The Great, Gargantuan, Giftmas Giveaway!
Prize Package #1

Thank you to everyone who participated … the winners have been drawn and the contest is closed.  

But feel free to pin STUFF anyway. 😉

As promised last week, let the Great, Gargantuan Giftmas Giveaway begin!

Over this whole week I will be giving away a huge prize package, each and every day thanks to all of my sponsors.  You’re really lucky to be here.   I mean think of all the other places you could be right now.   Stuck talking to that idiot at work who never shuts up, standing in line at a grocery store, or even at the bottom of a sewer.  You could be sitting at the bottom of a sewer but instead you’re here!

You’re very, very lucky, you.

The very first of the 5 prize package contests this week is courtesy of Cubits, Dripping Springs Ollas and Sweet Sally’s Soaps with a total value of over $350!


The winner of this package will get:

Cubits:  Rare and organic seeds delivered straight to your door each and every month for a year. (2 packs a  month)

Dripping Springs Ollas:  3, 2 gallon Ollas for watering your garden.  Don’t know what an Olla is?  It’s brilliant.  See about it here.

Sweet Sally’s Soaps: : A year long subscription to the Soap of the Month Club.  New and beautiful handmade soaps delivered to your house once a month for a year!

So I suppose you want to know  how to win all this stuff.  You’re very demanding, you people.


To enter to win  all you have to do is Pin something from my site, and under the description of the Pin, type “I love The Art of Doing Stuff”, and the number of the prize package you’re entering to win.

Like this …



or this …


As you can see, if you want to, you can add whatever you want after “I love The Art of Doing Stuff”.


You can pin this contest page, or any other posts of mine.   All of my posts have a “Pin It” button at the top of the page and at the bottom just before the comment section.  Have a favourite DIY I did?  Pin it.  Love my Christmas wrapping from last year?  Pin it!

note: You must pin posts from my website.  NOT things from my Pinterest boards.

So …

Pin, Pin, Pin!

There is NO limit to how many things you can Pin and each Pin will get you an entry into the contest.  The winner will be randomly drawn, but the more Pins you have, the more chances you have to win.

Remember, you HAVE to write the description as “I love The Art of Doing Stuff”.  If you don’t say that, I won’t know that you pinned.  It’s our secret code.

So … get Pinning!

See you back here tomorrow for your chance to win Prize Package #2!

The winners from the whole week will be announced Thursday, November 22rd.

This package is only open to those in North America.  (other packages this week will be open Worldwide)


  1. Laura Bee says:

    I love The Art of Doing Stuff – really I do! Great contest idea Karen, you are so clever!

  2. Jan says:

    Done! In 2 or 3 shakes of a lamb’s tail.

  3. Jan says:

    Or something from THIS site, right? Not your Pin page, tight? Hop tat is clear.

  4. Jan says:

    Sorry for the typo. Stupid iPad keyboard and blurry, early morning vision. Mostly the keypad.

  5. Lynda Stone says:

    Hah! I am SO doing this… ‘Cuz I love winning stuff… ‘Cuz I love reading your posts… ‘Cuz you make me laugh… ‘Cuz I already spend way too much time on Pinterest… ‘Cuz… oh let me count the ways…

  6. Lynda Stone says:

    Quick question… so how do you know when pins are pinned doing this? Since you didn’t ask for a link to the pin or anything?

  7. marilyn says:


  8. Kristina says:

    Oh,the possibilities are endless. Let’s start with…I love the art of doing stuff. Help, she’s holding me hostage in her basement.

    • Laura Bee says:

      What a place to be held hostage. You could live well off all the canning & freezing & be endlessly entertained by all the stuff down there.

  9. Thera says:

    Woot! Great contest, let the Pins begin!

  10. Mary Kay says:

    Once again Karen I have learned something new from you – an OLLA – NEVER heard of one of these. They are cool what a great way of watering your garden – I want one!! lol

  11. Jennie says:

    Karen, what is the name of the circus typestyle you used on this contest page? I do lettering for fairs and Concessionaires, I have a need for it. Thanks, Jen

  12. Ruth says:

    Boo! Ah well… I guess I’ll just wait around on the international outskirts for my turn to roll around. 🙂

  13. Mary says:

    Love the seeds!

