Thinking ahead

I’m not normal, I don’t pretend to be normal, I’ve never been normal.

I’m not a weirdo. I’m not annoying. I wouldn’t be the first one to be kicked off Survivor because everyone thought I was a nutjob. But I have always been different. Even as a kid.

I saved things. I pondered. I planned ahead. I don’t think I ever took part in the “instant gratification” all other kids did. I always left my favourite part of the meal to eat at the end. The upside … I was left with the taste of my favourite thing in my mouth. The downside … it was always cold.

I was that kid who still had Halloween candy by the end of June.

I did this because I liked to plan ahead. Get myself set up for the future. So at the age of 16 when I saw this necklace in an antique store I knew I wouldn’t wear it. It was too old for me. But 16 year old Karen had the forethought to realize older Karen would love the necklace. So I bought it, and put it away. At the age of 21, I pulled it out of my jewellery drawer, thanked young Karen and wore it to death.

When I came across the necklaces from my latest advertiser I was immediately reminded of my vintage necklace.  I still love it.  That 16 year old Karen was pretty smart.  Too bad she didn’t have the forethought to wear sunscreen and invest in Apple Computers.


  1. Jeanette says:

    I’ve just read this post, and I can’t believe that I have found other people – not just one person, but *PEOPLE* that can’t let their foods touch on their plate! *AND* who save their favourite food for last! Where were you all when I was growing up and being teased by my family??

  2. pve says:

    I still have my lucite recipe box. I love planning ahead and wow what wonderful necklaces…

  3. Christine Lewis says:


    The only thing my teen self gave me for my future self was a pregnancy scare and a dolphin tattoo on my lower back. I’m still very angry and disappointed with my teen self. Love your blog.


  4. Lisa says:

    Not only did I click, but I bought. I have never ever done that before, from a website ad. Ever.

  5. Theresa says:

    what a great story! the bobby pins are great – all the pieces have that lovely vintage feel

  6. Denise says:

    I never understood why people always smothered everything with ketchup…. and I always thought we should have paid sick leave for bad hair days……

  7. Amy says:

    I STILL save my favorite part of the meal for last! I don’t save candy any more, because now that I’m older, I realize I can easily get myself more. Besides, chocolate is much better when it doesn’t have the white spalding from being too old!

    I’m curious– are you a “lumper” or a “splitter”? I.e., do you like all your foods separated and not touching, or do you like to blend your flavors?

    I’ve found I’m a lumper– for example, with party mix, I like to have a bite with one of each of the ingredients (one nut, one pretzel, one cheerio…)

    • Karen says:

      Amy – Oh my. No. NO NO NO. My foods cannot touch. I’ve been obsessive about this since I was young. My father used to mush his food together and it just about made me sick. Why even make seperate dishes if you’re going to do this? Why not just throw a bunch of random stuff in a pot, slop it on your plate and call it a day? Seriously. If this was the preferred way of eating your food we’d be hearing much nicer things about prison food. ~ karen

      • Melissa says:

        My six year old does this. Smooshes it together, puts on copious amounts of ketchup and sometimes ranch dressing. If I am the least bit queasy I can’t even look at it.
        We think he’s gross.
        Cute, but really gross.

      • angie says:

        At age 4 my daughter would not even use the same fork for the different foods on her plate. During dinner she would announce “I’m finished with my green beans!” then she would head off to the kitchen to get another fork for her lasagna, and another for the salad, and another for the..well you get the picture. I’m not sure if she grew out of that phase or if we put a stop to it. Now at 15, she manages to get her fork clean, really clean before eating the next item on her plate. Oh and if there’s not enough room for the food to go on without “mixing” together, she’ll get a second plate. Yup, she’s nuts. But she’s also very nice, so we’ll keep her .

  8. Jonna says:

    Thanks for making me feel like less of a freak. My halloween candy was always found months later, completely molded. My brother ate his immediately like a normal child – his teeth molded. So why do they still make fun of ME?

  9. “Hair Rage” So that’s the term eh? Perfect. Without hair ties I’d get fired for foul language. In emergencies, I’ve resorted to bale twine, a knot in the hair and a stick, Vet Wrap and even metal shavings bag twisties. Baling twine and stick and Vet Wrap worked best, twine and stick in that order. And the metal wire? Not so great, actually, it was a waste of twisting motion.

  10. maventheavenger says:

    maybe we were separated at birth.
    i’d hide all my halloween candy, so i could savor it. but that just left my little brother enough time to search and find all my hiding spots.
    and i am still finding uses for things squirreled away in my linen closet, my jewelry box, and my art supplies.

  11. Wow, your 16-year-old self was very smart! And this jewelry is very pretty! I think my current self likes all of it. =)

  12. I love your necklace. Your story reminded me when I was little I took the pepperoni off my pizza and ate it last, for dessert !

  13. Pam'a says:

    I’ve been a faithful ad-clicker for you, Karen. I checked this shop out a couple of weeks back and it’s my favorite so far. I just wish I could make up my mind on what to buy!

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