The Prince & the Bandaid
A Video

There once lived a wounded prince and a helpful princess.  Who always did as she was told. Always. As all princesses should.


And the moral of this story?   If someone offers to help you, graciously accept.  You’ll both get a better night’s sleep because of it.



  1. Cindy says:

    Like a few others, I did not find this funny. That being said, I do enjoy your blog, and read it daily. Is it a requirement for reading this blog to like everything? Is the comment section for feedback from your fans or just positive comments?

  2. Angie says:

    He sure says please a LOT for someone being harrased in the middle of the night. Good manners, Fella! Well done sir!

  3. Paulina J! says:

    Ha Ha! I love his revenge! I don’t think you should have cut the video so short. I have a feeling there is more to this story. And I also have a feeling YOU cussed.

  4. Gayla T says:

    You guys are going to be on the 6 o’clock news. The neighbors are going to be interviewed saying that he seemed like a nice guy, He acted like he loved her no matter how many times she wanted to change the plants in the yard. I just can’t imagine what made him snap and kill her! Then the reporters will find the Princess’ blog and they will understand and only wonder how he was able to be with her 44 years. Dear Princess, REPENT of your evil ways while there is still time. Or not. Lots more entertaining for us if you don’t and I’ll be planted many years before you so only your young readers will be left to mourn your passing. They will gather beside your grave and say in hushed tones. She should have put the bandaid back in the box. The old reporter will only nod as a tear trickles down his cheek. (I’m sending this to Stephen King)

  5. Barbie says:

    In reference to the couple of people who thought you should apologize, clearly some have their “own” marital or relationship rules…..I say to them….stay on your own side of the street and leave others out of “your” business, perhaps you shouldn’t have watched then. LOL I laughed so hard since I would TOTALLY do this! If you have a bear then you don’t “poke” it….if you have a teddy bear….you can poke all you want…..and they sometimes even poke back….as Karen’s did…
    I LOVED it Karen….more please!

  6. Lui says:

    I would have put some pepper on the wound!

  7. Mary says:

    You were one on those mean girls . . . weren’t you?

  8. Alicia Herron says:

    I was so nervous watching that. I was sure he was going to flip over yielding a knife… or a rabid animal… or the It’s a Small world song to set loose on you. I was sure something awful happened. I’m glad that didn’t happen. I’m also glad he got revenge because it wouldn’t have been fair without it.
    I… like you… have a tendency to take something too far when I should have stopped. like wrestling with my husband, I kicked over the bedside table lamp and broke one of our picture frames. He’s ticklish and strong which is a bad combo. I got tossed starboard side off the bed. Whoops!

  9. Jules says:

    utterly hilarious.. My husband would not have lasted even thru the first time nevermind multiple returns! therapy or not- he would divorce me- I don’t mess with my mans sleep- ever! you are awesome.. :) and your fella is the most patient man on the planet..

  10. Brenda j says:

    TEARS!! I cried tears.

  11. ruth says:

    I would have totally killed you.

  12. taria says:

    you guys are pretty funny. payback is a bitch.

  13. Violet says:

    This is a clear-cut case of it being the Prince’s fault. If he had just let the Princess put the bandaid on the FIRST time, this all could have been avoided. (Well, all except for the first time. But as with bandaids themselves, when faced with something unpleasant — like having a spotlight shined in your face in the middle of the night — it’s best to just grit your teeth and let let the crazy-ass Princess pull it off in one swift fell swoop.)

  14. AmieM says:

    This is hilarious!

    When you pull back the covers, and when he rolls around, I can’t help but think “At least he doesn’t sleep naked!”

    He was very cute. Shush, stop it, please go away. please stop. please please.

    • kathryn says:

      “at least he doesn’t sleep naked”??? i would suggest you need some help with what you’re thinking. as does the far-too-highly-clothed fella. please.

  15. Norma says:

    At the risk of being the disenting voice – I was very uncomfortable watching that. I think you need to apologize to him.

  16. Thera says:

    I too, was waiting for the cussing to begin, kudos to the fella, but damn that was hilarious!!!

  17. Jane says:

    I have never seen a dude with so many sweet tattoos be so polite!
    <3 that was cute!

    • Nicole2 says:

      The Fella is being super polite because he never lets his guards down with Karen, even at 2 in the morning. He knows that if she is filming him, Karen is diabolical enough to put it on the blog, so that’s why there are no F sharps, lol!

    • Nicole2 says:

      Oh, I work at an animal shelter and we have a fundraiser motorcycle ride. You should see these big tattooed bikers come in after the ride to look at the kittens and they melt like a little girl. Appearances ARE deceiving.

  18. For the love of everything sacred. No caffiene for you after 4pm. Sedatives-Yes. Maybe you are part kitten–taunting people in the middle of the night! LOL!

  19. Kim says:

    I don’t think you could ever complain about the Fella ( not that you do ) but he has a huge crowd of new fans now. What a really nice guy he is. BTW, when do you sleep?!

  20. Langela says:

    I’m with everyone else.You have one polite fella there. I can’t believe there was no cussing involved!

