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I have a little change of pace for everyone today.  I … Karen … have been invited to do a guest post on The Nester.

The Nester is one of the few blogs I make sure I make time to read every day. That’s the problem with having your own full time blog.  It rudely interferes with one’s blog reading schedule.   Subscribing to The Nester makes it easy.   It just pops into my inbox and I read it every morning.

Speaking of which … are you subscribed to my website?  You probably should ’cause I’m pretty funny and I do a lot of clever things, as well as stupid things allllll the time.

Back to The Nester!  She’s kindly asked that I write a guest post for her because I’ve fooled her into thinking I’m a good writer by being constantly sarcastic in my posts.  Oftentimes sarcasm is confused with wit.  That’s my plot and plan.  To confuse you all.

The Nester is all about taking a house and turning it into a home.  Her motto is “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”   I’m sitting here thinking So true! as I stare at a sink full of dishes and a bucket of chicken feed on my kitchen counter.  So when she wrote a post this week about how she edited her house and got rid of all the clutter and prints and knick knacks and such … I just had to chime in.  I told her all about the time 2 years ago when I sold everything I owned and painted my whole house white.  In a 2 week period.

She thought her readers would like to hear more about my little breakdown.  To read all about it on The Nester’s site today … click here.


  1. Caroline says:

    Karen – I read your post on The Nester and totally cracked up so I came to check out your blog and now I think I have a crush on you :)
    I too have an old house in the same town you live in an this is my story: We bought an old house 15 yrs ago when the family was young (and we were broke)and lived with hand-me-downs and vintage furniture (read other peoples old crap)and bought things that we thought ‘fitted’ the house for many years. One sad day, not too long ago, my hubby and I went to the funeral of a good friends dad…as we stepped into the funeral home I saw it was filled with our EXACT livingroom furniture. A DOZEN EXACT FLORAL COUCHES AND DOZENS OF FLORAL WING CHAIRS!!! I stopped and the door cold and whispered “Oh…my…god!” and my husband bumped into me and cursed then looked in and said “Are you f-ing kidding me?” We looked at each other and couldn’t stop giggling like crazy people – it was horrifying!
    From then on when I walked into my livingroom I thought of funerals and didn’t want to invite my friend over anymore lest she break down in tears without quite knowing why….
    So, guess who is redoing her house with new furniture in a more sleek and chic modern style!
    Thanks for reading…now I have to drive around town and see if I can recognize your fence :)

    • Karen says:

      Caroline – That may just be the funniest comment I’ve ever read here. Other than the stalking me for my fence bit that is. The funeral home furniture part however, … very funny! ~ karen

  2. Taylor says:

    Hey Karen,
    Did you know your a “no reply blogger”?!!!! Which means that when you commented on my post and I wanted to reply back…. I couldn’t :( Here is a post to help you out if you want to change that.

    • Karen says:

      Taylor – You’re right! I didn’t know! I don’t use Blogger other than to comment on other people’s posts! Eep. The situation has been resolved so you can feel free to send me prizes. Thanks for the heads up! ~ karen

  3. Shauna says:

    Hi Karen,

    De-cluttering is a great feeling! My husband thinks he’s a minimalist (he’s not), so last spring I took a week off work and went through the entire house – I filled our porch with everything and called Salvation Army – it felt great! I could use another week to get rid of more, I’m sure. With a small home and a refusal to rent storage space (such a waste of $ and land), we have to keep things at a semi-minimal. Hard to do since I was a party planner and still use all my fun doo dads for parties now. I too am on a white kick, but unfortunately husband grew up in an all white house and shudders at the idea. I think I need my own craft cave that I can paint white and decorate with silver and glass and all things pretty;)

    • Karen says:

      Shauna – Maybe you could just have the bedroom white? Bedrooms are veryyyyy nice and peaceful when they’re white. Just a thought. ~ k!

  4. Sara Beth says:

    Wow, wow, wow – this post completely summed up how I am feeling about my home right now. I am totally inspired to do some major purging. On another note, (and I hope you take this as the compliment it’s meant to be) I’ve been following you for a couple of months now and I had no idea you were so… cute!! The few pictures you’ve posted of yourself on your own blog do not do you justice. It was fun to see more pics of you on the guest post.

    • Karen says:

      Sara – LOL. Thanks. You should definitely purge! Just start withone room if it’s too overwhelming. You’ll feel lighter and calmer for it. I promise! ~ karen

  5. Beth says:

    Karen — Wow…what a post!I am currently struggling with making my house into what I want it to be. My husband and I got married and promptly had 5 kids. Life is just settling down enough for me to pay a little attention to the house, but I am afraid I’ll do the wrong thing, or do it the wrong way. Thanks for your inspiring example.
    I do have one question for you…how did you get your bookcases to line up so tightly together? Are they fastened at the top to one another? I have a similar arrangement (on a carpeted floor) and they lean a little precariously.
    Thanks again for your fearless and joyful approach! -Beth

    • Karen says:

