The Hats of Christie’s Antique Show

If you live in Ontario and are a lover of all things old, musty and entertaining you were at one of two places this past weekend.   A retirement home drag show … or The Christie Antique Show and Sale.

I went to the later.  But only because tickets to the former were all sold out.

The Christie Antique Show is the largest antique show and sale in Canada covering the foot numbing area of 10 acres. 10 acres of walking,  eating, debating, scowling, delighting and buying.

I’ll have a post for you on my favourite finds from the show next week, but first I bring you the most popular thing found at Christie’s this year.

The hat.

Last year … it was the boot.

This year the hat.

And with the heat somewhere around the temperature of a young boy’s blood after seeing his first boob … a hat was a necessity.


I met Becky, The Art of Doing Stuff fan, at the french fry stand.  If you ever go to a show and you think I might be there, just wait by the french fry stand.  Any of them.  Doesn’t matter.  Chances are I’ll hit all of them throughout the day at some point.

My favourite hat?  My favourite “look” in general?  The gal directly above.  No.  Not her.  The one in all white, above the girl who is directly above.  She has the perfect amount of trend and classic.

Next week … a look at some of the unusual, beautiful, interesting and ecclectic finds I brought home.  From the retirement home drag show. They’re surprisingly difficult to wrestle into your car, those old people.  I think it’s the toenails.


  1. RubyDu says:

    The woman in white with the jaunty hat might have been Sarah Richardson, the designer. She posted about being there that weekend as well. And I could see her wearing something awesome like that.

  2. Gayla T says:

    Love antique shows. Love antiques. Love hats either hanging in my bedroom or on other people but hate hats on me. Until two years ago when I had this funny looking thing growing on my arm. Growing fast on my arm. Yep, all those years of slathering on the baby oil to fry faster caught up with me and I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. That’s the kind of skin cancer that only kills blind people because you would have to not know it’s there for a long time for it to get you. I have had both arms treated but each time I go back for a check to get released there is more. Now I have a little tiny rough spot on the side of my nose and I’ve seen enough on my arms to know what the nose spot is. Now, I love hats and long sleeved shirts that make you feel like you are roasting when wearing them in the summer. I want that great big one. It would shade everything under it including my fat fanny although I do keep it covered most of the time. Unfortunately, there is one group of people who are at risk with squamous cell and those are a sub-group who develope little tumors under their skin that are usually benign. Squamous cell makes those little nothing tumors go malignant usually in women who have lupus. Like I said, I love hats. Especially on me. I keep trying to remember why I thought I needed to get so tan so fast.

    • Karen says:

      Gayla – Every morning I wake up and think I’d better put sunscreen on. And then I don’t. I forget. I can’t be bothered. Today … I will put sunscreen on. ~ karen

  3. Alex says:

    I couldn’t go. It was the weekend of birthday parties. Believe me, this was a travesty of choosing between antiques and angering friends little kids. It was a close call. Looking forward to the finds pics!

  4. lawrence says:

    Haha! Although I thought the boots were much sexier than the hats, your metaphor of “the temperature of a young boy’s blood after seeing his first boob” certainly made up for it! Hilarious! lol

  5. Elen Grey says:

    Are you sure this wasn’t a hat show?

    The girl in white and the girl at the very top of your post in the nosebleed section. Those are my fave pics.

  6. Debbie B says:

    love hats but I can’t wear them I look godawful in them

  7. Stephanie says:

    Hey … where is the picture of my hat! I thought I saw you there …. I had on your favourite hat from above, only in black with a white and red trim. My young daughter with me had hers on in teeny tiny blank and white hounds-tooth with the cutest searsucker striped sun dress on …. I feel so left out! Had a great time though … except someone else snatched up the bench I wanted and that $3,700 harvest table I spotted when I first walked in … the one so old you could see the thousands of elbow marks worn down in it …. stunning!

  8. Lauren from Winnipeg says:

    I love the very first hat. It gives me hope that a woman with short hair and small face can actually find a hat that looks good.

  9. Last year was the mud, hence the boots. This year was the sun, hence the hats. At least that’s my theory! Can’t wait to see your finds.

  10. mimiindublin says:

    That “girl in white” immediately caught my eye too! And I don’t quite know why, but she definitely stands out. I was wishing I could wear a dress like that, with a belt like that….:(

  11. Angela says:

    And what kind of hat were you wearing, Karen?

  12. Deborah says:

    I have several good hats for different occasions….stetson from my riding days, a big, white floppy beach hat for Mexico (or any beach scene), my ultra cool #24 (Jeff Gordon) visor cap for a day at NASCAR and a baseball cap for my fishing days :P I haven’t been to Christie’s in eons….totally forgot all about it and it is just a hop, skip and a jump from my home…I will make plans for next year!

  13. Julie says:

    I actually do not own a single pair of rubber boots. It really makes me sad. I do have some awesome floppy hats though.

  14. AmieM says:

    “heat somewhere around the temperature of a young boy’s blood after seeing his first boob” I love this metaphor! I will be using it, and crediting you.

  15. Jane says:

    My favorite is the guy with the blue hat. Love his t shirt! Just about spewed my coffee this morning!! For all who don’t know he’s my husband.

    • Kristin says:

      Um, the old guy in the baseball cap? I think he *might* be wearing a shirt made by my own sister! (we’re from Michigan, so it’s possible to have seen one in ON) She did a line of those shirts for the LGBT crowd, but which could also be worn by straight folks depending on which shirt you picked. You could pick I <3 Jane, I <3 Dick or I <3 Dick and Jane. Do you have a full shot of that guy?

  16. Barbie says:

    I’d have to agree with you on the favorite. Although the lady in “all black” is a close second! She must have been so HOT…even gloves? You said it was really hot right?

  17. Meagan says:

    Ha! First boob hot for sure! I’m hoping you brought home one of several pieces of creepy old dental equipment we saw there….and that you’ve found some perfectly reasonable new use for it :-) Or the child’s coffin???

  18. The Fella's Dad says:

    The trouble is you’re favourite is wearing a slap hat, so called because you want to slap them off their heads for being too cute and jaunty. I hate jaunty. . The woman above her, definite slap hat. The old couple above your favourite: slap hats.

    • Hattie says:

      I agree The Fellas Dad. Everyones hat looks stupid. I want to slap most hat wearing folks as well. I think the only one looking hat-worthy is the gent with the stetson. His chops don’t hurt either.

  19. Melissa says:

    I love hats. Just bought two last night, ironically. And then I wake to see your post :D (Still shopping for pillows…)

  20. Phyllis says:

    I love Jane!!!! love it!

  21. magali says:

    that looks like lady gaga!

  22. Oh gross, now I’ve started my day with visions of old people catching their curly toenails on the car door as you try to shove them in!

    Can’t wait to see what you got at the show though. 10 acres? I am so jealous.

  23. Krikit says:

    Luv’d the juxtaposition of styles the “woman in white” carried off, too! Smooooove. Like buddah. ~:0)

    Looking forward to viewing your finds.

  24. karenagain says:

    I think that is Kate Middleton in the white. She is the Duchess of Cambridge. Actually, I guess she is now Kate Middleton- Mountbatten- Windsor. Isn’t that a fancy name?

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