The Start of the Kitchen Installation.
Plus a Pink Suede Toolbelt Giveaway!



I am back from vacation and the actual kitchen installation has begun!

Bad timing.  I should not be trusted with power tools at this particular moment. It appears sometime between Thailand and Canada someone hit me with an elephant tranquilizer.

The time difference between Thailand and Southern Ontario is 12 hours. The resulting jet lag has created a sleep walking accident waiting to happen. Since returning I’ve been told it takes a day per every hour of time difference to adjust back to normal. Symptoms of jet lag include depression, mental confusion, loss of appetite, tiredness at odd times and disturbed sleep.

I don’t think this is true and in fact am working out a fairly in depth algorithm proving it. I do this every evening between 2:30 and 4:30 a.m. when I’m my most alert and awake.

What you’re seeing there behind me is the frame of my  large Martha Stewart pantry.  No doors and definitely no hardware yet but it’s still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I’ve chosen the Martha Stewart Oxhill cabinets in “Picket Fence”.  Otherwise known as white.  The Oxhill cabinets are a classic shaker style cabinet.  Which goes perfectly with the classic black and white diamond floor I laid.  Don’t get the wrong idea, the kitchen isn’t going to have a totally classic feel, there will be a lot of Scandinavian and rustic touches.  One day.  In the future.  I’m not sure when.

I’m just glad things are finally moving forward with the help of Grant.



Grant is my neighbour who also happens to be an Ikea kitchen installer.
So if you’re in Southern Ontario and you need an Ikea kitchen installed, Grant’s your guy.

Figuring installing  an Ikea kitchen and a Home Depot Martha Stewart kitchen are pretty similar I gave him a call and hired him for the job.

That’s the number one rule in being a successful DIYer.  Knowing your limitations.  I’m willing to do and try pretty much everything, but I knew this job was tooo big for me.  Walls needed to be replaced, things needed to actually be level, cuts had to be precise  … best to leave that to the professionals.

Plus there’s the whole issue with the elephant tranquilizer.  I’ve never fallen asleep while using a Skillsaw, but I suspect the results would be ugly.

Throughout the next couple of weeks I’ll be keeping you up to date on the successes, failures and things the decorating shows don’t tell you about when it comes to installing a kitchen.

Now onto the real purpose of this post … the giveaway!


In honour of the pink tool belt sister who has helped immensely with this kitchen renovation, the start of the kitchen installation and the fact that you patiently waited for me to be finished with my vacation, I’m giving away a pink suede tool belt! The exact one you see on me in these pictures.

If you’d like to win, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what you’d use it for!

Feel free to Pin, Tweet and Facebook this post. All are welcome.

Now you get commenting!  And I’ll get cabineting.

This contest is now closed.


  1. Indira says:

    I’d use it for nightly-marriage-duty enforcement. And daily, too!

  2. Kristen says:

    Never again would I misplace my pins, my scissors, my tape measure, my blocks I’m working or my scrap paper telling me how to make the quilt that needs to get done. Barring that, it’d make a good snack holder while watching the girl sew up orders for our business. Must keep her strength up.

    Thanks for a chance and welcome back. Happy adjusting to the time changes.

  3. Andrea says:

    The only problem with the tool belt is that it lacks a pocket deep enough to house my kids’ foam swords and light sabers — aka the toys I use to get my menfolk to actually help me DIY anything. Otherwise, it’s gorgeous!

  4. Leslie says:

    I would definitely use this smashing pink tool belt for carrying tools. But also for some highly needed motivation. I recently married a man who lives in a house in desperate need of some TLC and a whack with a hammer. I am moving into said sad little neglected house this summer, when I will immediately pounce on every project we’ve planned in our heads and on paper. Our honeymoon will be more like a handy- moon….so I guess the little pink tool belt will be my lingerie! Soooo sexy!

  5. Janni says:

    ​ I adore that pink tool belt and could I use it! I live in a house built in ’45​ – with no foundation – sitting on a 3 acre mini-ranch. There is always something to work on:)
    BTW, I love your blog. I have been hooked since I happened to discover your “Frozen Tampon” post – so hilarious. Thanks for all the laughter you have given me:)
    Glad you are home safe.

