The Clothing You’ve Saved. You’re a dork like me!
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Well, I’m really glad that a) a lot of you sent in photos of clothing that you’ve saved for years. This would have been a really boring post if you hadn’t. And I’m really glad that b) you were as dorky as I was.

Which is a bit of a confusing thing because I’ll tell you right here and now I didn’t think my Michael Jackson jacket was dorky. I thought it was cool. Super-cool. And I knew cool. I really did.

I listen to the Ramones for Godsake. I know cool.

So I’m not sure how at the age of 16 this happened. How I listened to The Jam, Black Flag, AND wore a Michael Jackson jacket. But it did. And I loved it. I still love it. It’s a Michael jackson Beat it jacket for the love of Lululemon. O.K. admittedly, it may not have been cool but who cares.

Worrying about being cool is the mindless indulgence of the young. And the uncool. Hah. Losers. Heh.

That’s the great thing about hitting 40. You just don’t give a shit anymore. I was never a big shit giver, but once I turned 40 I threw caution, and shit to the wind.  You don’t like me?  Suck it. You see my underwear as I bend over gardening? Who gives a crap.  

Someone showed up at my house today and it was a mess.  And by mess I mean complete and total disaster. Dishes everywhere, sheets off the bed, accessories all over every table and floor space because I was rearranging things. And I didn’t care. I couldn’t care. I was busy and had work to do and the person visiting knows I work from the house so … I just didn’t care.

I *did* apologize for the mess. I mean I’m not a complete heathen.

But a few years ago that sort of thing would have mortified me. Not anymore. Cause I’m older. I’m Fortyfied.

And I don’t give a shit. Did I mention that.

SO. Clearly you people are the same, or else you wouldn’t have had the guts and courage to send in these photos. Last week I called upon you to send me in pictures of an article of clothing you’ve saved since your youth. Something that was so in style/out of style/ridiculous/beautiful that you simply couldn’t get rid of it. It’s a memory and you have every right to hold onto it.

Unless you’re Tara’s husband. In which case you should really burn these things …


Tara 's- Husband 1

Tara 's- Husband 2

He got these spectacular pants in school.  Clearly it wasn’t fashion school.

Tara 's- Husband 3

He refuses to ever get rid of them.

Tara 's- Husband 4

Beth worked at a clothing store, where she bought things like this …


Beth 2

Eszter says … “I bought these 80’s leather pants at a garage sale for 30$ from someone who should have not sold them. They were awesome in the 80’s, cool in the 90’s and hot in the aughts..

I took this photo of myself while the husband was coaching pony league baseball and I was supposed to be making dinner. I have actually not worn pants other than sweats for the last few years so I figured he would love seeing me all dolled up when he got home. But I haven’t worn high heels in who knows how long so I tripped while I was juggling dinner-making and this ‘photo shoot’ with the salad bowl and shattered it on the kitchen floor. When coach got home I was vacuuming in this very outfit. I think he did a double take. :) so thanks for your post!”


Debbie bought this tunic when she was stationed  in the Middle East in the late 70’s.  It’s all hand beaded and sewn and reminds her of a wonderful time in her life.  She has NEVER worn it.


Laura’s lumber jacket.  Otherwise known as the Canadian dinner jacket.  She wore it then … she wears it now.  But only on special occasions.  Like when she’s pretending to know how to drum.


Sarah works in construction.  So obviously … not a lot of need for pointe shoes in that industry.   Yet … 12 years after last using them she still has them.  And will never, EVER get rid of them.  Neither would I.  Dirty old pointe shoes are pretty.  And the toes work well as a hammer in a pinch.


Pretty sure Simon doesn’t wear his stuffed doll, but he’ll never toss it.  In fact, it didn’t look like Mr. T when he bought it.  It was just a regular doll.  He had a friend “doll” it up to make it look like Mr. T.  Simon seems like an interesting fellow.


Jamie says … “Why yes, 1989 WAS a great year, and fuchsia IS a beautiful color and lace…well hell, that’s just a lot of lace!!!   The very funny thing is I was just thinking to myself not 2 days ago, “Hmm, wonder if I could get that dress on?”  Saying it was on might be pushing it a little bit, :)  And I too, think I should wear it always, in fact I think I’ll wear it grocery shopping this afternoon…But that’s mostly out of necessity, since I can’t get it off now..”


Karin bought this top in Italy.  As you can see … it’s a top.  She wore it as a dress.  She no longer wears it as a top or a dress.  But she keeps it to remind her of a time when she could wear a top as a dress.


These are Susan’s grass green show chaps.  She never really liked them.  Thought they were kind of bright.  But her father had them made for her thinking they would get the attention of the judges in the ring.  Her father’s now gone, so the chaps will always stay.


These, I am horrified to tell you, are my sister’s shoes.  She got them in 1972 when she was in grade 7.  I’m embarrassed to inform you they were not part of a clown costume.



Have a good weekend!


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  2. Edwina says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post. The pictures are so funny! I too have some awful clothes in my closet I can’t get rid of. Oh, the memories!

  3. caroline says:

    hahahahahah…too funny !!

