The Great Gargantuan Giftmas Giveaway 2014




2 years ago I introduced the world (you) to The GREAT GARGANTUAN GIFTMAS GIVEAWAY!  It involved an entire week of gift giving from my incredibly loyal sponsors.

Last year I took a year off from being nice.  It was my year of evil and selfishness.  Instead of organizing a giveaway I watched television and and ate a bag of chocolate chips.    But the year of good has returned in a big way.

One single winner is going to win this entire prize package valued at $2,000.

This contest opens today and closes on Thursday at midnight.

This contest would not be possible without my sponsors who have donated all of the prizes as a thank you to you for supporting them throughout the year.

You can continue to support them by clicking on their links and returning to their sites for your holiday shopping.


Cattails Woodwork:  Brenda Watts has been quietly creating beautiful, useable objects out of wood from her studio in the woods of rural Prince Edward Island for the past 11 years.  As a thank you Brenda is offering 4 wood mason jar lids (your choice of size), and a beautiful, glowing, personalized 16″ chef’s block.





lab Consignment: Lauren from lab Consignment has for you this brand new  TIFFANY PENDANT.  Yes.  The real deal.  The iconic, sterling silver key pendant from Tiffany & Co. is something you will own and love forever.  And ever.  Check out Lauren’s consignment site for new and used designer stuff.  Purses are her speciality.




L’il Barkles – Selina will create a charcoal portrait for you just in time for Christmas.  There is no Photoshop,  no trickery.  Just charcoal, paper and talent.  (portrait to be based on any photo you choose of one subject like a family member or pet).





Ellenoire:  Noelle has been creating custom scented and hand made products since before it was cool.  Before Etsy existed even!  She’s offering you a completely head to toe collection of her organic, handmade body products including body lotion, body wash, body scrub, foaming face wash, Rosy Glow face mist, Satin Doll face cream and an Aquis Adventure towel (the hair towel I talked about a few months ago that I LOVE so much).





Rough Linen:  New to Tricia Rose’s ever expanding collection of hand made linen products is the monogrammed  linen Christmas stocking.  She’s offering 3 of them to the lucky winner.





Craft de Ville: Stacy is offering a REALLY fun package.  It’s everything you need to make the “Supertote!”.  The kit comes complete with pattern, all the notions needed and $40 worth of any fabric from the Craft de Ville site.  Don’t sew?  No problem.  This makes a perfect present for someone who does.





Design the Life You Want to Live:  Lynne, decorator, blogger, woman of the world, is offering a few select jewellery items from her collection of Balinese art.  Both the beaded necklace and bracelets were hand made and purchased by Lynne in Bali.  The wood wheels are Amish made and perfect for barn door hardware.





Photo Jewelry Making: Susan has been advertising her homebased jewelery making business on The Art of Doing Stuff for years.  She JUST got in these floating photo charms that I love.  She also has a collection of photo gift tags available now.  Either of which you can choose to purchase with your $100 gift card, which can be spend on anything in her online shop.


Eye Candy Popper: Need some rest after the hullabaloo of the holidays?  Need a rest after realizing you just used the world hullabaloo?  This is the package for you.  An organic cotton & lavender eye pillow, grapefruit bath salts (not the kind that make you eat other people’s faces off), peppermint foot scrub, lemon oatmeal face scrub, and an all organic cold pressed soap.



Diamond Dust Studio:  Amanda has some of the nicest tea towels I’ve seen on the Internet.  She’s allowed me to hand select 6 tea towels for you. I chose to go with a blue and red collection of my favourites.  I think the blue skull is absolutely beautiful.  I hope you do too.  Because if you don’t, there’s something wrong with you.  And that would be sad.






Disposable Art Shop: Jeff at Disposable Art Shop realized that not all of us can afford world class paintings and not all of us want them.  Sometimes it’s very satisfying to just print off and frame some fun images and hang them on the wall.  And when we decide we’re bored with them and want to change them up (as we often do), we can just print off some more.  With this $100 gift card you’ll have enough prints to last you for years of fickle indecision.





Bainbridge Farm Goods:  I can’t exactly remember how I came across Susan’s charming signs, but I do remember it was love at first site.  Much like my reaction to a cheeseburger when I first thought I invented it.  Susan is offering a tee shirt and any two signs of your choice, so browse around her site and pick out a couple!




