Then & Now.
Your DREAM car.

I remember sitting in my University cafeteria day dreaming about the money filled future ahead of me.  My friend Sam and I would talk about what we’d be, where we’d live and most importantly what car we’d drive when we graduated.

As everyone knows a degree in Sociology is pretty much a license to print money so there was no reason to limit our dreams.  We described lakefront condos, foreign cars and sort of a hazy vision of an actual job, but mainly just fantasies about walking through downtown streets with a hot coffee and shopping bags. The nice kind. With silk rope  handles.

It was quite a kick in the ass to find myself 4 years after graduating from University driving a beaten up Chevy Citation ( a WORSE car than I drove in University ) and a handful of rejection letters as opposed to shopping bags.  Back then I thought money was what makes people happy.  Being happy is what makes people happy.

Back then I was fairly convinced after graduating I’d be living in a house with  gates, possibly a moat and driving a Jaguar.  I was still living at home.  My parent’s home.

Yes indeed, with a little luck, almost no hard work and definitely no experience I’d be driving this in no time.





It takes decades after becoming an adult to find your feet but most of us usually do.  Our expectations change and so do our tastes.  Our wants.

I used to want a sports car.  Now? I want some sort of a Smart car and a vintage truck.

I wouldn’t say no to a Jaguar and trust me, would still feel quite comfortable in one.  It just doesn’t fit who I’ve become as much as I thought it would.

As much as this would.



O.K. if you want the truth I’d take a 1972 Suffix-A Range Rover too. That would do too.


So now I ask you on this last weekend of July … what was your dream car?  And what IS your dream car.

Or maybe, they’re one in the same.

Have a good weekend!








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  1. Sandy says:

    A Firebird Esprit . . . I was a Rockford Files fan. I got close in the early 80’s but the Pontiac dealer started screwing me around on the price so I ended up going to the Chevrolet dealer and buying a Camaro. Biggest hunk of crap EVER!!! Never again would I buy something made by GM.
    And now, hmmmm, no real dream car.
    My sister recently bought an electric car (Nissan Leaf). Surprisingly comfy and a nice, smooth ride but you can’t go far. You’d really need a back-up (gas) car.

  2. Linda H. says:

    First car? a 1963 tan Ford Station wagon. It was horrible (rusty, couldn’t put down passenger-side window, ugly) and I thought I was a big deal because “I had a car”. It ALWAYS started and ran well however.
    Dream car? I had and LOVED my 1997 red Grand Prix. Big, fat,beautiful!! I drove it for 12 years
    and cried when I finally sold it for JUNK.

  3. Robyn says:

    I grew up using the TTC (Toronto Transit) to visit our “Country Cousins” in Rexdale (suburb of Toronto) so to me cars were just things slowing down the progress of my streetcar!
    Now I live in the “country” and work in a dealership. When my demo is out of windshield wiper fluid, I sell that car and get a new one! LOL!
    Over the years I’ve had sports cars, trucks, coupes, sedans, hybrids, they all have one thing in common: they all get you there. I can appreciate a vehicles’ good looks but if I was forking over $20-30-$40,000 on a car, top of my list of things to consider would be the reliability and cost of ownership. Since I’m not sitting on the hood as I go down the road, I’m more concerned about the interior comforts than what’s on the outside. I’m lucky not to have any repair bills or surprise reliability issues but it always amazes me that customers put more research into buying their next cell phone than they will on a car. Unless you have money to burn, don’t buy such a high ticket item (that you need to depend on) based solely on the outer sheet metal.
    By the way, my favorite demo over the years? Honda Hybrid CR-Z = low cost of ownership and crazy good looks!