  4. eszter says:

    Oh My! I can’t stop laughing..somebody help, my sides hurt!!! “in fact I think I’ll wear it grocery shopping this afternoon…But that’s mostly out of necessity, since I can’t get it off now..” :D WOW! What an awesome post..and clearly not just because I made it in there.. Tara’s husbands pants I have to get for my husband! He’ll actually will wear them!

  5. Sue H says:

    Tara’s husband’s pants. Damn.

  6. Stop it. Just stop it. I love that all of you have submitted these pictures.

    I had MC Hammer pants in a soft mustard yellow that I rocked (nearly) daily. Terrible. But. I shit-canned those long ago. I admire you folks that held on to your beautiful mistakes. Lol.

  7. Karol says:

    You think you don’t give a shit at forty? Wait until sixty, you won’t believe the amount of shit there is to not give. Sixty is the “honeybadger” decade. By the time you get to that stage of your life, I’ll be wearing adult diapers and eating pablum… and still not giving a shit.

  8. Thera says:

    I doubt you would remember, but I responded to the original post saying I was actually wearing my 21 year old jeans at that very moment, but I jinxed myself. Upon returning from the store that afternoon, I saw a dime and bent to pick it up and yep, ripped the @ss outta my jeans -sobs-
    But it is very cool seeing these! Thank you Karen and the brave readers!

  9. Jasmine says:

    Wow-those were some ….??? … awesome….outfits! But my fav has to be those YO! HOMEBOYS! pants. I KNOW my son would love a pair of those. So much so that I may have to make him a pair. Thanks Karen-I love it that you don’t give a shit anymore.

  10. Sherry says:

    I did not know – but now I know that clothing you put away in a … ‘cedar hope chest’ that don’t seem to have stains when you put them away, have stains when you take them out years later to take photos to show to people across the world, but instead get thrown in the garbage where they belong.
    Thanks for the opportunity to throw ‘shit’ away.

  11. Alex says:

    I’m still trying to get the coffee out of my nose from laughing!

  12. Barbara H. says:

    I love Lisa’s shoes! They are totally cool! This was fun.

  13. karenagain says:

    I love Debbie’s tunic, but I really am more interested in the wood behind it.

    I have a 55ish year old turquoise knitted button up sweater that my great-grandma made for my Mom when she was tweenish. I wear it a lot. I wear it, wash it, toss it in the dryer and wear it again. Whenever my Mom sees me wearing it she tells me that it is hers and just on a loan. I have had it for about 20 years.

  14. Karen J says:

    I’m kind of digging Debbie’s hand beaded tunic!
    Shorten a bit, add some legging and you’d good to go(in 2012).

  15. denise says:

    I cannot agree with you more about turning forty! wow, I’ll be fifty next year, might really let all hang out!

  16. Jen H says:

    I’ll have you know that I’ve listened to both Ramones AND The Jam already today. Glad to see your wit and humor are balanced with good musical taste!

    BTW, just got my Bogs (shorty handles) this week, gardening starts tomorrow! Thank you, again!

  17. Tara's Husband AKA Craig says:

    No celeb signatures Cheryl, the 2 on the pant leg belong to my 2 dear friends Courtney and Judy who gave me the pants for night on the town while at university, I am forever in their debt.

  18. Lisa Rae says:

    I know I might be the only one-but I actually love Tara’s husband’s pants! I’d totally wear them to my kids school concert-they would be so impressed…right?

  19. Beth says:

    Karen – my kitten loved it so much that she jumped up onto the screen to look at it Closer!!! Maybe because she knew I would stop my insane laughing fit if I thought she were going to topple the PC screen!

    And I thought my jacket was something amazing!! I guess all the bling had me blinded to the fact that it really was just something I didn’t need to keep (but will anyway) I didn’t realize that the real treasures were out there and I didn’t dig far enough into my closet – I guess next year I need to try and find that old Pom Pom Outfit from HS (I still had the shoes – but they don’t hold a candle to Lisa’s!!!)

    And yes – this must be an annual event – I can’t wait for the year when the craziest item of all times is awarded – and I’ll bet it’s those shoes!!

    Thanks for hosting this gathering of nut jobs – laughter is good medicine and I always get my dose on your blog!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  20. Laura Bee says:

    Wow, love the tunic, (I have one I found secondhand, but it has no beading, I’m jealous) and that’s just a small selection of what people have tucked away (or hanging in the coat closet) Good memories of my first concert (Metallica) and countless field parties…

  21. Debbie says:

    Karen, I loved the 40’s. It is so freeing to say I don’t give a crap and mean it. The real test is the messy house with no guilt later. Next is the 50’s and it continues on with more freeing behavior. In the 50’s I was able to let go of most the clothes. Notice I said most, a prom dress from gunny sax is still in a box somewhere with the shoes from hell that looked so great. I agree it should be a yearly event, especially for the newly 40’s something. Maybe a blog with new behavior and being able to say NO. Thanks for the great laugh.

  22. Marie says:

    I’m going to use “I’m Fortyfied” as often as possible – love it! Thank you all for the laughs!

  23. Barbie says:

    LOVE those pants!….and I think I had a pair of those shoes in the 70’s ! ha ha ha ha ha!