Cubits: Laura is one of my two favourite seed providers.  Her seeds are always viable, interesting, rare and I’ve never once planted what I thought was a purple carrot, only to have a white one come up.  You’d be surprised at how often that sort of thing happens with seed suppliers.  Laura is offering a hand picked selection of 20 seeds for you packaged in two cute tin boxes.  One will be filled with rare, heirloom, seeds for a rainbow hued edible vegetable garden.  The other a selection of herbs.




Sweet Sally’s Soaps:  If you haven’t used chunks of handmade soap you don’t know what you’re missing.  They have better scent, lather and feel to them.  Plus they’re just fun.  And what’s MORE fun than getting a surprise in the mail every month!   Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Long live UPS.




Caustic Threads:  Erica is screen printing artist extraordinaire.  Not only does she burn and print all her own screen printing canvases, she does it from her own art work.  For you, Erica has a GREAT package of anything of your choosing.  1 hoodie (with any print from her shop), 1 tee shirt (with any print from her shop), 1 canvas tote (with any print from her shop) and a fun grab bag (I’m such a sucker for a surprise) that could include jewellery, pins, bottle openers or other miscellany.  If it were me, I’d pick the Kitchen Aid mixer tee by the way.  In one size larger than I should take so as not to accentuate my ever growing back fat due in part to the overuse of my own Kitchen Aid.  But that’s just me.




Dripping Springs Ollas: Laurie moved to Dripping Springs, Texas several years ago with the hopes of starting a vegetable garden.  Water is in short supply in that area so she and her husband decided they’d do what they could to use only rainwater for whatever they could and to use even that as wisely as they could.  And Ollas were the way to do that.  These clay pots are submerged in your garden soil. Then they’re filled with water which slowly and naturally seeps out of the clay to the roots below.  A perfect solution.  A perfect gift.  The winner of this Giftmas Giveaway will be receiving a clay Olla from Dripping Springs Ollas.


Curious Citizen: Daniela runs one of the most honest, well written blogs I know of.  There’s nothing showy, pretentious or fake about her or her writing.  She doesn’t write about her perfect life. She writes about life.  Included in that life are really great posts on travel, food, style and design.   Since Daniela is a blogger, I didn’t expect her to have anything to contribute for this giveaway because she doesn’t sell anything but she surprised me this one and offered up an “O” Clock watch.


(contest open to everyone in North America)

There are 24 different ways to enter.  You can enter using any or all of them.  The more times you enter of course, the greater your chances of winning.

Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form you see below. I know it looks confusing and scary but it isn’t.  Just click on it and you’ll be given alllll of your options for entering including leaving a comment on this site, following my sponsors on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and more.  It’s all done in the Rafflecopter widget below.  So get entering!

This contest closes Thursday, November 20th at 8:00 p.m. E.S.T.   Winner randomly selected as soon as the contest closes. The winner announcement will be on Friday, November 21st in the blog post, where one lucky winner takes all!   [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”5342563″]

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    Just want to tell you I find your posts fun and honest, and I’ve learned quite a bit too.

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  15. Carol says:

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    • Janice says:

      and the rough linen. I must be missing something.

      • Karen says:

        Thanks Janice. I got those all fixed up. The box just randomly appeared. You didn’t need to do anything with it. I’ve gotten rid of it though so as not to confuse people. 🙂 You’re quite a handy little reader to have around, lol. ~ karen!

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    • Grammy says:

      I don’t do Pinterest or Twitter (I’m old, and busy, please don’t judge me harshly) but I did go to all the other links and actually really liked some of them so much I’ll be going back again and again, and signed up for some. Thanks for creating an incentive to make us go look at “what’s good for us”.

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    • Karen says:

      Thanks Erica! It works for me, but someone else on Facebook said they had trouble with it. I’ve changed one little thing, so you can try Pinning again. Let me know if it still doesn’t work. (I do tons of inappropriate things but not in this post. I don’t think. Who knows, lol!) ~ karen

      • Erica Jamieson says:

        It worked. Thanks! I like the inappropriate things-just thought I missed some in this post. The inappropriate things are why I told my mom to start reading your blog…and why she told my dad to do the same. 🙂 Thanks for the quick response.

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    • Karen says:

      Yeah, I normally go for black with that sort of thing, but the blue for some reason is sucking me in. ~ karen!

  30. Tasha says:

    I’ll comment on this! Just checked the Christmas calendar, and we’re still on track! I love that calendar.

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    • Karen says:

      Hi Lori – A few people had problems with the Pinterest button for some reason. I’ve changed a couple of things in the “guts” of the giveaway. Give Pinning another shot. I think I have it fixed now. 😉 ~ karen!