  4. Karen Murray says:

    Mine too was the classic jaguar…for a long time. But one must also have a carefree sporty ride for those exciting adventures with handsome men….and that was the Nissan 280 ZX (loved those headlights!). But alas, in high school I shared a kelly green Chevy Nova with my sisters, that had holes in the floor board and a non working gas gauge (but it wasn’t the bus). Last year I traded in my Honda minivan (which I admit I loved) for a Jeep Grand Cherokee (which I also love). Don’t care as much about the car …..still want that dream house though! :)

  5. Susan says:

    A Morris Minor,
    English car, back in the day there was a black one at a car lot in the small town I grew up in, I was 16. Begged my Dad to take me out there, after 3 days he did, and it had been sold about an hour before we got there. To the guy that ran the local kid hangout. Dang…I saw it all the time.
    Couple years ago, my man and I were at a gas station, when a burgundy one pulls in, I practically break my neck getting out of the car to go over there. It’s an 18 yr old young man driving, I casually say….Nice Car!
    He says, “It’s my Mom’s, she bought it sight unseen on the internet, flew to California, by herself and drove it back. This is the first time she has EVER let me drive it.” Then I say…Tell her I “get” it…..
    Still love them.

  6. Korrine says:

    It was an MGB and now a Mini Cooper, so not that far off base. I too, would like to supplement said dream car with an old truck.

  7. Dan says:

    Dream car would be one of either the Jag e-type (quite possibly one of the single most beautiful objects ever designed by mankind), or an Aston Martin DB9. That Jag defines the “beautiful” side of the Useful or Beautiful criteria for having things in your life. And the DB9, while beautiful in it’s own understated way, is simply an elegant car. Because now that I have a 6 month old baby at home, I’m all about the elegant.

  8. ~JackieVB says:

    Vintage truck is defintely on the list, although I haven’t really settled on a time-period as in I like the ones from the late 40’s,50’s, 60’s and even some from the early 70’s. I think I’m leaning toward one that has wood boards in the bed of the truck so I guess I’m somwhere in the 40’s. When I was younger, I was in love with Corvettes and Mustangs, I guess I still like the look of them but don’t really see it as a wish list kind of thing. It is funny to see how some cars that were so cool back in the day now look flimsy and ridiculous where some defintely stand the test of time.

  9. Ev Wilcox says:

    My dream car was a toss up between a ’49 Ford split window (like what Liz Walter’s father had) and a ’57 Chevy. Had the Chevy once, in fact it was my first car in the 60’s. Sigh…. Now I have a ’98 Jeep Wrangler which is falling apart on me, sob sob cry, wail! Hoping to get a newer model soon, but they are $$$! What does it say about me that a Wrangler is now dream car? Oh well. (Still really want that Ford or Chevy though)!

  10. Laura says:

    My first car was a Chevy Citation – HATED that car. Dream car then and now a Candy Apple Red ’64 Ford Mustang! Currently driving a Jeep Liberty Limited with all the extras that I LOVE! We usually just call her “the messy one” – because almost every weekend she is covered in mud and dust from our off road adventures with her.

  11. Karen too says:

    A thunderbird convertible àla the “American Pie – Where were you in ’62?” movie. Sky blue or cream. Sigh.
    And a Pleasureway van.
    Does anyone else dream wistfully about the color sky blue?

  12. AbracaDebra says:

    As I became successful and much to my own surprise, I bought a gorgeous red used 1995 Jaguar. My butt fit that seat like a dream. It embraced me every time I got in it. That car looked good on me! And boy, did fortune smiled on me? What are the odds that a Jaguar mechanic lived in my community in Central Illinois? The fine gentleman at “Coventry Connection” so looked forward to my visits! He found the parts I needed, fixed her and talked about ‘her’ lovingly. She finally passed when the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program offered us a way to get out of the downward spiral that was my beautiful Leaper! Imagine my horror when I discovered that my hood ornament had been stolen while she sat in my own garage! When I look at her photos sitting in my driveway I still feel that loving embrace. I do not, however feel an urge to do it again. Gotta go to work now! The 2009 Ford Escape is waiting for me in the driveway and who knows what treasures I will find on the way home from work? A wicker couch and a 6×10 area rug have most recently come home in the back of that most functional beauty! Fond memories of my Growler linger. I cherish her memory and have no regrets at owning this fine machine! I have loved, and lost, but am now happy trolling the alley ways in my Escape! Thank you Karen for stirring the ashes of my hot wheels memory!

