The Happiest Place on Earth.
A Restaurant Supply Store!

I told you last week about the love my mother and I have for high end appliances. Well, our obsession doesn’t end there.

We also have an affinity for general kitchen crap. Most mothers and daughters spend time together by going for lunch, or tea. My mother and I? We get drunk then go to the restaurant supply store.

We don’t actually get drunk. I took a bit of poetic license with that one. At the most we get a bit tipsy.

O.K., we don’t actually get tipsy. But that’s only because we’re both wearing ankle monitors.

So, as I was saying, when my mother and I are looking for a good time we head to the restaurant supply store. We’ve been going to Chris’ Store Fixtures in Hamilton for many years now.





Do you want to know how perfectly suited I am to Chris’ Store Fixtures? If you’re a first time customer there, they give you a pizza slicer. Free of charge! They just lay it right there in your hands!

It’s no wonder I refer to it as the happiest place on earth. Tied with Dollarama.

I’m ordering my kitchen counter through their store so on my last trip there I brought my camera to show you the glory of a restaurant supply store in case you’ve never had the pleasure of wandering through one before.

I should make it clear that, as the name would suggest, a restaurant supply store supplies things for restaurants. So they have HUGE baking pans, massive mixers and great big vats for deep frying! But they also have regular sized professional quality baking pans, pots and really fun restauranty stuff you’d have a hard time finding anywhere else.

Like this … my favourite find from my last trip there. It’s a cast iron skillet like the kind they use in a restaurant for serving sizzling fixin’s for fajitas!

Fajita Dish
It’s just aisle after aisle after aisle of everything a cook could ever want. Every sized pan, pot and fry basket you could want.
Like Asian cooking? A few dollars will get you a whisk for cleaning your wok or a steaming basket.

There’s every size, style and shape of rolling pin imaginable, but BEST of all there’s fast food baskets! I’ve been eyeing these baskets for YEARS now. Yet … for some reason … I never buy them. I stand, I stare, I walk away. Something is wrong with me. In my head. Something is wrong in my head.
Pins And Baskets

Ditto for these things. I look at these all the time but have never bought one.  I suspect it’s because even though I love them, I don’t actually need them.   $2.99 for a coffee flask though!
Coffee Flasks
These little cake stand looking things are actually very small.  The perfect size in fact, for a single, chocolatey cupcake.  On the right is a toaster I love.

One of the things you need to keep in mind if you plan on buying anything from this type of store, is voltage.  Many of the appliances, big and small, are meant for restaurants so they have higher voltage requirements than something you’d pick up your local department store.

Such is the case with the toaster I love.
Cupcakes And Toaster

This double burner on the other hand is fine for home use!  So is the commercial paper towel dispenser.
Paper Towel And Burners

Somebody say cast iron?
Cast Iron Pans

Kay, everybody calm down but YES.  That is a hotdog roller.  I didn’t even ask if it could be used in the home, because if it COULD?  Yeah, that’d be trouble.
Hot Dog Roller
Cute little serving dishes.
China Bowls
And now the star of the show (kind of), the Carbon Steel Pan.  Carbon steel is like the perfect cross between a cast iron pan and a non stick teflon pan.

Cast Iron is great because it has really good non stick properties once you’ve seasoned it. But it weighs a ton.

Teflon pans are great because they’re definitely non stick, but they’re expensive and the teflon inevitably wears away, usually spending the rest of its days somewhere in your lower intestine.  Then you have to buy another pan and start all over again.

Once seasoned, a carbon steel pan will last forever and is as non stick as teflon, but with none of the actual suspicious teflon.  PLUS it weights about half as much as cast iron.  It’s really the perfect pan.

Carbon Steel Pan

Diner coffee cups?  Yup.  Got em.


Restaurant Ware

These, are apparently, the best oven mitts in the world.  People come to the store just to get these oven mitts. I can’t remember for the life of me how much they cost, but they were cheap.  And would probably make the coziest mittens in the world.
Oven Mitts

Need I say anything?





Reserved Sign

Ladels And Forms

Syrup Containers

Chefs Whites

Did I mention some of their stuff is very big?  Because it is.  There are very big things in this type of store.

Baking Sheet Huge

I love the restaurant supply store.  How much do I love it?

General Shot

I tried to stow away.
Stewing Pot

And I would have got away with it too, if someone hadn’t called the police, psychiatric services and my mom.

p.s. Chris Store Fixtures technically doesn’t have an online store but as I was leaving I asked them about this and they said they’ll ship anything anywhere and once shipped a stove to Alaska. So … if you see something you want … I’m sure they’ll ship it your way.


  1. How do you get your Hunter boots on with your ankle monitor? LOL! Great post!

  2. Beth L Bilous says:

    I wish you were my neighbor. I thought I was the only weirdo that loved restaurant supply stores. I used to live in Florida and knew where two of em were. Now I live in Pennsylvania, and I only know where one is. But, that’s enough for me.

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