The World’s Greatest Windex Dispenser

This is the most ridiculous DIY in the world. And you know you want one.


I find a bizarre kind of comfort in the aisles of the grocery store. Pushing my clacking cart with Adele softly singing from overhead. I always feel a certain toe tingling excitement when I go down the cleaning products aisle. It always smells good and they have entire shelves filled with candles, and room spray and pretty things you plug into the wall to make your kitchen smell like vanilla or your laundry room like lavender.

I never buy those things.


I look at them. I smell them. I pick them up and hold them, hovering my hand over my cart … and then I put them back on the shelf.

I’m pretty much the same way with new cleaning gadgets. I must get it from my mother, who still says the Swiffer is a passing fad and what the hell are we all going to do with those Swiffer handles when we can’t buy the pads for them anymore. (We’re going to cut pieces of polar fleece to size and use those by the way)

But every once in a while I see something that I really can’t resist buying. It could be Adele softly cooing me on, or the fact that the package is shiny or because of the giant sign declaring … Buy one get one FREE.

That usually does it for me.

So a few months ago, as I neared the end of the cleaning products aisle I noticed out of the corner of my eye a big yellow sale sign under a bottle of Windex. But it didn’t look like a bottle of Windex, it was more like a baby wipes container. And then it hit me. THESE WERE PRE-MOISTENED WINDEX TOWELETTES!

You’d have to be a real asshole not to buy those when you saw they were on sale.

Wanting to uphold my cuddly as a kitten reputation, I bought 2. (well technically 1, because the second one was free)

For the next 2 weeks I Windexed at abandon. I walked around the house Windexing everything from the mirrors to the leftover meatloaf. And just like that … they were gone, and the sale was over. I didn’t know what to do.

I wasn’t paying full price for these things even though they were one of the more useful and convenient things I’d ever tried. They just cost so much money for what they were.

So I started experimenting. After 2 or 3 prototypes I came up with this, which I believe is a perfect solution.

I made my own Windex towelette dispenser out of a milk carton, shop towels, and Windex of course. The earlier versions involved tupperware, an ice cream container, regular paper towels and homemade cleaning solution.

The regular paper towels weren’t sturdy enough to handle a good soaking in Windex, the Tupperware and ice cream containers weren’t tall enough to hold nice big sheets of paper towels and the homemade cleaning solution was a pain and really didn’t work as well as Windex. I know there are those of you who would disagree on the Windex point, so if you want to make your own cleaner, go nuts. I will not shun you. Publicly.

Wanna make your own Premoisted Windex Towelette dispenser? Of COURSE you do! Why?? BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT AN ASSHOLE! YOU’RE CUDDLY AS A KITTEN!

Here we go.

Gather an economy bottle of Windex, Shop Towels, and a large milk carton.


Windex Dispenser 1

Mark your shop towels at the height of the milk carton (before it starts to narrow at the top).
Windex Dispenser 2

Cut with a bread knife, or electric knife.

Windex Dispenser 3

You can use the leftover bum end as regular paper towels. If you have an especially poor fashion sense, you could wear it as a hat.

Windex Dispenser 4

Pull the cardboard tube out of the centre.

Windex Dispenser 5

Pull the first shop towel out from the centre of the roll.

Windex Dispenser 6

Carefully open the top of the milk container by pulling it apart. Smush the shop towels into the container. You may need to squish/fold the towels a bit like I’ve done in this picture.

Windex Dispenser 7

Pull the shop towel from the centre out of the milk dispenser hole.

Windex Dispenser 8

Evenly distribute about a cup of Windex. Let it settle and soak for an hour or so. Then do it again. Make sure you get right in the centre of the towels too. If when you pull out a towel it has dry portions, you can pull the entire roll out and douse it in Windex that way. Just be careful not to add too much or they’ll turn to mush and rip apart easily.

Windex Dispenser 9

Now run around your house Windexing willy nilly!

Windex Dispenser 10

Oh I’m sorry. Does this hurt your design sensibilities? Can’t say I blame you. For those of you with a more discriminating eye, I offer this version …

Paper Towel Dispenser Final



It’s a little delicate but I haven’t thrown my Windex Towelette dispenser at anyone in at least 6 months so it should hold up fine.