  13. Maggie V says:

    Too old now for a dream car Karen but back then when I was a single Mom driving around in many buckets of bolts with 2 small children and my other single mom’s kids in the car I dreamed of a car that would go every day and not every other day. A car that was worthy of me and my kids. I have never been interested in any certain kind as long as I got fro A to B without disruption and I have that now albeit I would take those days back in a heart beat. Just sayin

  14. Mary Kay says:

    Back then as long as it was not used and had two doors and not four – I would of been happy. Now as long as it is a truck I am happy. Of course my husband spoils me and I have a really nice truck!

  15. Karen Duke says:

    I never once dreamed of any car until recently. I now know that I need 3 vehicles. First I need a 1930 Model A Ford pickup truck. It would be lemon yellow and have my farm logo on it. I would drive it to the farmers market, filled with fresh veggies and eggs. Second car, like yours, would be a smart car. The tiniest oe possible, one that only fits me and my little dog and 3 bags of groceries. Third would be a limousine; it would have that glass behind the driver that completely closes off the noise of my 3 grandchildren so I could enjoy taking them to the beach or the mountains or Target without feeling like I wanted to pull my hair out just from the stress of transporting them there.

  16. Mel says:

    My dream car was a 67 stingray Corvette. Now I’m happy with my 2012 manual 2.5l VW Jetta that I bought brand new. I would love an electric car, a Volt or Tesla. If the Volts weren’t sold out when I bought my car that is what I would have gotten.

  17. Kim Merry says:

    My first car was a MG Midget, I loved that car!! Not very practical for Kansas but it was FUN!
    Now I wish I had a Mustang like my sister had in high school. or a old Chevy or a vintage camper…

  18. Tara says:

    Dream car growing up? Canary Yellow 64′ Mustang. Unfortunately, my mom divorced my vintage car loving dad when I was 2 so that wasn’t a possibility when I turned 16 like it would have been.

    However, fortunately, I had a very caring mother who bought me my first two cars, a sky-blue Toyota Echo that I putted along in for 7 years and then a black Toyota Yaris that I also had for 7 years. I had a choice in what kind of car I was able to get (for free) but it basically had to be under $15,000 and that doesn’t leave you a lot of options for a new vehicle – she wouldn’t buy anything used because of all the horror she went through with my dad’s fixer-uppers! Something about having a VW’s engine on fire whizzing down the road apparently wasn’t the definition of a good time to her. :)

    She offered to pay for my third vehicle (as she’s still paying for my older sister’s vehicles) but being the stubborn adult I am – I knew that if I didn’t start paying for my own car, that I’d be stuck in another wind-up toy for another 7 years so here I am for the first time in my life at almost-30 with a car payment but at least I’ve got what I wanted! A 2014 Alien-Green Kia Soul! With the license plate GEEKGRL on the back – it definitely suits my personality. :)

  19. Danni says:

    Had a massive old Buick convertible as a young adult, into a PT Cruiser now. Have had hatchbacks since being a homeowner, one absolute was the wheel barrel had to fit in the back for it’s twice a year ride to the gas station to inflate the tire. Has to be able to haul stuff. (recently loads of bricks and cinderblock and wood and sand and hay and dirt, cob oven, you know…)
    Next will be a pickup truck, I swear.

  20. Tigersmom says:

    I had many dream cars. One that stands out was a 1985 Mercedes 350SL and the one that I would still want today is a Jaguar XJS from the same year. It had sports car styling and handling with a smooth big car ride due to the big engine, but was still easy to get in an out of (meaning it didn’t sit so low to the ground that you flashed your goodies every time you entered and exited it).

    I would also take another 2002 Volvo S60 again. I drove one for ten years and still regret getting rid of it.

  21. Beth W says:

    I was the lucky kid born into a car loving family, so I actually got to drive what I wanted to in high school, and have been stupid enough to get what I want now, at age 32.

    In high school I drove a 1978 Corvette Stingray, and unfortunately it had my Dad’s license plate on it which is “BIGUNS” (that’s the titty magazine that Al Bundy reads in case you didn’t know that). Alas, I’m not blessed in that category… at all… so I was quite the disappointment to truckers pulling up beside me on the highway.