  21. Becca says:

    Hilarious. Absolutely. But. One might wonder why the Prince needed a bandaid on a wee wound that was no longer bleeding. One might suspect that the Princess enjoys pulling the bandaid off when it’s no longer needed. One might advise that it’s much more satisfying to rip the gluey fabric off of flesh that has more hairs than a wee finger.

  22. Susan says:

    I can’t believe he didn’t curse vividly at you! That poor bugger… And he gets up and goes to work in the morning… Meanwhile the princess sleeps soundly! OMG! You are soooo lucky to be alive! Must be the royal blood! Hilarious!

  23. Amy Schmucker says:

    My prince would have given me the finger all right… what a sweetheart you have. Tell the fella he gets extra points for using “Please” 29 times.

    Amy in Florida

  24. paula says:

    Hahaha! OMG, I have tears, that was soooo funny. Would not have gone over that well in my house. I’m with other commenters who say there would be a ton of swearing. Your fella sure is patient. hahaha.

  25. marilyn says:

    wow the fella is sooo polite! i wanted to come down the hill and pound you for him..

  26. Gloria says:

    And you wonder why the fella father is so grumpy…..maybe the queen did the same thing…..this is so funny!!!!

  27. Emie says:

    OMGness….. I’m not sure but I think he must have said “Please” about 50+ times!!! My DH would have replace that with a 4 letter word. VBG

  28. Christine Durst says:

    Hahaha… revenge is sweet he sayeth

  29. Holly says:

    Ok, so I watched it again and counted 16 “Pleases” and 17 “Go aways!”. You ain’t right!!!

  30. Alison says:

    If that was my prince being offered help I’m pretty sure this princess would have some serious video editing of all the f-bombs the prince would have dropped.

    Thank you for my morning chuckle!

  31. sue says:

    I think you are not the princess, but rather, the evil witch. Sorry.

  32. Sue says:

    Explain to me why you are not on tv? You are so hilarious, and so is the fella…..

  33. Cindy Marlow says:

    The man in my house, being a veteran and probably having a little PTSD, would have taken my head off! I can’t believe how patient the Fella is and what a cherished Princess you must be. The two of you deserve your own reality show!

  34. Bwahahahahaha… you are Evil, but I love it!!!!!

  35. Angela says:

    You may owe me a laptop because I laughed so hard I spit my coffee out all over the screen & keyboard! Plus I almost choked to death!!! That was beyond hysterical Karen. He’s a really good sport. What did he say in the morning when you got up? I can’t imagine him just dropping it. Or you either! LOL!
    Anyhow, thanks for starting my day with a laugh & a smille You always do!

  36. Jen says:

    Did you edit out the bad language? Surely there was bad language involved….or is he just that polite??!! Looks like you’re a Barbara Kingsolver fan…..Animal, Vegetable Miracle? I loved that book. And I think I also spotted The Bean Tree’s…

  37. Peggy says:

    Awww…poor guy! He was literally begging you to stop and in such a nice way. I’m an absolute bear if someone disturbs my sleep. Count yourself lucky, LOL!

  38. Robyn says:

    Nothing like a good laugh and it’s great to see he took it all in jest.

  39. lori says:

    thanks, for the great laugh!!
    I have to agree with lindey r. He was so polite! please go away…. my would of said #@@(((#. i would have had to Bleep and bleep and bleep.

  40. Joann Hanmer says:

    That’ll teach him !!

    Princes should be careful what they ask for….snigger ;o)

    PS: I admire your persistence

  41. Kathy says:

    He is a true Canadian! He said “Please” every single time he asked you to stop. Amazing! My husband, also a Canadian, would have killed me if I had done that even once. You guys are hilarious.

  42. deanna says:

    You really do have a Prince. And, yes, it is a whole lot more fun when you’re the one with the camera!

  43. Diane says:

    I have a very nice fella too. And white linens. So I get the need for the band-aid.

    I might have tried it, but I am sure the f bomb would have been heard on my third try. Such a brave woman you are. And a bit mad. :)

  44. BGrigg says:

    You are EVIL!

    Funny as hell, but evil!

  45. Pati says:

    OMG !!! MY husband would have KILLED me ! I love it,Karen…do it again….and again….and still again ! ROTFLMBO !!! I am expecting a sequel…just so you know…

  46. Lindey R. says:

    How did that not included cursing? Because, if that happened in our house, there would be cursing. Lots and lots of cursing.

  47. trinity says:

    I laughed so hard!! You are really crazy. You told us you where but we never really believed you. Til now. And what a polite Fella.

    Then I had to watch again to admire your Rough Linens……beautiful….

  48. Marti says:

    Are you going to start using “The Royal We” in your blog posts now?

  49. Stefanie says:

    Hilarious! Makes me want to go wake my prince!

  50. Pati says:

    OMG…I can’t stop laughing..My family is staring at me!
    Ok Karen my husband would NOT be as nice as your guy! I don’t get it….how did he not swear at you??
    anyways…LOVE IT…and you are crazy!

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