  6. Janis says:

    Well, I’d have to put tools in mine since I don’t have a hubby or boyfriend to carry them for me. That’s boring I know, so I guess I could also put a milky way in it too.

  7. Jana Thomas says:

    I vote for Grammy.

    I was going to in the most amazingly meticulous way too if I may add, sell the reasons why I should be the receiver of the most beloved and coveted of kick ass pink toolbelt…

    However Granny is the one who should rightfully get it….

    Why? Well because she is what “we” or at least me will end up being one day and m already half way there. Seasoned, sage, not your typical sissy-la-la woman and she’s old as dirt which we all will be as well one day……

    Lastly… There is only 1 catch to this deal: Grammy absolutely MUST take at least 2 pics sportin her new kick as pink tool belt and let Susan post them. Oh and throw in a shot with you and your grand kid too.

    The End

    • beth says:

      I Second the notion, its awesome that she’s teaching him the simple and real tasks that you need in this life.

    • Grammy says:

      Oh, my. I am humbled. I am, in fact, old as dirt, and proud of it. I didn’t get a grandchild till well into my sixties, so I try to keep up. Of course I would send pictures of me teaching the little handyman cool things while wearing my kickass pink toolbelt. It’s about time for the handlebars on his trike to be adjusted…

    • Nancy says:

      I agree. I really need it if I am ever going to get out of those old overalls and look cute doing my house and yard repairs and chores and all but Grammy is teaching our Future Generation. I am apparently not going to have a future generation and my overalls are quite broken in and painted up and comfortable. I am lucky enough already to have been given a set of Tomboy tools and pink tool bag. I think Grammy should win.

  8. Bobbi says:

    Tools and snacks and my cell phone. Yep, that just about covers it.

  9. Gale says:

    Use it? It’s a fashion statement!

  10. Vickie says:

    I’d use it to keep all the things like scissors and glue that I always misplace with me. I’m sure that it’ll result in loads of saved time!!

  11. Sue H. says:

    I would use the pink tool belt by just looking at it adoringly.

  12. MaryAnn Poe White says:

    I would use it for tools and nails as I help with putting up a picket fence around my back porch. (So much more fun than just railings!!)

  13. AbracaDebra says:

    The belt would be used for my Skil drill and bits. I use it much more frequently than I anticipated so keeping it close would be very helpful!

  14. AbracaDebra says:

    My cordless Skil drill would fit nicely in the Pink Suede Tool Belt! I’ve found that I use it much more than I anticipated so keeping handy would enable me to fix things more efficiently!

  15. Laurinda says:

    Well, while I do some improvements, & I also have some painting projects to do, I would totally use it to keep my yarn safe from my jerk kitty. He only wants to steal the good wool, never the crappy acrylic!

  16. Ella says:

    I’d wear the pink tool belt to build an addition to my chicken coop!

  17. Jo says:

    I’d use it for my tools of course!! And, everyday.

  18. Barbie says:

    I have always promised myself that I would buy a tool belt. Hubby has always said he needs to get me a tool belt…everyone in my family has their “own” tool belt…except meeeee! I do not have a tool belt let alone a PINK one! If I don’t win that dang tool belt I’m gonna go buy myself one! What would I put in it? A hammer, some nails…some glue sticks, drywall screws, regular screws, my tape measure, drill bits, stud finder, chalk a pencil and a condom…(just in case my husband is around with his tool belt on)(there’s something about a man in a tool belt)…Thanks for the inspiration!
    WELCOME HOME! So glad you had a good time!
    PS: SO excited to see your kitchen come together! My FAVORITE thing to look forward to….ummm one would think I have no life…but I do I promise! lol

  19. Ellen says:

    I have been lusting over that pink tool belt since day one… plus it’s suede! I have a pink tool kit, and how cool would I look with my pink, SUEDE, tool belt. I have many solo projects, plus mr. Man and I do some project collaborations. I could use it very well on silo and collaborative projects, plus I know it will look sexy… we have a reward system- cookies, carrots, Sahlen’s hot dogs… I just gotta have a pink, SUEDE tool belt!