      Hi Beth! 5? 5?!! 5 kids?? Wow. If the only thing wrong are precariously leaning bookcases you’re doing well! :) The bookcases are Ikea’s Billy bookcases. They come with little U shaped pins. Each bookcase has a hole on top. You slip one end of the U shaped pin into the top of one bookcase, and then the other end into the bookcase next to it. If your bookcase doesn’t have this feature you could easily just buy strong U shaped pins at the hardware store and then drill the appropriate sized holes on top of the bookcases yourself. If the bookcases are really high, there are certain battery operated drills that have a swivel head so you can drill into tight places like that. Phew. Was that more answer than you were looking for? LOL. ~ karen

  6. Peggy says:

    Just read your guest post: wow! I’m not sure I could do it, but it’s really inspiring me to continue the mission I’m on to de-clutter and purge my life of things I don’t love, don’t need and have no sentimental attachment to.

  7. Erin says:

    Hey Karen I was just wondering what white you used. am seriously considering making the switch when we get a house. maybe some soft barely there colours too but mostly white.

  8. Nester says:


    Thank you so much for writing at the Nest today, you are brilliant. You are amazing. Karen for President. Or whatever it is you Canadians have.

    • Karen says:

      Nester – A 12 foot tall Canada Goose runs the country. Does a pretty good job. Thank you for inviting me to write a guest post for the Nest! It was so much fun! ~ karen

  9. amy says:

    Totally loved it! I am def. a new fan and follower!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks so much Amy! I’m glad you came over to visit. Next time bring a snack, would you? ~ karen

  10. Adrienne Audrey says:

    Great guest post Karen. But here’s a question, what do you do when you want to get rid of all the junk you don’t want and your significant other is a pack rat who refuses to get rid of ANYTHING?! Any advice?

    • Karen says:

      Adrienne – Yes. Get rid of him with the rest of the junk. HAH! omg. Just kidding. Don’t tell him I said that. You can only deal with your own stuff. Deal with that. And his stuff? Hide it as best you can! ~ karen

  11. Design Love says:

    Hi Karen!

    I am from Peterborough, Ontario.When I seen your blog guest post from the Nester(who is a daily read of mine also) I said to myself is that Karen from t.v? And after reading and totally hearing your voice and the sarcasm in it, said Yes, it is Karen! Awesome.
    You are a true go-getter. Love your blog and am a new follower! Love your all white house and look forward to seeing what stuff you do in the future!


  12. Amanda Eck says:

    LOVED this post!! love the Nester and now LOVE you!! what a great inspiration!! How many times have I said “ugh- I wish I could just toss it all and start over” Thank you for giving us the courage & inspiration to do just that! (ok well maybe not TOSS our stuff) but girlfriend sometimes even Goodwill will turn their noses up to our junk. LOL
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your new digs!!

    • Karen says:

      Thank you Amanda. And you can do it! Trust me. You’ll feel unbelievably better after even just trashing a bit of junk. Do what Nester says … put it all on a table and assess. Chances are you can live without 90% of it! Good luck! ~ karen

  13. Susie says:

    Hey Karen, I just found you (Thanks Nester!) and am quacking up! I need more giggles in my day and can always use the inspiration to try something new (though the chicks, I will have to think about :) . . . you have a new follower, and am enjoying digging through your site. Take care!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks for visiting Susie! I’m not even sure *I’ll* be able to handle the chicks … but I’m looking forward to finding out. :) ~ karen

  14. Karen, loved your story over at Nester’s! You did a fantastic job with your old home. Very inspiring, nice to meet you!

    Great biceps too, I love good arms! :)

    • Karen says:

      Hi Rhoda! Thanks so much for stopping by! My house feels much calmer now, which makes me calmer. Which is important for someone who’s naturally … um … a bit hyper. Thanks again! :) ~ karen

  15. Bri says:

    Hi from another Nester reader! Just had to drop by to say how much I loved your guest post. I’ve been looking around my house lately having much the same reaction, I think it’s time to get the paint out and start over. Thanks for the inspiration, your home is beautiful!

    PS: You rock! I love “meeting” other women who aren’t afraid to dig into something and figure it out. It seems normal to me because of my dad’s influence and my education, but it seems a foreign concept to a lot of people.

    • Karen says:

      HI Bri! Yup. I learned to do stuff on my own by watching my dad. Thanks for coming over to visit me on my blog! I appreciate it. ~ karen

  16. [email protected] Style says:

    Hi Karen

    As a fellow Canadian I’ve watched you over the years on t.v………but never new you had a blog……….loved your post on Nester……….you’ve made me want to sell it all and start over. PS Margaret is a beauty.

  17. Congrats on being featured at the Nester’s! That’s quite an accomplishment! I’m a new follower.

  18. Looooved your guest post! You have a new fan! :) (aka me!)

    • Karen says:

      Thank you so much Angie! Welcome to the site. Everyone who gathers here are really nice and oftentimes … ridiculously funny. :) ~ karen

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