    Of course, driving that meant winters of riding the bus, which was good practice for how I live now. I take the affectionately named looser cruiser (city bus) to work every day. The good really does outweigh the bad though; I get 20 mins to read each way, I don’t have to pay for parking downtown ($125/month) and I don’t have to scrape my car after an ice storm.

    I DO however, still have the illogical-car-gene from my parents and recently bought my childhood and adulthood dream car (it was literally on my “life goals” list I wrote at age 23)…. a 1964 1/2 Mustang Convertible. Lucille (Lucy) is 50 years old this year, and her cream body and top still flaunt her baby blue pony leather interior with gusto. She’s a fiiiiiiine lady and worth every (illogical) penny I spent to own here up here in Canada.

    • theresa says:

      I was able to get a white 64 1/2 Mustang with pony interior as my first car out of college–I had loved ’em since I rode around in my aunt’s green one with black cloth top. My first duty station was Beeville Tx–a Navy jet training base and we made a splash in the little town full of top gun wanna-bes and their RX7 and Datsun B210 and Porches and ‘Vettes. Unfortunately, the previous owner had not fixed the radiator but stuffed it with sawdust so she ran fine until she got smacked in the face with S. Tx summer temps in the 100’s. Couldn’t afford any more un-knowns so had to let her go in a trade-in for a new Honda CRX…part of me still hopes someday to have another vintage Mustang but my Honda Element is so perfect for my business and dog hair encrusted lifestyle.

  22. Beckie says:

    old dream: Vintage (60’s) VW Bug…my mother had a gold-flecked, bottle green one when I was a kid and I adored that thing but it was dead before it could be mine

    now: “Vintage” Jeep Wagoneer (I like the mid-80’s styles, is that really *vintage*?)

    I have Jeep Grand Cherokee Lardeo…not *too* far off lol

  23. Cat says:

    I’d drool over a classic black camaro with white racing stripes (but I’d never actually intend to try and get one)… Now, I drive a cherry red Honda Jazz/Fit (depending on where you live) and it’s amazing in terms of how much can fit in such a small car. I also drove a Dodge Avenger down the Keys not that long ago and that pretty much satisfied my muscle car cravings :)

    When I was little, I wanted a military style Hummer and a Harley or classic Yamaha…

  24. Tracy says:

    Oh my gosh, these were MY dream vehicles . I wanted the Jag, too! I actually had the truck – it was my first vehicle (but it was a ’69) and I’d saved $800 to buy it (in 1985 or so). It was utter junk and I loved it. Today, my dream vehicle would be a vintage MG. Not only is it the most gorgeous little sports car, but it means I dont have Costco runs to make, grocery to buy, etc; there’s no room for it in that car!

    Ideal garage: Vintage LancRover, Vintage MG, Vintage pickup truck (preferably a step-side), really good mechanic.

  25. Vere says:

    Ohh my god that picture of the chevrolet truck brought back so many memories, my dad had one just like it, only it was blue, it was the first truck he ever owned, and he kept it until the very end even if he bought other trucks, he died three years ago and just before he died he sold it because he said it would be too painful for us to see it, when I was young I wanted a jeep wrangler (nevermind that I was so traumatized by a car accident that i didn’t learned to drive until I was 32!! ) I used to dream of living near the sea and having a loft , even If I lived in a landlocked area of México, life has a funny way of surprising us, now I live in an apartment 6km. from the mediterraean sea in the winter and in the summer I have a little beach house that is just 200 mts from the beach and I drive a tiny german car opel agila, gets great gas mileage which is really important when gas costs around 1.80 euros per littre

  26. Steph says:

    What kind of truck is that Karen? I think that’s my dream car!

  27. Gwennie says:

    As a five year old I really wanted a dune buggy when I grew up, along with marrying Joe Namath and being a go-go dancer. Sadly, none of these things happened. Now forty years later, I would love a vintage Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Navy with wood panels. My birthday is coming up, so here’s hoping!

  28. Linda J Howes says:

    A motorcycle. I used to dream of jeeps, trucks, SUVs, et al; even had/have them. I had a Volkswagen beetle for some years and would love one of those again too but something I’ve always wanted and never had was a motorcycle. Yup, could definitely see me on one of those. Ah, the freedom!

