Normally when you write a post you leave the big reveal until the end but I just couldn’t do that this time.  Watch this.  Watch it right now.  I’ll explain later.

There’s a bit of a story about how that little bit of magic came to be.

About 10 years ago I bought Bikram Yoga Niece a really cool Christmas present. I got it in a high end shop in a high end town.  Oakville, if you’re from around here and want to know.  It was a shallow lucite box that came with a perfectly round ring of stainless steel. The ring is probably around 3 or 4 inches in diameter.

What you do is pull your tissues out of the box, place them in the lucite box and stick the stainless ring on top.  The ring weighs enough to hold the tissues down. When you want one you just pull them out from the centre of the ring.  It’s genius.  And beautiful.  And I can’t remember exactly how much but it cost a lot at the time.

Both my sister Pink Tool Belt and I have spent the past 10 years trying to find something that would duplicate what the 4″ stainless ring did but neither one of us could do it.  If you think HEY STUPID! Just buy a 4″ stainless steel ring.” I’d say “Hold onto your hats, but much like the elusive, perfect fitting plain white tee shirt, the 4″ stainless steel ring is impossible to find.”.   

You can find 2″ stainless rings everywhere. But nothing larger.

Just last week I wandered around Home Depot looking for something that could be used again.  A towel ring is too big, a 2″ harness ring is too small and everything else was either too light or too heavy. I thought of bending copper tubing into a 3″ circle and filling the tubing with sand to weigh it down but immediately realized I’d never be able to bend that small of a circle without it crimping.

The one thing I thought would work was the ring from a horse’s snaffle bit so when I went to pick up some chicken scratch for the hens I asked them at the feed store if she had snaffle bits.  Nope.

So, she didn’t have a horse bit, but she did have horseshoes.  A pony shoe to be exact because it’s smaller.  I didn’t have a lot of hope, but since it was only a couple of dollars I bought it and took it home.

This is where the words end and the pictures begin.


That right there is my ABSOLUTE favourite gold spray paint by the way.

Not too yellow, not too green, just perfect fake gold. $7.29 a can on American Amazon.

(it’s a hilarious $34 on Amazon Canada so just find it at a craft store)









The pony shoe is actually a little light and spraying it gold made it extra slippy so the odd time the shoe slips around on the Kleenex.  I’m working on a fix for that.  I think scoring the underside with a knife to rough it up enough to help it stay put without ripping the Kleenex will be what works.

I can also make a little box for the tissue to go into which would prevent the tissue from slipping and wobbling and keep the shoe in place.  But it really does work great and this is just kind of nit picking.  I’ve been known to pick a few nits.  And nit wits.

The horseshoe I have measures 4″ wide by 4.5″ long.  I’ve checked on Amazon and they don’t sell something similar otherwise I’d link to it for you, but if you have a feed store around you (and you’d be surprised at how many of them there are lurking around) you may have a store that sells horseshoes.  You can also try farm supply stores or just google farrier supply.

I like this MUCH more than the plain stainless ring I spent a decade looking for. Which just goes to show you … when things aren’t working out … even for decades, sometimes a little good luck is all it takes to turn everything around.


  1. Carrie Jacobs says:

    Love your hack! I have two of the cb2 toro tissue rings but like the lucite box idea. My daughters think it’s gross that the tissues sit “exposed” on the counter! I remind them that what they use them for is grosser!!

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