  24. Spokangela says:

    I keep having to scroll up to look at those FLY homeboy pants. Those are AMAZING! He will never want for a Halloween costume as long as he keeps those babies around. :)

  25. Tess says:

    What size are your sister’s shoes? I could so totally sport those!

  26. Susan says:

    I’m with Sarah A. – I will forever keep this post! I am so happy my Dad’s gift made the cut!! Now I have to send this to all my family. Yes Daddy, the chaps Got Noticed!!! How cool is that (see, they got cool later).

    Thank you Karen!!! Hug, Susan

  27. Deb says:

    Drumroll please…..
    ….and the 2012 Dorkie Award goes to….

    …………………………………………………Lisa’s Sister’s Horrifying That 70’s Shoes!….

    Whistles…Cheers….Thunderous Applause!!!!

  28. Sarah A. says:

    This is go great! I will forever save this post, so when I get crap about keeping some old, strange piece of clothing I can say, “See I’m not nuts, look at all those other people that did it too!” Happy Friday!

  29. Pinky says:

    I have one wedding dress that my daughter never wore: broke her engagement. Then the dress that she DID wear and is happily married. Have her prom dress, that she never got to. A dress I wore to my in-laws anniversary party in the 80’s. BUT, they are all on their way out, we are moving and PURGING! Loved this post:):)

  30. Cynna says:

    Was your sister Minnie Mouse in a past life?
    Love today’s post.

  31. Susan says:

    This is fantastic! My 37 yr old daughter would LOVE Lisa’s sisters shoes, not only that, she’d WEAR them….:D….Love it…
    Keep it up Karen…You Rock!

  32. My saved clothing could cover a month of daily posts. How embarrassing for me! Really fun article; thanks for the giggle. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  33. Cheryl in Wisconsin says:

    One can clearly see the beauty in these things… ‘cept maybe for Tara’s husband’s pants BUT is that an autograph from celebrity homeboy on the left leg?

    And Black Flag makes sense. There’s someone living at your house that may have a Henry Rollins thing goin’ on. (That’s a huge compliment.)

  34. This was flat out FANTASTIC! I am in the midst of moving. Stress and boxes so a laugh was needed. Hubby and I are smack dab in the middle of our choices such as his hammer time pants, my WHAM! fashion jacket pins, and other lovely treasures. Oh were keeping ’em so that we can enter next year. Because this needs to be an annual event. Like the Oscars. But much, much worse.

    • Karen says:

      Laura – “But much, much worse”. Hah! That made me laugh. O.k. Annual event. Remind me if I forget. ~ karen!

  35. Langela says:

    I love those chaps! The colors are beautiful.

    Doesn’t seeing all those items make you want to say random old phrases like: those are the cat’s meow, those are rad, man!,totally gnarly dude, ‘sup, etc.

  36. marilyn says:

    well that was freaking hilarious. my sister was also in the middle east, could have been the 70’s and we had a lot of embroidered stuff she brought back. and i also had a pr of shoes like lisas except mine looked even more clowny because they had more colours on them..hey we thought we were all that and more..

  37. Suanne says:

    I would TOTALLY wear Debbie’s Tunic. It’s awesome. Squeeze into a pair of black tights and there ya go. Better yet, find a pair of black stirrup pants….I’m sure I have some wadded up in a corner of the closet.

  38. Sally says:

    Made my day.

  39. Jane says:

    I’m not one to keep things that are outdated, BUT I wore a short sleeved sweater to work the other day and after 3 different people admired it, I had to fess up and tell them I’d bought it at Marks & Spencers before they left Canada…..I think maybe 25 yrs ago. I’m not sure how it continues to fit and doesn’t have one single ‘ball’ on it, but I am sure it will be with me forever! lol Gotta love a classic!

    • Lily says:

      Ha ha. I have a shirt and sweater I wear to work all the time that I inherited from my sister, and she got it from Mark’s & Spencer before they left. I miss M&S.

  40. ev says:

    What a great post! Yes indeed, “When we was fab!” Thanks Karen.

  41. Thanks! That was soooo entertaining! I love how you do interactive stuff with your readers. You rock! wendy

  42. Sue says:

    Oh, this is great! I’d forgotten about this. I haven’t really kept much, anyway. Somewhere I do still have a pink Damask (??) Barbie doll formal gown my grandmother made, though. Just the dress. No dolls.

    I’m enjoying seeing all the ’80’s stuff. This doesn’t quite count, but if I still had it, it would fit right in… It was a white crop t/sweatshirt sort of thing (think it was long-sleeved) that said F U N on it in giant neon pink letters. Unfortunately, growing up in the PNW people wear jackets a lot even in the summer. So I got a lot of double-takes because usually you could only see part of the F and the U…. I am amazed how clueless I was at that point….

  43. That’s was some very fun outfits to look at, the shoes, are very funny! Have a wonderful day!

  44. Lani says:

    Only awesome people who don’t give a crap keep these awesome items. I am in serious awe of Tara’s hubs…that would be some serious leverage- but I’m sure he don’t give a duck. It would be superfly if they were backwords though.. jump! Jump!

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