  29. Suzanne says:

    Live without a truck.*

  30. Suzanne says:

    A 1970’s scrambler with a snorkel. That’s what it used to be now it’s a new jeep wranger 4doors with a stick but all the other amenities. But at the same time I currently own a Toyota Tacoma 2005 standard and I have promised myself my family will never live with a truck. I love that thing. It is awesome!

  31. Cathy Reeves says:

    I was always very conscious of cars growing up because ours was always much less than the ones around us… They had white walls we didn’t, they had a padded dash, we didn’t, they had an automatic we had a three on the tree. I guess I longed for some kind of car that was just better than 65 Ford Fairlane. In fact I never got my first new car, a Saturn , until I was in my mid 40s. But not until I met my fella, my little lug nut, my wrench head who has 30 weight oil in his veins did I fall in love with vintage cars. The old Packards , vintage Corvettes, really crank up the RPMs in me. I still think the Isetta has gobs more personality than the Smart car.

  32. Cynthia Jones says:

    I drove whatever car my husband chose until I finally stood still one New Year’s Eve and really focused on him, then spent the next week packing.

    The first thing I bought when I arrived back in my home town was my dream car, a 1953 Morris Minor.

    I restored it, painted it black with dark red vinyl seats and had a big chrome winding key placed right on the roof, just like Noddy’s car. I could not figure how to make the key turn as I drove along, but I loved it anyway.

    I imagined myself driving along wearing a straw sunhat with brown paper shopping bags full of fancy lettuce and baguettes poking out the top.

    I did exactly that, often driving along in a bikini and a sarong with the sun on my face.

    I knew it was time to let the Morris go when the whole chassis would jump sideways whenever I crossed a railway track, the body of the car following milliseconds later.

    I now drive a cute little square car in the palest icy green and the whole dashboard is covered in pink roses and ivy with a vintage plastic baby deer sitting amongst the leaves. I found it in the bottom of a tin of nails at a garage sale, covered in paint.

    I love to drive with a takeaway coffee in the cup holder and never care how long it takes me to get where I am going.

    I guess if I had another dream car it would be another Morris, but this time a ute with a wooden tray. I am not sure what utes are called in Canade and US. Its a vehicle with a cab and a tray on the back.

    • Angela says:

      i love your story, and i love that car! (had to google it)

    • LOL Way to lose that unwanted baggage and I must tell you when I was 12, I learned to drive in an old Morris Minor in my Dad’s field. We used to give her a push to start it and go around and around hoping not to run into anything. I never realized it was a British car until I was about 16. So much fun. Cheers!

  33. Valerie says:

    I now drive a Jeep. TJ. I love this machine. In the summer I take the top and doors off and have a nifty convertible, hair blowing around in all directions – super and fun for July and August. As a four wheel drive in winter I can go anywhere, any time whether the road is ploughed or not.
    My most unforgettable vehicle was a Datsun. That was in the 80s. Perhaps some recall that make. It was a bucket of bolts – my Japanese junk box. At the time I was poverty stricken and it was all I could afford. It was yellow in colour and true to its shade it was indeed a definite lemon. It began to rust so badly during its last year of service that I could see the road going by beside the pedals. I put a cookie sheet over the holes to prevent myself from succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning. The doors were also rusting off the body proper. I desperately required the car to take me to work and living in Manitoba everyone there was required to pass a yearly automotive government maintenance check. I was worried as I knew I would be in hot water as soon as they viewed all the rust. I appealed to my Father – Mr. Jack of many trades. Unfortunately body work was not one of his talents but he performed a carpentry remedy on the Datsun. He put 2 two by fours down each side underneath the body with self tapping screws and these boards held the front and back ends together sufficiently – two weeks later the viewing inspector said he had never ever seen anything like it in his life! But the car passed the inspection and I putted along for another year. I almost forgot to mention that the heater did not work either and I used a scraper constantly and covered myself in blankets during the winter to keep warm. I sold the car for whole $100.00 to a delighted teenager when I left Manitoba.

