The Great Gobble Off 2012


I know all of my American readers are probably busy doing lunges and power squats getting ready for that much loved once yearly event, Black Friday.  But I’d like to take a moment out to discuss Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was several weeks ago in Canada.  It was pretty much the same as always.  Set the dining room table, invite over 20 or so family and friends, eat a bunch of food, slip on something suspicious on the kitchen floor, finish the evening off by praying.  Praying everyone will leave so you can finally toot.

We had a great time gorging ourselves, misfiring whipped cream and laughing at the misfortunes of ourselves and each other.

As always, the evening was topped off with The Great Gobble Off.  I thought today, being the day before American Thanksgiving, was the perfect time to share this year’s gobble off with you.

Behold … The Great Gobble Off 2012.


I encourage you to bring this holiday tradition into your warm embrace and share it with those you love this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers.  Eat.  Drink.  Be Merry.  And think of me when the urge to toot overwhelms you.


  1. Sarah says:

    I read your blog almost daily, but I tend to slack towards the end of the semester. My husband *just* showed me this post. And I’m in tears.

    You see, the entire time we were watching your video, we heard cheesey-creepy music playing in the background and both thought it was something you had added for affect. Unbeknownst to us, the entire time we were watching it, the soundtrack to “Graveyard Golf” was playing in the background. I don’t know. It’s something my husband does when I don’t pay him any attention (because it’s the end of the semester). For what it’s worth, it makes your video even funnier.

  2. Nikki Kelly says:

    Lol! My brother in laws niece had a very interesting response when she was asked what she was thankful for this year (she’s only 3, mind you). After her initial response on “nothing!” She decided that she was thankful for her toots. So, there.

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator

    • Karen says:

      That’s a very smart 3 year old. The odd time I have trouble with my stomach and I CAN’T toot. Ill tell you … that’s a pain like no other. Yup. Very smart 3 year old indeed. ~ karen!

  3. dana gault says:

    Many moons ago, I worked on a corporate film for Cuddy Farms near London, Ontario. I learned to do the best turkey gobble ever, by merely sticking my head in the turkey house and yelling, “Oh, Tooooom!” Just gobble and shake your head from side to side. It’s brilliant. Happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving from an American in Phoenix AZ!

  4. karenagain says:

    My favorite is the little girl two down from Betty who has no idea what is going on, how she ended up at this party and how she’s getting home.

  5. Denise says:

    My dogs agreed with your assessment of the winning team. They had no response at all to the first team’s goggles, but set up, perked there ears, tilted their heads, and looked around for the crazy crying turkies! If that doesn’t shout winner, I can’t imagine what would ;)

  6. Kathleen says:

    Thanks, I always get the best laugh from your blog! And some days I need a laugh. Can’t wait for Christmas posts.

  7. Marion says:

    that was incredible! looks like you all had a lot of fun!!!

  8. Jacqui says:

    That was fantastic. Fantastic.

  9. Debbie says:

    Rather than waiting for everyone to leave to toot. I think there should be a prize for the person who can toot like a turkey, now that is real talent. Thanks for the video, I want your family…….

  10. Call Me Patty says:

    Crazy funny! I’m passing this on to all my American buddies.

  11. Barbie says:

    OK, Barry is now a new celebrity! HE IS GOOD!
    What a fun family!

  12. Mary Kay says:

    Hmmm – Did my family come and have dinner at your house??

  13. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Well Karen..Now we know why you are so talented..It runs in your family..And I thought all the best Canadian comedians were down here now..Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes..I am also thankful that I found your make me laugh..that’s a good thing to give girl..

  14. Marti says:

    Yep, that answers any doubts I had about why Canada isn’t more of a world power. Happy Holidays, Karen!

  15. ruth says:

    A wonderful family tradition!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Praying everyone will leave so you can finally toot!! You crack me up!!!

  17. kate says:

    fun and funny! lmao!!! what a great family tradition and memory. my sister and I scramble to be the first to call and gobble at each other on Thanksgiving morning. ——– our family Thanksgivng ‘olympics’ is the contest of placing the pie on your head and then spraying whipping cream straight from the can on it!!! The pie is in the pan/plate and right side up, of course, balanced on the head, then, let the spraying begin!! If a lot of people want to compete, just use the slice of pie on a plate instead of the entire pie (the contest began with an entire pie) – not everyone is allowed to do this – and some actually go into training. ——- Happy Thanksgiving to everyone no matter as you celebrate the day

  18. Auntiepatch says:

    OK, you just scared my cat off the desktop! I’ll have to keep a copy of this to remove said cat when I want to see the screen! Thanks for the laugh!

  19. Julie says:


    Although you are suffering from a mighty case of VVS there

  20. Jennie says:

    Can’t stop laughing and wiping tears from my eyes..thanks so much for the holiday chuckles.

  21. kippy says:

    Until now, I thought that Rick Mercer was the most humorous Canadian…

  22. Lisa F says:

    Crack. Me. Up!
    On this Thanksgiving–I’m thankful for finding your blog and the laugh you give me to start my day!

  23. Michelle says:

    Oh geez. I shouldn’t have been drinking coffee while watching. Good stuff!

  24. White says:

    I noticed the younger kids did not participate, but rather looked really embarrassed by those loony(?) big people. Perhaps Barry should now retire, undefeated. Was he not sitting on the right before the start, and switched sides before the countdown? Might there have been some ‘compensation’ involved?

    The losing side should have cried fowl…

  25. Cynna says:

    Yes, another perfect example of why there’s a border between our countries. Just kidding–that was an hysterical scene. What a festive celebration!

  26. Brenda J. M says:

    Wow…lucky neighbors!
    It looks like you continually create a good time and there aint nothin’ wrong with that.
    So GOBBLE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT AMERICANS….. it’s your turn to shine, err make weird noises.

  27. AmieM says:

    My family would kill me if I posted something like this.

    Well done!

  28. Susan says:

    So funny! You guys have fun! I must try that with my brood! I noticed your sister sitting back hoping nobody would notice her! Where was Terry? Hiding too! Hahaha!

  29. marilyn says:

    oh that made my day, barry was hilarious with the pitch thing!…too funny, just love it karen!

  30. Jody says:

    That gobbling scared my dog.

  31. Langela says:

    Awesome! Wait, you resist the urge to toot? Hmmmmm, never thought of that.

  32. cred says:

    Excellent! I love that the whole family participates- this is serious business. They must all be nuts, too.

  33. Kathy W says:

    Oh, we’re definitely going to do this. I usually gobble while putting the turkey in the oven….kinda freaks people out.

  34. Moe says:

    That was freaking hilarious.. lol I must remember that for next year. lol Thanks for that.. lol

  35. ev says:

    Thanks Karen! Truly, was just now wondering how your Thanksgiving went. Lo and behold, “The Great Gobble-Off, 2012!
    Team two best of the best, especially their leader. Have told my 4 year old granddaughter to make sure she asks Aunt Carol to gobble for her tomorrow–she is as good as your champ! And Uncle Dale can sound like a pig for real, so we’ll be “down on the farm”!

  36. Tracey Wilson says:

    Hilarious…made me roar with laughter….great way for me to start this day :)

  37. Pilar says:

    It is so nice to see the fantastic atmosphere in your house (I get a little bit jealous at this point)! This is a good tradition and I think that every country should take thanksgiving as a new tradition because we all have something to be thankful.

  38. Amie Mason says:

    Oh man that’s funny. Laughed so hard!

  39. missnicoleo says:

    And I would like to be adopted by your family!

  40. Kirsten says:

    My favourite bit is you pointing out that your mother has a bottle of wine and not a glass. Sounds like mine!

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