To make this version just paint your milk (or orange juice) carton white and attach sheets of rhinestones (I got mine at Dollarama) with two way tape. Instead of painting it you can also cover your milk carton with white craft paper or bristol board using two way tape. Keep the top closed by attaching two way tape to both sides of the top of the carton and press firmly.

This kitten’s not just cuddly.  She’s crafty.



  1. John McNamara says:

    You are a gem in my life, but why the unnecessary “a-hole” and such to contaminate your useful and intelligent information?

    I was going to hook my granddaughter to your posts, but do not want her – a growing and learning young lady of 13 who is a great help to her mom taking care of their home (father passed away) – to assume that such language is acceptable. She would love what you do as a woman figure and the helpful tips, but I will not do so now.

    BTW: another choice for drywall anchor is the screw-in type by EZ Anchor . You screw the device right into the wall and then use the supplied screw as normal.

    • Karen says:

      Hi John, sorry about that, but this isn’t a children’s blog. I, like most people, swear on occasion in real life. Therefore I also swear on my blog. I understand you wanting to shelter your granddaughter. ~ karen!

  2. Deanna J Chesney says:

    I think I’m just gonna buy the Windex Wipes…but I do so admire your ingenuity.

  3. Amber Elliott says:

    WHERE did you get that awesome turnstyle the carton sits on in the video?!? Please don’t tell me you’re curled up under the table hand cranking it out of camera view….Me needs to get me one of those!!

    • Karen says:

      That’s exactly what I’m doing Amber, lol. Sorry. It’s a little rotating cake decorating plate and I am literally curled up out of view turning it. ~ karen!

  4. Nancy says:

    I love windex I use it to clean most everything, floors walls bathroom. Also to kill bugs. I never hurt spiders but everything else KILLED. And with windex you don’t have toxic bug spray, you can do a little cleaning all in the area, win win. But I will just have to decorate the bottle cause I’m too lazy for all this.

  5. earthpuppy says:

    Ya gotta love it. You slay me.

  6. Lynn says:

    I do this using Viva paper towels and make a mild solution for baby wipes. My only dilemma is the container – I use an old wipes container but I have to refold them which is tedious if you are in a rush. I like them and they are oh so affordable!

  7. Sarah says:

    Damn, your clever,…….. and crafty too. Wanna come live with me? I have a million needs for artsy solutions!

  8. Heather says:

    I just knew my milk cartons were missing rhinestones!

  9. Madeleine says:

    I made the mistake of taking a sip of tea while hitting play on the video and then almost sprayed said tea all over my computer screen when I saw that rhinestone milk carton. Exquisite.

  10. Rachel says:

    What a great idea! love your blog!


  11. melanie says:

    Karen- I love it. I made it they day you posted it. I didn’t use shop towels. I used paper towels. The kirkland ones from costco. They are really strong and I don’t care if they fall apart. I also used a mixture of mrs. meyers and alcohol instead of windex. It took me less than a minute.So far so good. I cleaned everything. When I got to the bathrooms I just grabbed a glove and a dab of soft scrub. I totally get why this is easier than carrying around the spray and towels. I love you for posting this.

  12. Melissa White says:

    Could one just barely open the shop towels bag and pour the Windex in there? That way one wouldn’t have to cut the shop towels.

  13. Bonnie Smith says:

    I really want to make one or two of these. Can you tell me what kind of paint that you used and what kind of double-sided tape you used? I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Bonnie

    • Karen says:

      Hi Bonnie – I ended up not using paint and instead used white bristol board. For paint I would use a white primer. The double sided tape is just cheap, thin, double sided tape from the dollar store. Have fun! ~ karen

  14. NikiDee says:

    Now I can say I’ve seen it all…a rhinestone covered window cleaner container. No wonder I love your blog!

  15. Melody says:

    Do you think you could just take the first Windex wipes container, open it and use that as the dispenser? I’m not sure how well those tops come off and on, but it seems easier than the milk carton.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Melody – The problem is it isn’t big enough to accommodate the shop towels. So you’d have to cut them much shorter than I have them, plus they wouldn’t even come close to fitting in terms of squishing the width in so you’d somehow have to take off around half the towels before you could get it into the container. It would actually end up being much more work than opening up the top of an old milk carton. :) ~ karen!

  16. Denise Leavens says:

    Purr, purr you cuddly, crafty kitten.

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