  34. Auntiepatch says:

    Yellow Ford ’64 Mustang – got one by marrying the owner of one – now driving a RED 2014 Buick Encore that I love.

  35. theresa says:

    I loved my old grand wagoneers ( had three in a row)- however JEEP stands for- Just Empty Every Pocket – plus with gas prieces now I’d have to sell the children to fillit up. I want a westfalia a vintage westfalia- so I can camp across the country and live that hippie/artist dream.
    Once when we were first married my husband thought ( was sold the idea!) that we could by a new car – new as in not used- so the sales person has him hooked – he brings me in the woman is listing off all these things we “need” – she sees I’m not reacting so shes says – “what do you need in a car” my answer – said with a straight face… 4tires,am/fm radio,auotmatic,and it can’t be red…I consider A/C a luxury” – after we picked her up off the floor – we left –without the new car that I would still be paying for!

  36. Cynthia Jones says:

    Check out this truck Karen. It belongs to a friend of a friend of mine. She lives in New York.

    It runs.

    • Karen says:

      I can’t see the photo Cynthia. :( I probably have to be a fan of her page to see it or something. ~ karen!

  37. Angela says:

    Dream Car… well a Westfalia of course! An old one, like a 1972 with the tire on the front and some great Turquoise color!! I’ve always wanted one. It’s the bohemian hippy side of me. So every weekend I could take off and drive along the coast and find divine rivers, lakes and ocean sunrises and sunsets! I ‘m not complaining about my real car which is a LR3 it has a ton of room for trees plants and and kids, but I wouldn’t have to track down all my camp gear, pack it, load it, make it all fit… including one 127 pound german shepherd…then unpack and put it all away, just to do it all over again! Someday… :)

    • Oriah says:

      I’m going to burst your westie bubble….they breakdown ALL the time. I owned one for about two and a half years and i think i had some sort of breakdown at every exit from Chapel Hill, NC to Lilburn, GA. I carried tools in the back and would pull over, make whatever repair was necessary, hop back in, and drive off. They aren’t great cars for getting places but they’re great cars for learning how to work on cars. Once i pulled the engine myself, put it back in after having the torque converter machined, and it actually ran.

      I am woman….hear my ratchet!

  38. Liz Walter says:

    We came to Canada in 1959 and my folks didn’t have much money for extras although they both worked hard. We were living in a rented furnished apartment and one of the 1st “big” purchases they made was a used TV. Once while watching it my Dad mentioned that he liked the 1960 Dodge Dart that was being advertised and I being the chatty 6 year old told the neighbours that we were getting a 1960 Dodge Dart. (I was practicing my English you know) They must have thought where on earth are these refugees getting that kind of money from after only 9 months here-imagine their amusement when a few months later we did finally get a car-a 1949 Ford Coupe with a divided windshield!
    I am driving my dream car now-it’s a 3 year old Jetta Turbo Diesel and I call her Schatzi (kind of means Sweetie or Little Treasure in German) She’s big enough for me to bomb around in and she goes like stink! (my husband has a bigger vehicle for hauling people and stuff) Best performing car we’ve ever had including our Mustang Mach1 with a Clevland 351 motor (that’s supposed to be important) that we got when we married in 73 and an Audi that we had in the 80’s.
    Very strange thing about Schatzi though is that somehow the gas pedal is hooked to the sound system-the better the song the faster she goes-odd isn’t it……

  39. Terri says:

    I never was much of a car person but always wanted a 68 corvette. Then I saw Mission impossible with Tom Cruise in 2001, I think. I fell in love with the Audi tt. That’s when I started looking at cars on the road and fell in love with the BMW’s from the 80’s. Been driving them ever since. Forgot all about the Audi.

  40. maureen says:

    Then — anything but my parents’ Chevy Citation. We called it the “Rust Mobile,” pieces of rust would fall off as you drove down the freeway & you could hear rust raining into the trunk every time you closed it.
    Now — Sunbeam Tiger! Roar.

