The Winner of the Pink Suede Toolbelt via Video.

I own a tool belt. I found it last night while trying to clean up my basement. Again.

It’s big and beige and hard and heavy. I tried it on. It was like wearing a toilet.

It was nothing like the beautiful, soft, pink suede tool belt I’m giving away to one lucky reader today.

This is a tool belt that will change your life. You can use it for crafting, hair cutting, building and fixing. Whoever wins this belt will be able to do any of those things with the greatest of ease.

You will glide from project to project like an ice skater with OCD. Each tool tucked snug against your body, going wherever you go, seeing whatever you see; like a best friend or head lice.

I picked the winner using a computer generated winner picker.

To see if you’re the winner watch my Winner Announcement video below.

If that’s your name, and you’re the one who installed tile and trim in your powder room the other weekend you’re the winner of the pink suede tool belt!

Just send an email to and I’ll mail your prize out right away!

Have a good weekend all! If you’re looking for a good book to read I’m still pushing The Rosie Project. As for television, if you haven’t watched it, seek out Call the Midwife.


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  1. Reg says:

    Yeah Olivia. Anyone who can install tile deserves the coveted pink tool belt.
    And thank you Walnut , nicely done. ;)

  2. magali says:

    that is the best way to announce a winner! now I am even more upset that I didn’t win!

  3. Nancylmt12 says:

    I recently read “The Rosie Project” and enjoyed it. I LOVE “Call the Midwife” – just finished watching Season 3!

  4. Robin says:

    Walnut is such a good sport! It’s kinda funny seeing Walnut adorn such a wonderful charm to make your announcement. A friend of mine has chickens and is always asking me to make them some lovely form of bling to wear. I keep telling her she’s crazy…they’d probably just eat it!

  5. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    Olivia, you are a lucky girl! Love the presentation Karen…

  6. Lisa says:

    Loved The Rosie Project!!! Please read The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down!!! Will seek out Call the Midwife….right now I seem to be addicted to Modern Family reruns, and can’t wait to see your kitchen!

  7. Dianne says:

    Congrats Olivia. My husband is majorly disappointed., though. If I had won, I promised to model it for him over my see-through nightie. xo

  8. Su says:

    congrats Olivia….. yeah!! still wish it was me… :)

  9. Tigersmom says:

    Just ordered myself and my business partner pink suede tool belts! Plus some new drill bits and a new electric screw driver and some razor blades. I am an Amazon addict, obviously. I’ll send you a link to our website when its ready and then we’ll chat about advertising.

  10. Sally A. says:

    Yea Olivia!! Congratulations!! If she doesn’t claim it for some crazy reason though, I call dibs!! :o)

  11. Tigersmom says:

    Congratulations, Olivia. Both on the tool belt and having a beautiful and elegant name.

    Thank you for the peek at Walnut. Its been a while since we’ve seen the girls. I could go for a “Will they eat it?” soon……just sayin’

  12. Indira says:

    I hate Olivia! :-)) No, I don’t. Congrats!!!

  13. SeaDee says:

    Congrats Olivia!

    Where will I put my pink rolling pin now? Oh, back in my newly organized kitchen drawers (it only took me six weeks)!

  14. Sue says:

    Oh, and Congratulations to Olivia! I hope you send pictures of projects done in or with your new pink tool belt so we can all ooh and ahhh…

  15. Sue says:

    Hey,I don’t know if this is the same place Karen’s came from, but there is actually a site called (wait for it…) that says they are the originators of the pink tool belt, and it looks a lot like the one Karen modeled. I am sorely tempted…

    • Sue says:

      Hey,I don’t know if this is the same place Karen’s came from, but there is actually a site called (wait for it…) that says they are the originators of the pink tool belt, and it looks a lot like the one Karen modeled. I am sorely tempted…

  16. Grammy says:

    Congratulations, Olivia! Wear it often and well.

    And, Karen, please do tell the rest of us where to get one for ourselves. Surely you can manage to turn this into a deal where you get a little something for sending a throng of women to purchase these beauties. You deserve it for all the tips and giggles (see what I did there?) you bring to all of us.

  17. ~gloria says:

    And Doc Martin is back on US public TV stations. Yay!!

  18. andrea meyers says:

    Congrats Olivia blah blah blah. Now I need to know where to buy a pink tool belt!

  19. cathy says:

    Loved the way you announced the winner—so Karen! Can’t wait for Call the Midwife and Mr Selfridge; tv is loosing its allure since Downton finished up.

  20. Pati Gulat says:

    Congrats, Olivia ! I want one too…along with pink tools to match !

  21. Toni says:

    Congrats Olivia!

  22. Raymonde says:

    Congratulations to Olivia!
    Now Karen, for all of us poor handy gals who haven’t won, please tell us where we can buy a pink suede tool belt! There are many of us who really, really need one!

  23. Congrats, Olivia! Now I must get my own, as should we all, and have a league of pink tool-belted women!

  24. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Congrats Olivia!!! Enjoy!!

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