The Start of the Kitchen Installation.
Plus a Pink Suede Toolbelt Giveaway!



I am back from vacation and the actual kitchen installation has begun!

Bad timing.  I should not be trusted with power tools at this particular moment. It appears sometime between Thailand and Canada someone hit me with an elephant tranquilizer.

The time difference between Thailand and Southern Ontario is 12 hours. The resulting jet lag has created a sleep walking accident waiting to happen. Since returning I’ve been told it takes a day per every hour of time difference to adjust back to normal. Symptoms of jet lag include depression, mental confusion, loss of appetite, tiredness at odd times and disturbed sleep.

I don’t think this is true and in fact am working out a fairly in depth algorithm proving it. I do this every evening between 2:30 and 4:30 a.m. when I’m my most alert and awake.

What you’re seeing there behind me is the frame of my  large Martha Stewart pantry.  No doors and definitely no hardware yet but it’s still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I’ve chosen the Martha Stewart Oxhill cabinets in “Picket Fence”.  Otherwise known as white.  The Oxhill cabinets are a classic shaker style cabinet.  Which goes perfectly with the classic black and white diamond floor I laid.  Don’t get the wrong idea, the kitchen isn’t going to have a totally classic feel, there will be a lot of Scandinavian and rustic touches.  One day.  In the future.  I’m not sure when.

I’m just glad things are finally moving forward with the help of Grant.



Grant is my neighbour who also happens to be an Ikea kitchen installer.
So if you’re in Southern Ontario and you need an Ikea kitchen installed, Grant’s your guy.

Figuring installing  an Ikea kitchen and a Home Depot Martha Stewart kitchen are pretty similar I gave him a call and hired him for the job.

That’s the number one rule in being a successful DIYer.  Knowing your limitations.  I’m willing to do and try pretty much everything, but I knew this job was tooo big for me.  Walls needed to be replaced, things needed to actually be level, cuts had to be precise  … best to leave that to the professionals.

Plus there’s the whole issue with the elephant tranquilizer.  I’ve never fallen asleep while using a Skillsaw, but I suspect the results would be ugly.

Throughout the next couple of weeks I’ll be keeping you up to date on the successes, failures and things the decorating shows don’t tell you about when it comes to installing a kitchen.

Now onto the real purpose of this post … the giveaway!


In honour of the pink tool belt sister who has helped immensely with this kitchen renovation, the start of the kitchen installation and the fact that you patiently waited for me to be finished with my vacation, I’m giving away a pink suede tool belt! The exact one you see on me in these pictures.

If you’d like to win, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what you’d use it for!

Feel free to Pin, Tweet and Facebook this post. All are welcome.

Now you get commenting!  And I’ll get cabineting.

This contest is now closed.


  1. Heather says:

    I love everything about the pink tool belt. I am pretty sure I would use wear it while *helping* my husband redo our house. :) Either that, or let him wear it since the one he bought is too manly and way too big for any practical use.

  2. allison says:

    So many frames and canvas stretchers to build!

  3. Jessie G says:

    I did my first home repair a few months ago. It was a dripping bathroom faucet. I’m fairly certain I could’ve cut the job time in half had I been wearing that lovely thing.
    Longest six hours of my life…..

  4. sherri says:

    I might be too late, but just in case – the pink toolbelt would be AWESOME for my girl scout daughter as she’s selling gs cookies (aka $4 crack in a box). It’s hard to turn down the cute face of a girl scout cookie peddler, I think it would be impossible with that pink toolbelt added to the mix.

  5. Amber says:

    I don’t know if you’ve already chosen a winner, but hope you’ll pick me :)
    I’m starting a welding class next month, and need to keep my stuff safe from those brutes who also weld. When I was a contractor I used to paint the handles of my hammers hot pink. Never lost one :-)
    I’m also helping build a non-profit community Maker Space center this spring: it’s a community center with tools and machines. Think of it as a gym for artisans: spinning yarn, welding steel, building circuit boards: its for anyone who makes things. We’ve got the insurance, the sponsors, and now we’re just haggling about the space. I am so excited about it, and have put off graduate school for a half year in order to get this off the ground. I’ll be doing a lot of the drywall and OSHA stuff. I could use a cheerful pink tool belt, to remind me that there are many ways of doing a thing.