  41. Tracie says:

    My cousins had old Chevy’s when I was a teen, my fave being Andy’s ’57 Chevy Bel-Air. Ahhhh….We would “pull mainers” and listen to 50’s music….it was the early 70’s, but I guess we were all throw-backs to those “good old days.” That was my dream car, and still is, if I could afford to get my hands on a mint one. Now? I’m really lovin’ that Range Rover you posted.

  42. brandi says:

    First was a vw bug convertible, then a MG Midget and now I want/dream/drool about a Volkswagen Thing. Its a real kinda car/jeep/thing. It may make Bloombergs Top 50 of Ugliest Cars, but someone (me) has to love them.. Like those hairless dogs, (not so pretty, but sure has a loyal fan base)(

  43. ralph says:

    I hope that some day you get the vehicle of your dreams…mine has always been the Hudson Hornet but I fear it shall not come to pass.
    BTW…if you ever DO get a pickup truck be prepared for almost all of your friends to ask to borrow it now and then…antique buys,trips to the dump and so on…

    Be well


  44. Chartrice says:

    Dream car – 1959 Metropolitan (aka Mr. Magoo car) red and white – no, yellow and white..wait maybe black and white…

  45. Jasmine says:

    I used to think I belonged in a Mercedes 450SL convertible. Navy with cream leather interior. I think the movie American Gigilo might have had something to do with it. I saw a new Tesla the other day. It was Sexy with a capital “S”. Good for the environment too, so that ‘s a win. I still like the cream leather interior though!

  46. mia pratt says:

    I’m driving it now – a 10-year old ivory wood-paneled PT Cruiser with sun roof, leather seats and all the amenities; seats fold down front and back to fit my kayaks on the passenger side, and dogs ride in the driver-side back seat.She has a hatch back for loading my easel and art supplies (and stuffing in a box of groceries or garage sale finds). It looks pretty goof for 10 years old, with only 35K miles on it because I bought it from an American lady who only drove it to the village square once a week for market day. When she finally got a new car, I bought her old one. Now I can tour around Ajijic’s markets with the sun shining through the roof as I gather fruits and veggies for whatever culinary adventure awaits. And it doesn’t matter if the cobblestones ding up the front apron or, cattle bump the doors on their way down to the lake, cause all the cars down here look like lumpy versions of their originals – kind of like old leather bomber jackets. I named her Honey, cause she’s so sweet to me!

    • Regena Fickes says:

      I have a silver Cruiser, whom I LOVE. She is the first I have owned solely. Her name is Josephine and she is 7. Best car I have ever owned. My grands and I have paraphrased the song “Josephine” and made it hers. I always thought I wanted a Jaguar or a BMW, but my little Josephine is a jewel.

  47. Pam says:

    In highschool I loved the ’75 Mercedes 350SL, and I still think it’s pretty cool. But the car I’ve owned the past 15 years is my dream car forever. It’s a 1963 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible. LOVE!

  48. Debbie D says:

    I have been fortunate to have my dream car. First was a Mazda RX-7, loved that car! Second dream car was a Jeep Cheroke Sport. Loved that car too! Now I drive a Honda CRV. Not my fav by any stretch but it gets me to where I need to go. It is all I need. Except for the tank with a howitzer on it to blast cars off the LA freeways (when I am unfortunate enough to have to drive those things).

  49. Jamieson says:

    I’ve never learned how to drive, so I don’t think much about cars. However I’ve always had a soft spot for the new Ford Thunderbirds that came out about 15 years ago. We rented a convertible one once for the weekend and it was great fun! Other than that one time, I care so little about cars that I often walk up to the wrong car in parking lots and my husband (who loves cars and can identify any make and model from the past 30 years from about a kilometre away) laughs at me. Oh! I also like the coconut pedalled car on Gilligan’s Island, not to be confused with the Flintstone’s car, also foot-powered but lower mileage due to its stone wheels.

    • Nancy Blue Moon says:

      Jamieson..I didn’t learn to drive until I was like really wasn’t as scary as I thought it would it makes you feel so free from depending on others..I’m 61 now and still putting along..It’s not too late Honey!!..Also I agree..the coconut car would get much better

  50. Mary Werner says:

    1965 Corvette Stingray WAS and NOW? a dependable Honda CRV which I am so happy to have

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