  20. Kristin says:

    I’d use it to look commanding while I whip the honey into honey-do list shape!

  21. Pat p says:

    I have a pink tool bag full of very good pink tools all of which match the tool belt. They must have been separated in some cold factory! So let’s reunite them and we will all live happily ever after!

  22. Edith says:

    Welcome back Karen, we missed you!

    Hubby and I are moving our SCUBA shop to a new location this month which means lots of disassembling and reassembling of displays and such. It would keep all those little screws and washers from getting lost.

  23. andrea meyers says:

    also, figuring out what to carry around, would be good deflection from the projects I am avoiding :)

  24. andrea meyers says:

    oh my, I have NOtHiNG clever to say, but I want it SO badly! wait, no wait I could finally carry around my drill chargers that the husband keeps losing of mine, and cheese, yeah cheese I would carry around cheese and my tape measurer, wahoo! ( and sorry, I still have no profile picture on here, gawd)

  25. Kimberly Miner says:

    I would use it to look immensely cute while showing up my husband putting together all the crap we get from Ikea. I’m easy handier than he is and he doesn’t like to admit it.

  26. Allie says:

    tools smools….it’s just THE coolest fashion accessory ever….geesh :)

  27. Kate says:

    I will use it to hold the bones of my enemies.

  28. Grammy says:

    Tools, of course! I used to be you — well, not the adorable part, but I’ve been a DIYer since the mid ’60s. Now I’ve been teaching my grandson all that so that by the time I can’t hold a hammer any more he can do those things for me.

    When he was three I had him replace a wall switch plate to teach him use of the screwdriver. He tells people he “made that wall.” At three and a half I taught him to paint with a roller a corner of the art studio we dedicated to his use. At four I taught him to nail a scrap piece of wallboard to a larger piece of plywood just for the joy of driving nails. That day he told his mother, “I nailed a lot today. And I’m good at it.” He also has his own wheelbarrow and shovels to help in my garden.

    Don’t you agree he should have a memory of his grandmother wearing a pink suede tool belt while she teaches him the things his parents think are too dangerous?

    • Fifi says:

      Your are the best Grammy !!!! Teaching your grandson all these life skills , they are so eager to learn and help at this young age ! At 2 yrs old, my daughter helped me build her new ikea big girl bed, and she loves to use the screw driver…maybe I should give her a pink toolbelt, its her fave colour ! Sandra aka Fifi xox

  29. Jean in BC says:

    This would be perfect for putting all the Lego pieces in that I find scattered all over the house, and the pens that I can never find. My boys would never use it because it’s PINK!

  30. becky says:

    That’s gonna be MY tool belt…which I will use to collect eggs, and hold gardening tools.

    Come to think of it, it would hold cell phone, and car keys which would eliminate the need for a purse….I could have the coolest fanny pack EVER and I will never take it off.

  31. Terri says:

    I’m a dog walker. It would be great for treats and poop bags. I only own a screwdriver, hammer and duct tape. Why waste a cool, pink belt on that?!! :)

  32. Jenniferm says:

    I would love to say I use it for handy woman stuff, but I think I would load it with my calligraphy tools, to have them at an easy access.

  33. Heather says:

    A tool belt would help so much when installing things in my home. My husband would like it the best because then I would not have to keep asking him “hand me the (tool item)”. He would be much happier just lounging in another room. So really the tool belt is for TWO people. You could make TWO people happy with one decision. :-)

    glad to see your vacation went well. Loved seeing the photos on IG

  34. mia pratt says:

    Whaaaaaa……? The PINK tool belt? Do you realize that I just yesterday spoke of needing a tool belt, and joked that I could never find a pink one here? That’s scarily cosmic of you. Well, anyway…what would I use it for? Everything. I’d start with carrying my hard boiled egg and cell phone around the property of my new residence, which I’m moving into with my brother and his life partner, David, next week (out of the 3 of us, I’m the designated handy-person for the property). So along with my hard-boiled egg (cold lunch in the shell) and cell phone, I’d need to carry concrete nails and my mini-short-handled-hammer, plus my measuring tape, seeds of various kinds, the occasional tube of oil paint, plus of course dog biscuits for our new dog, which came with the house. He has never had a walk on a leash, or a ride in a car – he’s just guarded the property for 3 years after the original owner died. His name is Brandy, and now he’ll get more love than he ever knew existed, more treats and toys and hugs than he imagined in his wildest doggy dreams. And I, with one long lifetime home project ahead of me, would very much enjoy sporting a pink tool belt around the property with him at my side.

