The Great Facebook Experiment.
If you’re one of my Facebook fans READ THIS POST

I mentioned a while ago that I was going to be speaking at the BlogPodium conference in Toronto this fall.

My topic of expertise?

Money.  The Art of Monetization:  how to make money from your website.

Most people immediately look to advertising networks when they’re looking to start making money from their website.  And that’s the perfect place to start.  But in order for advertising networks to work for you, you need to have readers.

So really, if you want to make money from your website the first thing you need to do is get readers to your site.  I have a few tricks for that which I’m going to talk about at the conference but I’m ready to try something new.

And I need your help.


When you start a blog you’re kind of forced into taking part in both Facebook and Twitter.  I literally had to be forced into it when I started this blog.  I wanted nothing to do with Twitter or Facebook.  I was a blogger.  Not a Tweeter.  But it turns out both Twitter and Facebook are critical to having a successful blog because SO many people share and retweet things on Twitter and Facebook.

If you have 500 Facebook fans, and each fan “shares” one of your posts with THEIR following you end up introducing your post to not only your 500 fans, but to all of their Facebook friends as well.   If you give a low estimate that each Facebook fan/friend has 100 of their own Facebook friends, that’s a potential additional 50,000!!!!! views of your post.



I  have now reached a largeish enough number of Facebook fans that I can start experimenting with using Facebook as a tool to increase my readership.  Which in turn, will increase my income.

I currently have 10,000 Facebook fans.  If every one of those fans shared one post, once a week the potential for increased readers and income is immense!  Just one share from each person a week! (because of weird complicated issues with Facebook chances of your entire fan base seeing one post is almost impossible … that’s why the goal of one in 10,000 sharing once a week as opposed to once a day)

Facebook also offers a “promote this post” feature.  For $50, $100, $1,000 or whatever you want to spend, Facebook will promote your post.  It’s a system that I know works, because I’ve discussed it with other bloggers.

But I want to know if simply asking your Facebook fans to share your post will work just as well.

And this is where I need your help with this experiment.  

If you aren’t a fan of my Facebook page, you’re exempt.  Or you can take part in the experiment by becoming an Art of Doing Stuff Facebook fan by clicking  here and liking my Facebook page.

Then all you have to do is go to my Facebook page and “share” any of my past posts.  To do that you just click on the button that says “share”. Just scroll down the page until you come to a post you thought was particularly good and click the “share” button.  That’s it.  I’d probably recommend the Painted Logs post, or the How to Fix a Sick Chicken because they’re the most recent and easiest to get to.  Just pick whichever one you think YOUR friends will like the most.

I’ll be tracking the results in Google Analytics (a number crunching and analyzing program from Google) and will then share the results with you and those people who are attending the conference.

I apologize for the lack of hilarity in this post but money and readers are no laughing matter.  Unless the reader is wearing a crocheted suit.  A crocheted suit is always funny.


  1. West Coast Nan says:

    I’m in, sounds like fun. Actually, I already liked you, but now I’ll make it official.

  2. J Jordan says:

    I shared your i-pod sleeve/workout sock hack- I have a ton of friends who are gonna dig it! I think it even already got shared :) yay!

  3. Shauna says:

    Damn it, you see, I’m blocked from FB at work which is where I read your posts and do all sorts of fun social stuff. Hmm, what’s that you say, what about work? I’m ignoring you now.

    Anywho, I only check FB on my phone and it’s intermittent at best. To do this, I’m going to have to be really focused on not just going to my news feed, but actually seeking you out consistently and then sharing. At least, we can share via our phones now, didn’t used to be able to do that.

    Anywho, what I’m getting at is that because it’s you, I will try. It’s not an easy task you’re asking of me, but you’re worth it.


    p.s., I’m going on vacation to Maui tomorrow, so chances are good I won’t be sharing anything with anyone. And, for all you would-be burglars out there, don’t bother – we have a house-sitter…and killer attack chickens.

  4. Barbie says:

    Karen, I shared your “painted logs” post but the one I really want to share is my favorite…but I cannot find it. It was the one where you opened the package of pasta…the video with the music. What was the name of that one?

  5. Katie C says:

    I’d like to see a crocheted suit, please!

    (And I WILL share you on FB. Seems selfish not to!)

  6. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Done..I have “liked” your FB for quite some time now..but I don’t get on FB much..Hardly ever..I posted two so they would have a choice..Good luck with this Karen..

  7. Debbie says:

    Ok, on it now.

  8. Rondina says:

    I think this is a good experiment. I’m going to pass your results on to my favorite bloggers in my own field.

  9. Erica O says:

    I am totally in. Because experiments help build a better society. Sometimes.
    I’ve liked your page and now I’m sharing a chicken post because I have a lot of friends who have/love chickens.
    This will be good fun for me AND it makes me look all up-to-date and in-the-know about stuff, which is always a plus.

  10. I reshare your tutorials to Pinterest all of the time. I don’t normally do this kind of thing on Facebook, but I’ll make an exception for SCIENCE!

    Keep us posted on how it turns out! So much of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest. I’m curious if I should shuffle on over to Facebook or Twitter too.

