all my gifts to wrap and then I also have the food to make for my Christmas Eve party, but I like doing that and look forward to it as opposed to dreading it.

Now, if I hadn’t got everything done prior to this point I would not only be dreading everything I had to do, I’d also be dreading all the food I had to make.  And to compensate for all my feelings of dread I’d eat bowls and bowls of chili, making my stomach feel as though someone had inflated it to the point of explosion with a rusty old bicycle  pump.

So how did you do?  Did you take the pledge and if so, how far did you get with it?  Or maybe you didn’t take the pledge and are now wishing you had.

Or maybe you can’t speak right now because you’re stuffing your face full of chili.

Have a great weekend!


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  4. Jenny says:

    Badly. I decorated. And that’s it. Extensive overtime, death and lack of funds have contributed to a stressful holiday this year. Christmas Pledge final grade; F.

  5. Sarah In Illinois says:

    For the most part, I did great! Decorating done inside and out, cards done, lots of shopping done. But where I am stuck is not knowing WHAT to buy for the parents and brother that have everything and the kids that can only come up with ideas that require a second mortgage.

  6. Tasha says:

    We took the pledge!
    -cards done
    -gifts done except I need to buy my husband chocolate covered pretzels. That will be done tomorrow.
    – decorating gets done after my husbands birthday, so tomorrow! Yay! But the Christmas books came out on the first and are being enjoyed.
    – wrapping is done with pre-made cloth bags, and they are up north, so that will be done on Christmas Eve.
    – DH is baking as we speak, and he likes it so that comes under his umbrella.
    – tickets to the Nutcracker and Mixed Nuts (dance school’s version) booked

    Once again, the pledge has made Christmas much better! Thank you!

  7. Jane AC says:

    I didn’t take the Pledge, but made an effort to get my act together and get things done early. Then my mom died in mid-November and plans went out the window. However, the outdoor lights were up in good time, my cards are addressed and ready to mail this week, my tree is bought and sitting in the shed (I don’t put it up until the week before Christmas), all but one gift is bought, and only one needs to be wrapped. I have yet to pack and mail a box of gifts. The garland and lights for the stairway are still sitting in a chair in the living room, and I hope to get that done today. Ingredients for cheese balls are in the ‘frig. But right now I have to go out and shovel the driveway because the plow went past about half an hour ago and filled the end of it with snow. Again.

  8. I haven’t done squat. here’s to next year!

  9. Barbie says:

    I didn’t totally take the pledge, but it did make me get started earlier than usual. I am all done except for gifts…and that was unavoidable this year. So I feel pretty good. House is 90% decorated and outside is done. Wreaths are shipped. Only a few things left. Next year I WILL do the pledge so I can be even MORE ahead of the game. :)

  10. Kim from 3 peanuts says:

    Karen..I am so excited! This is perhaps the best I have ever done. House was decorated, gifts were purchased (except one— a bike for my little girl that needs no wrapping) and everything is WRAPPED! that is a first for me. We are still working on getting the cards out this weekend (i send a lot).

    So, I was thinking of you yesterday as I decided to get some Christmas movies and make gingerbread houses and cookies with my kids (not “work” but to enjoy the season since the “work” is done). It was an epic fail !!! Gingerbread walls started falling down, a child cried and threw a fit, I yelled cause she would not follow instructions. It was not pretty nor fun. We’re baking the little gingerbread people today and I hope that goes better. Maybe getting all the work out of the way was not the best idea after all;)

    • Karen says:

      Well that didn’t work out at all did it, lol? I love making Gingerbread cookies. I’ve had them on my list to do for about a month now! Today may be the lucky day. ~ karen

  11. Chris says:

    I had a week off for (American) Thanksgiving and use it to get everything done! By December 2 I had wrapped all my presents, mailed packages and Christmas cards. I do have to admit that I made the Christmas cards in September and had been buying/crafting gifts since January.
    Chris =]

  12. Amber says:

    I got scared of the pledge and am now even more scared of the Pledge People. Like you all might start staggering around in the streets on Christmas Eve, mocking and ridiculing the ones like me who are hiding under the bed with a bottle of Pinot Gris and a stack of unwritten cards.
    But I did my bit for the season and for the family.
    My mum called me up to say that she had somehow been invited to a Christmas Cookie Swap. She doesn’t bake. She has never baked. I had a deprived childhood because of this lack of baking. I had to bake my own cookies at the age of nine! And now she’s off to make a good impression with the new neighbors with her cookies… except that she still doesn’t bake. And the nice lady who invited her had suggested “Just 3-4 DOZEN cookies”. So mum called me in a panic. In her words: “You can’t tell a new neighbor S**T NO!”
    I told her to make a big pot of coffee, up-end a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream into it, pack it in a thermos, and wait for the friendships to evolve. Problem solved.
    And now back to bed with my wine and cards :)

  13. I’m one of those humbugs that doesn’t do holidays (though I promise I’m the nicest humbug you can imagine). I used to find Christmas a huge source of stress and be just wrecked by it. Some time around seven years ago, I just stopped doing the bits I didn’t like. I kept that up for a few years and finally got it streamlined down to the bits I really really like (and not a single thing I don’t like or feel obligated to do).

    So now, The Boy and I lay in a new boardgame to learn and play, ensure we have a good supply of breakfast making supplies, stock up on the necessary elements of holiday beverages, and tuck up at home for a long weekend of relaxing and resting and hanging out. Pretty much the only prep is trying to be sure the house is tidy before hand so we can enjoy the relaxing without feeling like we should be doing housework.

    I know it’s not what would work for everyone, but it works well for us. So if I say I’ve already bought the board game and stocked the liquor cabinet, does that count as having met the pledge goals?

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