THIS??! No. No, I can’t get rid of THIS.

If you’re over the age of 20, chances are you have a piece of clothing you just can’t get rid of.  If you’re me, chances are you have several pieces of clothing you can’t get rid of.

But everyone has at least one thing they’ve saved.  Not something you think you’re necessarily going to wear again but something that was so fantastic, ridiculous, beautiful or iconic that you absolutely have to save it.  It’s a memory.

Now, I know if this were an episode of Hoarders, the councillors would be telling me that memories are in your head, not in that piece of clothing but to them I respectfully say, Suck it.  The day I have to walk over a 3 foot deep mound of dolls heads and cat skeletons to get to my one saved article of clothing, is the day you can council me on it.

There are a few things I’ve saved over the years.  Several actually.  Ahem.  But there are 2 things that I know I will never part with.  One of them is a pair of huge orange overalls that I bought at the Canal Street Jean company in New York City in the 80’s.  I loved those overalls.  I wore them with a rag tied around the waist.  Very Bananarama.

The other thing I’ll never get rid of is my red jacket.  I also bought it in New York City during the same trip.  And it wasn’t cheap.  I can’t remember exactly what it cost but it was definitely more than I could afford at the tender age of 16 or so.

It still looks good on me if I do say so myself.  But that’s usually the case when you buy a classic piece.




Now that I see myself in it, I wonder why I don’t wear it more often.  I really could.

So, your assignment for this week, which I am ridiculously excited about is … I’d like you to show me what you’ve saved.  Send me a picture of that ONE thing you’ve saved over the years.  The one memory shoved in a box or at the back of your closet that you know you’ll never get rid of.

The picture can either be just a photo of the piece of clothing, or …. if you’re feeling brave … a photo of you wearing it.

Send your pictures to [email protected]  I’ll be accepting pictures until Tuesday night.  ( I need time to edit them and get them all ready for the post that goes up Thursday night )

I’ll post the best pictures next Friday.  I’m guessing at that point the hilarity will ensue.

Have a good weekend all!  Now Beat it.