The Winner of The Great Gargantuan Giftmas Giveaway.




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    You are the lucky winner!  Sorry everyone else.  I know you’re all disappointed.  That’s the part about these contests that suck. On the upside if you’re following The Christmas Pledge you should have some cookie dough in the freezer that you could dip into for a little pick me up. Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you for supporting The Art of Doing Stuff and its sponsors. Without readers there would be no Art of Doing Stuff. I would have no blog. I would still be toiling away in the world of television hosting making scads of money, having my makeup applied for me daily and enduring the harsh, harsh world where in order to make money I have periodically wander over to a specific spot and say things out loud. Once those two minutes are over I wander back to the carefully laid out food table where someone is waiting with a coffee with a straw in it for me. So clearly … I’d like you to all stop reading this site. What the hell are you trying to do anyway? Ruin me? I COULD HAVE COFFEE WITH A STRAW AND A PERSON THAT HOLDS IT FOR ME WHILE I’M AWAY FROM IT. Now go away. Until Monday that is, when I have a really great post on present wrapping.  It’s the present topper to top all present toppers. [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”5342563″]


  1. Barbie says:

    Catching up with reading your blogs! Congrats to Kat! WHOOPIE! Also so glad your still getting they same amount of view Karen! Good for you! I am doing the Christmas pledge (sorta revised for me) and I am WAY ahead of the game this year! It feels so good! All my 20 Thanksgiving guests will get to see my Christmas tree up already! HA! My husband and son did NOT like the idea at all but they are happy that it makes “me” less stressed. :)

  2. Debbie says:

    Congrats to Katherine!

  3. Laura Bee says:

    So nice to see a person who appreciates the simple things win. Congratulatons Kat! And yay! for wrapping!

  4. jainegayer says:

    Katherine gets to have Christmas early. Congrats!!!

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