    Thank you from Guinea Pig #256.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sara – The majority of my referrals come from Google and Pinterest. But Facebook is a huge untapped market for me. For everyone really. So I thought I’d see how it works. Problem is, for it to be effective people really do have to *share* something at least once a week. Ah well. It’s an experiment! ~ karen

  11. Jennifer says:

    I will love to see the results of the experiment. I will share a post, and have done before (glowing orbs was how I got here originally, I think).

    Question from professional interest: why you no have Facebook share button right on your blog posts?


    • Karen says:

      Hi Jennifer – I have to be careful about the amount of crap on my pages. Every little thing you put on there makes the page take longer to load. I used to have a Facebook “like” this button, Share on Twitter, etc. but took them all down and just left up the “Pin it” button. Maybe I’ll go have a look to see if I can bring the Facebook Share up again. Thx! ~ karen

      • Jennifer says:

        hey – thanks for the reply! and i know your readers appreciate the fast load time. have a good day…

      • jackie says:

        yes, thanks for explaining too Karen because I had no idea you were on FB actually. ANd I often share posts that way with friends (ie. Renegademama and thethirtiesgrind). I will add you on FB. But would be nice to have a few best posts to share with friends so I don’t have to backtrack to find ’em (hint: One of my favs was the spring is coming vid of you and your chicks…caseinpoint I sent that link to many people at work, not knowing you were on FB).

  12. Tammi D says:

    My favorite post of all time was the glowing orbs. I’ve shared the link via email and facebook and pinned it, too! I have seven, yes 7, orbs in my backyard and I LOVE them. Today I shared the front yard garden, I love it too, although not the idea of the work. :) Can’t wait to hear how this drives readership!

  13. Rebecca says:

    I have copy/pasted the centipede incident a couple years back on Facebook. I always get a good laugh out of others’ misfortunes. I promise, I’m not as cruel as that statement may lead you to believe. Anywho… I’m interested to see the statistics after the experiment comes to an end!

  14. Jodi T. says:

    I shared one of your posts last week with a guy who was asking around for a good IPod holder… He LOVED it. Especially since he’s cheap :)

  15. Kathy says:

    A crocheted suit is always funny. You crack me up.

  16. Debbie Neal says:

    I think some of the “”will they eat it?” are good too. Especially if people are just starting out with chickens!
    Good Luck with this!

  17. Kat says:

    I am not sure yet about the share thing, here is my dilemma, you are the only blogger I follow, since I found yours and realized bloggers seem pretty cool I have checked out other bloggers but here is my problem and I do understand advertising makes your money but when I click on other bloggers it takes forever to get to see their stuff as all the advertisements need to come up. It seems to me when I come to your site it is just there speedy fast and no waiting. All others so far that I think I will like take an enormous amount of time. So if that being said if you get more popular and get more advertising am I going to sit here waiting again for your stuff to come up. I know I am being petty but I just get bored waiting and usually hit the back button and just don’t wait and end up leaving that bloggers site. Can’t I just say I like you and don’t want to share you with any more people LOL!

    • Karen says:

      Hah! NO! :) Besides, there won’t be any more advertising than I currently have. The only difference is there will be more readers. And more readers means more money. Advertising income is based on how many people are reading your site basically. ~ karen!

  18. Andrea Claire says:

    I tried to do the promotion thing on my FB page -then Facebook rejected my payment stating ‘fraudulent activity on my Facebook account’ Huh??

    So I emailed them for an explanation, telling them I was the only one with access to my FB and they responded simply with: ‘Our decision is final.’ Huh?

    So I started another FB page that doesn’t have the same reach. :(

    • Karen says:

      ?? That’s bizarre. That’s the thing about Google, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. Trying to find a real person in Internet land to talk to is almost impossible so resolution of something is also almost impossible. ~ karen!

  19. Marti says:

    I feel myself sharing a frozen yogurt tampon video with… the universe. You’d have to know my friends list… they’re all very… uhhhh, “DIY”?

  20. Allison says:

    I <3 google analytics. But I say that after working with Omniture so my standards don't say all that much. I'm curious how you are tracking. Is is a custom variable? Do tell. (squeal) This to me all fits in the realm of DIY. Nothing is too technical.

  21. Jen says:

    I’m going to share the post about you participating in the “Lights Out”/creepy-crawly-things-that-only-come-out-in-the-dark. Now which search terms should I use? No, Christmas gifts under $10 was better. :)

  22. Pati says:

    Great idea, Karen…sharing immediately…if not sooner !

  23. Natika says:

    Interesting idea. I’ve linked your page before, but this time it’s for science! Nice!

  24. AnnW says:

    When we share one of your posts, it goes on our wall, right? Then if anyone of our friends is looking they can click and read the whole post, right? I think I would like to share the “True Pies” post and some other funny ones. I have been doing this from time to time. I usually email my friends and tell them to follow you. Keep us posted! Ann

    • Karen says:

      HI AnnW – That’s right. If you find a post that’s already on my timeline, it’s just easier because you can just click “share”. But you can do the same thing by copying the url of the pie post ( ) and putting it on your Facebook page. Technically to do this correctly I should be having everyone share the same post, but that seemed boring. And unauthentic. Thanks for your help! ~ karen

      • Kim Steinmetz says:

        This is good to know because I wanted to share that banana ripening post, but there really isn’t any search (that I could find) in facebook. Thanks!

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