  14. SuzyM says:

    Super special giveaway, Karen. If I win I can be very clean as I water my seed of the month seedlings! That’s a very, very good thing!

  15. KellyB says:

    Is there a way for us to link to your Pinterest page? Does linking from this site give you a report of who’s pinning from your webpage? (Neat – I never knew that it worked like that!)

  16. Angela Recker says:

    Well, if pins are prayers then I have “stormed decorating Heaven” with mine! I couldn’t decide on just 1 board so I pinned all that apply! LOL! I still won’t win but this is fun!

  17. Cathy says:

    I won the table centerpiece at the company Christmas party once. This is going to be fun. Thanks, Karen!

  18. Trish says:

    Hi Karen, Love the contest. Already have plenty of your stuffed pinned. No problem doing more;)

    I’m assuming the people that ‘repin’ our pins won’t get automatically qualified for the contest?

    Not that I’m being greedy/childish or anything;) but those are MY pins:) j/k…but really, they’re mine.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Trish – Only the person who originally pins from my site gets an entry. Repins that come from Pinterest don’t count. Breathe a sigh of relief. ~ karen!

  19. jenna says:

    This is will not be the first time I pin “I heart Karen from the art of doing stuff” on pinterest. It is a regular thing to do after I get your emails. 🙂 Awesome contest.

  20. Cindy says:

    Wahoo, I pinned!!

  21. Barbie says:

    FUN! I will start pinning! I could do this all day…but I won’t of course….well maybe I will…..but I shouldn’t……but I might….but……lol

  22. Michelle Whibley says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! I’ve been searching everywhere for a good, reliable source of heirloom seeds. Why didn’t I think to Ask Karen?!? :o)

  23. ruth says:

    off and pinning!

  24. maggie says:

    Question– I have pinned several of your posts already to my boards! If I edit them to add “I love The Art of Doing Stuff,” will they count towards my entry?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Maggie – Sorry no that won’t work. The way I’m doing the vote (Pin) count requires you pin directly from my site. If you pin from your Pinterest page the program I’m using to gather the Pins won’t recognize it. ~ karen!

  25. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    OK..just one question..Can we only win one of the giveaways??..or is it possible to win more than one..I’m not greedy…just curious..Thanks again for giving us this opportunity to win awesome stuff Karen..You and your sponsors are so generous!!I Love The Art Of Doing Stuff !!!

  26. Leslie says:

    I have managed to join Pinterest, and pinned a few things from other people’s boards. BUT … let’s pretend I want to pin something I find out there in the wilds of The Internet? How do I do that?

    • Karen says:

      Leslie – Well on my site, for example, I have a “Pin it” button. All you have to do is click on it, pick the picture you want to associate with that pin, write a description and then click “Pin it”. For someone who DOESN’T have a Pin it button on their site you just have to copy the URL of the thing you want to pin, go back over to Pinterest and click on the “Add” button up at the top of your page and select “Add a Pin”. Paste the URL into the space provided and follow along with the instructions. It’s easy once you know how to do it. Hope that helps. ~ karen!

      • Deb J. says:

        Thanks Karen. I too was wondering about this. And all Pinterest talks about is a bookmarklet. Any idea what THAT is?!?

        • Shauna says:

          Or, you can add a button to your browser bar from Pinterest. They have all sorts of buttons, and you can add a button to your bar, then whenever you’re on a site that doesn’t have their own pin it button, you click the one you’ve added to your browser bar. A screen will pop up with all sorts of pictures it’s found from the site you’re on. You choose the picture and click ‘pin it’, then your screen with all your board names will pop up and you can pin it, then be right back to the page you were reading. This way, you don’t have to go back and forth between tabs.

          I’m a bit of a Pinterest junkie, but my habits have been reduced due to work blocking us;)

        • Deb J. says:

          Thank-you Shauna. I am sure I read that somewhere before but it’s tricky to keep all these details about all these apps, etc in this old brain:). I shall give that a try ‘cos I almost exclusively snoop on my iPad and it isn’t the friendliest to back and forth with.