  34. seriously, I want that O watch!

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    Woo hoo! Great ideas for Christmas gifts too! 🙂 thanks Karen!

  36. Mel says:

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    You really make my day, Karen. I don’t keep chickens, but love to hear all your adventures with the feathered flock. You got me started with D.S. Ollas. I’m in Kelowna, but have picked them up in Tacoma WA and Portland OR; when I travel by car, I check the D.S. website to see if a rep is near. Your recipes are often followed. Your blogs re antiques (love them) and home reno (do it often) are always of interest. I may even buy a Blue Star range based on your blog; I’d never heard of the brand before. I’m originally from Toronto and can relate to many southern Ontario comments. You inspire me often and make me scream with laughter always. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter so can’t enter the contest via those websites; this blog post will have to suffice.

  46. Dana says:

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    W00-hoo, what an awesome giveaway! I live 30 miles from Dripping Springs so if I win I can go pick up the Olla myself. Would I get extra chances if I promise to kick-back the savings from the shipping to you?? Seriously, I love your blog and have visited some of your sponsors before. I bought a pinafore from Rough Linen and I love it so much that I refuse to wear it and risk stains. It just hangs in my studio looking lovely.

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    I always like when you do roundups and SAY something about each sponsor, it helps a lot! I visited everyone, because it’s Christmas Crunch time!

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    I like the Day of the Dead towels the best, I think.

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    • Karen says:

      The new schedule is working great. For instance, without it I wouldn’t have had time to organize this huge giveaway! ~ karen

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    I thoroughly enjoy your blog. My parents raised chickens but I doubt they enjoyed them nearly as much as you do.

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    BTW I just got my first issue of Canadian Living – the December one and it’s a wonderful magazine. Imagine my delight when I got to the article and pictures about Christmas decorating and saw this lovely cool house that looked vaguely familiar…. ( I tend to look first, then read)….. till I got to the pictures of the dining room and I would recognize your chairs and animal skin throws anyway…. not to mention the portrait….. looks divine!!

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    So…anyone hiring??

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    Kellie@princess and the yard ape

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  198. Beth says:

    I am so grateful that clicking through to the Cattails Woodwork Etsy shop was an option to enter. There has been a hole in my heart that only a French rolling pin can fill, and it was great to see such well done work available. Here’s hoping Santa watches my Etsy favorites page!

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    Thank you for not making us Like all the pages on Facebook.

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    thanks Karen

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  323. Fantastic giveaway, Karen. I have long been a fan but you really nailed my loyalty when you told me my cancer could suck it. I continue to beat the drum of requiring cancer to suck it for the far too many people who need to hear those words.

    Continued success with your blog! (And my husband and I have both taken your Christmas pledge.)

  324. Katie morgan says:

    Loving all this stuff! Its so me!

  325. Turbocharger says:

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    Thanks so much Karen!

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  339. So many fabulous vendors. I’ve already purchase two Christmas gifts.

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  343. Wow, Karen! If I were to win and all these great presents come by UPS my chihuahua, Fern, is going to just have a heart attack! She hates those guys for some reason. I know…if I win, I will take her to a kennel for a week. We all have to learn to make sacrifices in life. Love ya…

  344. jen says:

    This is an amazing contest! Thank you for such an amazing chance to win some incredible prizes!

  345. Lisa says:

    What an amazing amount of wonderful goodies! I already get your blog, and Lynne Knowlton’s too, on my Feedly, so I hope you don’t mind that I clicked on those entries. By the way, I really have zero interest in owning chickens, but I find I am totally devoted to yours and even read those posts from beginning to end…even the gross ones.

  346. Lauren says:

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    It’s been years since I entered a blog giveaway. I’d forgotten how exciting it can be.

  358. Now I want a skull tea towel and a white “O” watch…

  359. Hope says:

    That’s what I love about you….you don’t do anything halfway! Amazing give away!

    And what’s with the Christmas decorating article in CL? What you never told me, did you? It was like finding my BF’s house suddenly in the magazine!!!

  360. Sweetpea says:

    My neighbor has shared many ideas she has found from this website…and this give-away is a beaute!
    Thank you for all the good creative energy!

  361. Anti Kate says:

    I’m hitting ALL the buttons. Well, maybe.

  362. Aleta says:

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  364. Kara says:

    If I win this I might die of happiness. My husband said that would be okay though, because he wants all of the stuff too.