  6. Celia says:

    My sister-in-law could have used this when she borrowed a Phillips screwdriver to install an air conditioner unit in her rent house. Forgot to mention she was wearing dress pants and stilettos while doing this. She rocks and the tool belt would be the perfect accessory for her!

  7. joanne says:

    Ohhhhhh…. this past year, I’ve accumulated safety glasses, ventilation masks, and 2 pairs of work gloves (the best of which are PINK) because we’ve been repairing our home after our first floor was flooded during Hurricane Sandy. Total gut job on the first floor, while the second floor is fine. I won’t touch electrical stuff, but have been getting my hands dirty alongside my contractor (cousin). Now that we’re almost done, I’d use the pink tool belt to work on the decking and outside of the house… landscaping, gardening, house numbers, outdoor shower, etc.

    OR, if you could let us know where to find a pink suede tool belt, I’d be happy to purchase one on my own. I’d feel so official and handy-womanly.

    Thanks for the giveaway – good luck everyone!

  8. Lisa Thomas says:

    I would fill it with tools from my purple toolbox I got for Christmas to work on my many projects. It’s pink so I wouldn’t have to worry about my husband using it. Plus, Monday is my birthday and it would make an AWESOME birthday present! :)

  9. WendP says:

    If I can’t win the tool belt, can I at least win Grant? ;)

  10. Trisha says:

    I’m an oncology certified massage therapist. In addition to my regular clients, I volunteer in infusion centers and massage the patient’s feet and hands while they are getting chemo. I’d use it to hold my oils and hot packs. It would be ideal!

  11. Shauna says:

    Am I too late for the pink suede toolbelt? I have a new little shop on etsy and I’ve bought a drill press, so surely I need a pink suede tool belt too! Curious when the announcement will be, but I know I’m very behind in reading posts because I’m traveling for work:( You may have already announced for all I know and I’m getting all excited for nothing.

  12. Robin McK says:

    I would make the lovely pink tool belt into a wall pocket tool holder for my craft room. I think it would make a great piece of useable wall art!

  13. Ramona says:

    Welcome back, Karen! Your trip looked amazing! (Well, most of it…). I am so excited to see the progress on your kitchen. I would use a pink tool belt to work on my own major kitchen renovation (currently in progress). Bare plywood subfloors? Check! Framed walls, insulation, but no drywall? Check! Can lights complete, but only partial ceiling drywall installed? CHECK! Now let’s get down and dirty… I also need it to hold my tools while I build my chicken coop. Ala Karen style… What’s that? Why yes! Yes, I did just get my baby chickens this morning! All 15 of them, so ‘nother two weeks or so would be the perfect time to start building a chicken coop… So to recap, 1) major kitchen remodel, 2) 15 brand new baby chicks (my first time), 3) no coop in site. And did I mention that I have a *just turned* two year old and all of us are living here through the reno, chicks included? On second thought, I just need a pink tool belt to hold my wine…

  14. dee m says:

    Love it! My hubby and I are presently rehabbing our kitchen back to vintage. I have paint brushes, square nails and hammers jammed in my back pockets. This pink suede tool belt would sure come in mighty handy!!

  15. Shana says:

    I think I’d try to get the hubby to wear it. Otherwise I’s use it for crafting not construction.

  16. judy says:

    would be excited to use it at work; room for my tape measure, walkie-talkie and cell phone; maybe a pen and pencil, too. i really need it ’cause with jacket weather about to end, i don’t have enough pockets!!
    thanks in advance for the great gift!

  17. theresa says:

    hot damn a tool belt that FITS would be celebration enough–I am just not hippy enough to keep my dad’s old one around my waist and I really don’t want to look for a Fischer Price one.
    I know I would use it all over the house doing those projects better NOT tackled by the hubby (this weekend he drilled a screw threw his finger–no worry he still has his looks to fall back on) Can you hang a coffee mug off it too??

  18. Shana says:

    I would use it for my own kitchen renovation coming up this year!

  19. Patti says:

    Ahh! I ‘ve been admiring the pink toolbelt for so long!

    I would use it for many purposes, but first and foremost, to look as ballin’ as possible while I work away at my place. We don’t own our apartment, but our landlord is always happy to see us making improvements, which usually involves me trying to juggle too many things at once (try climbing a ladder with all the tools you need in each hand without falling and dying!), and I feel like I will look infinitely more skilled as a tradesperson as well as just awesome in general if I had this toolbelt!

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