        • Deb J. says:

          Shauna. Just tried the pin button trick. Doesn’t work on the iPad. If you are in Safari on the iPad you can’t put the pin button into the bar. And when I search through the web, it doesn’t let me pin any of the photos. I must be doing something wrong. Ain’t technology grand:). Shall continue to try things and will let y’all know if I figure it out.

  27. Jan says:

    Even if I don’t win, I think i really DO win ( and so does everyone else) because:

    1. When I pin stuff from TAODT ( The Art of, etc) I get more followers on Pinterest and …

    2. I assume that we’ll get free tickets to screenings of movies based on The Art of Doing Stuff. It could happen.

    Seriously, they did an entire TV SERIES based on a book called “Sh*t My Dad Says” ad that was basically a bunch of tweets that became a book that became a tv show.

    I even tweeted about it and LeVar Burton (he starred in Roots and some Reading Rainbow things) retweeted my tweet.

    And Karen is funnier than the guy who wrote that book. So Karen- write a book.

  28. Jan says:

    Why isn’t there an edit button here? Okay, not TAODT but TAODS. I thought the first one looked wrong. Should have waited to hit the Send button. The.Art. of. Doing.Stuff. TAODS.

  29. Shauna says:

    How super exciting! This will actually get me to get on my computer at home tonight to pin away;) Thanks to you and all of your awesome sponsors. We bought seeds from cubits last year and our harvest was awesome.

  30. Oh sweet Jesus.

    Your detailed instructions about how to navigate Pinterest were not only useful for your mother, but for your fellow neighbor-of-the-north here. I’ve avoided this social-media-time-sucker like the plague because I have tasks in life that I must complete, and I am already distracted to the point of struggling with said completion. But thanks to your fantabulous give-away, I’ve taken the plunge and gotten myself an account.

    I may never escape from the rabbit hole of the internet ever again. This is dangerous. But…danger has never been so pretty!

  31. qtpuh2tme says:

    Done! ~:0)

    TY, and your sponsors!

  32. Beth says:

    Happy Monday Karen, and all!!! Well it took me a couple of hours to figure out how to “PIN” one of your web site’s pictures….but I did it!!! At least I think I did. Not a PRO PINNER yet..haha! When I did this your site picture went to my board…that is correct right? Geez I sure hope so…I do not want to miss out on the chance to win one of your AMAZING giveaways!!!
    Thanks Karen!!!

    • Karen says:

      HI Beth – You should be able to scroll through a variety of pictures from my post when you hit the ‘Pin it’ button. That way you can pick the picture that best represents the thing you’re pinning. If that’s what you did, you did it right. ~ karen!

  33. patti says:

    I love The Art of Doing Stuff! #1 The story of Karen’s moulting chickens was so funny to read but I felt really bad for those poor chickens!

  34. Teresa Messick says:

    I tried to pin the Contest #1 Post by clicking the Pin-it button, but it took me to what looked like your Pinterest Board. I pinned it anyway–hope it’s right!

  35. Yvette says:

    Done! And now I can remember how to save tomatoe seeds 🙂

  36. Chris says:

    I am now addicted to this Pinterest and it is all your fault. 😉 I have a secret board for Xmas so nosey people cannot see my ideas for gifts. But today was first day of fun with your site and I almost forgot after trying to figure out how I was going to fix a huge patch on my dining room wall after changing the thermostat.The original one was installed by one of the Three Stooges. Had a craving for your antojitos and had one of those Oprah Ah Ha moments and said damn I forgot about Karen’s contest so of course I pinned the recipe. Now off to the grocery store for the items. Will pin ya tomorrow!!

  37. beth says:

    so exciting!!!! and it gives me a legitimate reason to spend hours looking at spray painted birdies and orange flocked mitty pillows! hooray!

  38. Maria says:

    Seeds, seeds, wonderful seeds!

  39. trisha says:

    such an amazing giveaway – im sure you had a trillion entries – but i so hope i win this one because we really need the seeds to start our garden for next year and the waterer would be amazing.

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