  365. Mary says:

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  366. Deb says:

    As Uncle Curly would say (to woman or man) “You’re a gentleman and a scholar. And your generosity is only exceeded by your beauty!”

  367. Candice Stansell says:

    done , done, and done! I wished upon a star just now and guess what I wished for 😉

  368. Carole says:

    Great gifts Karen. You are everywhere. I received my December 2014 Canadian Living and there was your beautiful house in all it’s holiday glory. Congrats!

  369. Kat says:

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  370. Nicole Croskerry says:

    What a great way to let us know about all of your great advertisers and sponsors.

  371. Betsy says:

    I love your blog, I love what you do…I look forward to your posts!! Thanks Karen!!

  372. debbie says:

    What a great giveaway. My Christmas shopping would be done. Thanks for the chance. I’ve also listed your giveaway on my Giveaway List @ Thanks again.

  373. Marti says:

    Yikes, that’s a lot of stuff… for me. 🙂

  374. Glenda says:

    Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.

  375. Melanie says:

    Amaze- balls! Thanks Karen!

  376. Dea says:

    Wow! Great give-away! BTW, I accidentally fell into a site on facebook called “Mama Katt’s Kitchen,” and there was a post about Marans chickens. Apparently Mama Katt had a pullet from last August that she thought was a hen — till it crowed! LOL! These Marans are not easy to sex, apparently. When I was a kid, I tied flies for fly-fishing, and a neighbor gave me black hackle for my flies. Wonder if it came from Marans…

  377. Carla says:

    This is so exciting!

  378. Jaclyn S says:

    That’s quite the jackpot Karen! How’s your Christmas readiness coming along?

  379. cyndi says:

    I enjoy your informational and entertaining posts. The giveaway is super-generous with awesome gift ideas!

  380. Jenifer says:

    WOW!! You really outdid yourself!! This is fantastic!

  381. Jennifer says:

    When I pinned your image on my Pinterest board I put it on the one board I named “Clever” because this is one slick contest you’re running–what a boon to your advertisers. I’ve never seen an online contest done this way. Nice job!

  382. Lis says:

    thanks to your generous sponsors

  383. Kathy E. says:

    You’ve collected tons of unique prizes! No need to peruse the Walmart aisles when there are gifts like these! I’d love to win and make my dearest loved ones giddy with happiness!

  384. Pam B says:

    Hiya!!! Wow, what a great group of prezzies!!! Thanks so much for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

  385. maggie says:

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  386. Lynn Pratte says:

    Can’t wait to win! (I have high hopes)

  387. Renee A says:

    I read “orangatang” instead of Gargantuan. Whew! The best rafflecopter ever, btw. Had fun traveling to everyone’s site (and signed up, finally, for some newsletters). Glad you are back in the festive spirit.

  388. Terri says:

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    Thanks for a shot at the title.

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    I am excited to enter this – in as many ways as I can – but I can’t find the danged Rafflecopter form. Is that part of the test? (haha)

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tammy. Right under where I talk about Rafflecopter there’s a clickable box. When you click on it you enter your email address and then you’re given a bunch of boxes with all of your choices to enter. ~ karen!

  413. Merrilee says:

    A few years ago I made these supercute skull soaps for my son to give to his classmates at Halloween. They were returned with a note saying they were inappropriate. They were not evil blood dripping skulls but kid friendly happy looking. Sigh. Anyway now I have to have the skull tea towel because it makes me laugh.

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    I’ve never won a giveaway before. Who knows, this might be it!

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    So here is my entry!

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    Thank you sponsors! Thank you, Karen!

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    Nice Loot!!! Me likey!!

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  531. lana Carlson says:


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    Please pick me!!! I will love every item!!!!!

  534. maggie hill says:

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    • Karen says:

      Oop. Not exactly just in time. The contest was a Christmas contest and closed on November 18th, lol. At the very end of the post it says the contest is closed. Sorry! But if you stick around there will be another one come next Christmas. 🙂 ~ karen

  535. Karise says:

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  536. Mary Helen Cianciolo says:

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    • Karen says:

      Hi Barbara! Thanks very much. Unfortunately you must have missed the last line in the post saying this giveaway is now over. It ran during December for Christmas. You’ll have to wait until next December for the next Great Gargantuan Giftmas Giveaway! ~ karen!

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  539. Looks great….a very nice pay it forward kinda’ win for all those around the winner.

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