  35. Moo says:

    I would proudly wear it to support Breast Cancer Awareness!

  36. Jj says:

    Probably beer. Or kitchen tools..or both if I’m grillin.

  37. Jamie Lynn says:

    I’d replace my kitchen cabinets! :) Actually I’m thinking seriously about replacing the one over the stove with shorter ones so I can install an over-the-range microwave. My kitchen is tiny and I’m trying to make the most of the (lack of) space. That would help!

  38. Amy in Stl says:

    For all the little projects owning an old home seems to require doing every year. Maybe even for finishing my attic, should I ever find the extra time and money at the same time!

  39. Oh, Oh! I would wear it while working on my Tiny Home build!!!! I’m so disorganized…I have tools spread out over 4 different outbuildings here. It’s really rather sad. My son refuses to help me any more because it takes so long to get prepared for a work day. My home will be decorated in white, copper and pale pink, so I can even wear the tool belt while lounging around every evening when the place is finished. I’d wear it with my fluffy cat slippers. Yes.

    Welcome back from vacation. :)

  40. Dana says:

    Hmm, I usually take a handful of chocolate chips with me when I go to work outside, so they’d go in one pocket, and I need to build a deer fence next. (Since my next door neighbours out up a deer fence last year, so now the dear family grazes in my garden.) The chicken coop is next on the list after that.

  41. Agnes says:

    ZOMG! I just have to say that ever since you started talking about this pink tool belt…I have been secretly wanting one. It would save me lots of time from getting down off of my ladder to go get a tool…I wouldn’t have to walk as far as your journey in no weight loss for me…but definitely saving precious seconds of my life..and frustrations from putting a tool down somewhere and not being able to find it later cause its under a pile of stuff (yes I tend to work in a bit of a chaotic mess most times)! Thanks for your consideration!

  42. Stephanie says:

    You had me at “pink” but OMG “tool belt” !!!!! If I had that, I could do *anything* , although Attygreen’s idea to fill it with Snicker’s bars is a good one. Or I might go for the dark chocolate Almond Joys, I’m pretty fond of those.

  43. Raymonde says:

    I’m so happy to see you’re getting your kitchen cabinets installed and that you asked for help! :-)
    I would love that gorgeous pink tool belt!
    I need to look cute and feminine while I keep working on my 350 year old house. A lot of work has already been done over the years, but with such a old house it’s an ongoing and never ending project…

  44. SeaDee says:

    What won’t I use it for! I’m in the middle of a very-low-budget bath remodel. And I built my own fence with reclaimed wood and screws (so it was free, all 70-feet worth). And I want to redo my kitchen too! And I make wooden boxes. And, and, and….

    Can’t wait to see your kitchen to steal your ideas, er, for inspiration.

  45. Marti says:

    Knowing me? Baking. Maybe typing the occasional twerpy comment. I neeeeeed a pink toolbelt to encourage me to get out the electric drill more frequently.

  46. Barbara H. says:

    Hmmm-how about tools? It would be nice to have some of the essentials together in one place where I can grab it and put it on and then look for new ways to delay starting my project since my tools will be right there together – if I can find the tool belt. Or gardening tools? Same problem solved – except for finding the pink tool belt! So happy to see your kitchen installation starting!

  47. Sarah says:

    Ack! We’re planning a whole whack of projects, so you can be sure that I will send you updates and pics of me wearing the tool belt if I win.

    Not sure in helping my case…

  48. Sabrina says:

    Oh, I think I would use it when painting…or maybe cooking…or maybe to hold plastic bags for dog pick up duty during walks? Glad you survived your vacation: those can be tough.

  49. Attygreen13 says:

    Snickers bars … would keep ’em damn handy while I watch my hubby complete his honey-do list. I get snackish.

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