This or That

I wake up, I squint, I shuffle, I make coffee.

That is what I do.

I used to drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee in the morning, have another in the afternoon and another after dinner. Because it’s coffee and that’s how you’re supposed to drink it. Non-stop.

For some reason I don’t drink that much coffee anymore. I have one cup in the morning and the odd time another in the afternoon, but that’s rare. I didn’t try to cut down on coffee, I just stopped wanting so much.

It happened around the time I starting taking enormous amounts of amphetamines. Huh.

I’ve never, on the other hand, been a tea drinker. I like Chai tea, like most people do, but I never make it. So when I was in Thailand and came across a tea that was grown in the Chiang Mai region that naturally tasted like Chai. I had to buy it.

It’s quite a concoction in Thailand to make this tea. Like most of Asia, coffees and teas are flavoured with sweetened condensed milk. This tea had condensed milk, sugar and regular milk. It was like drinking an angel.

I spent the next week searching for this particular tea that they referred to as Red Tea. All the people in the Chiang Mai markets thought I was nuts. “Red Tea? Nope. Don’t have that. Never heard of that. Is it American?” Uch. No. No it’s Thai.

And then finally i found one stall that had an entire wall of tea and there it was glowing like a beacon of light. Red Tea. I bought 4 bags. One for my neighbour who took care of my chickens and one for me. I couldn’t wait to get home to make my Thai Red Tea that tasted just like Chai tea.

I made it last night. It just tastes like tea. Regular tea. I even bought a can of sweetened condensed milk for it.

So I’m back on coffee.

Which brings me to today’s This or That question for you …


I am TRULY curious to see the results. Because I’m Karen, the curious coffee drinker.

Have a good weekend all and bottoms up.


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  1. Melanie says:

    i like my caffeine cold and fizzy- coke zero for me! :)

  2. Sera says:

    Both. I’m from Seattle. Coffee in the morning, French press, Indonesian or Ethiopian, medium dark roast, preferably fair trade. Maybe I’m a cliche but I worked at starbucks for 11 years. And two small independent cafés after that.
    But, after two cups I start to get anxious. I had to ween myself off slowly last year. Now if I skip it I don’t get a headache, but I still love my cup in the morning. After that, tea, caffeinated or not, green, herbal, white, red, tea. I love tea. Just nothing with licorice in it. Blech. I get red chai at trader joes. But my fave is the Numi brand chai. Soooo good.

  3. Grammy says:

    Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Strong, black and hot. Yes, I know that joke, too.

    I began drinking coffee when I was 13 and spent most of my life drinking pots of coffee every day, but always enjoyed tea, too. Tea the same as coffee — strong, black, no sugar, no milk, no lemon. Now that I’m old, I enjoy a cup of hot tea every night, when it’s late and I’m reading or watching TV, and I only drink two or three mugs of coffee a day.

  4. Laura Bee says:

    Coffee in the morning. Fresh ground beans for years now. I was always double double. Cut the sugar a few years ago. Drinking it black for the last two almost. Unless I am at Tim’s, then it’s a medium regular for a treat.
    Tea at night as soon as daughter is in bed. My wind down. Red Rose. Milk & sugar, very strong. I will have an herbal or Chai tea during the day sometimes. Usually if my sister is visiting or I am visiting her. That’s about all she drinks.
    If I had to choose one, tea is my first love.

  5. Tara says:

    Tea… I love me a cup of coffee but only on rare occasions. Tea is something I can drink all day long. It’s just so comforting.

  6. Valerie says:

    I reach my target heart rate after my 2 cups in the morning. If I drink more than the 2 cups I begin to feel peculiar. I did attempt to cut out coffee altogether but ended up with headaches which I concluded were caffeine withdrawal. At lunch I have tea, Red Rose brand orange pekoe. I have tried many brands of orange pekoe but think Red Rose is superior. I do go through periodic phases of Earl Grey tea – Tetley’s – the loose tea leaves which I steep in a little silver ball.

  7. Pat says:

    50/50 Coffee with milk in the morning, black tea with milk early in the day, decaf tea(rooibos, herbal) late in the day or early evening. Funny thing is that when I was working, we only had French pressed coffee on the weekends and had tea during the week. Now that we are retired, we have tea first thing, go to yoga then come home and have a couple cups of coffee with breakfast. After that, it’s tea. If we really feel like coffee later in the day, it MUST be decaf for me or I will be awake in the middle of the night.

  8. Diane says:

    Tea for me and none of your fancy schmancy stuff please :) Started drinking Red Rose with my Nanny 50 years ago, although I stray to the Tetley once in awhile. Tim Horton’s steeped tea is my secret addiction, I only allow myself one or two a month though, have to stay in control of that. And what do you mean, ‘have a good weekend’ – where I come from weekends start on FRIDAY !

  9. Muff says:

    Tea – orange pekoe tea, with milk (poured first) if my preference is asked, but pretty much any actual tea (and some herbal ‘tea’ but mostly not).

    I have consumed, in my 51, nearly 52 years, approximately 4 cups of coffee of any sort – if it tasted like coffee ice cream, coffee chocolate bars or the wonderful mocha flavour in baked goods, I’d be down with it, but the real thing is a great disappointment. Love the smell though.

  10. Julia Smith says:

    2-3 cups of coffee in the morning every day. And in the winter herbal tea at night.

  11. Debbie says:

    I live in the Pacific NW and its the land of every coffee imaginable . Also land of Starbucks and my favorite Dutch Bros. If you don’t drink coffee in Portland Oregon, you need to move. Serious stuff.

  12. Kori says:

    I do both. Coffee in the morning, tea the rest of the day. But there are days where I do coffee and tea all day! I also do both hot and cold of both coffee and tea. Bottoms up!

  13. Cred says:

    Coffee- without fail every morning and usually one in the afternoon. Tea occasionally- all kinds , black, tisane, rooiboos, white tea but not green. Drank chai while I was reading Secret Daughter- properly brewed with spices in a pot and loved it- she kept describing chai and I had to have it. Also just discovered tea lattes and love them. But nothing will replace my coffee. I’ve never tried Thai red tea but do love Thai coffee with condensed milk.

  14. Jamie Beth says:

    both. coffee in the morning. earl gray tea at night. both with frothy milk. i started doing frothy milk around christmas time, and i don’t think i will ever go back. and vanilla. real vanilla extract. in both. oh and sugar. duh.
    its like a sweet vanilla cloud.

  15. Therese Bourne says:

    Tea – I’m English.

  16. Sheri says:

    Iced tea. Even in January.

  17. tracy says:

    While all those coffee drinks look like fun I’m a die-hard tea drinker! Never had a cup of coffee in my life! Mostly Earl Grey…love the aroma, but shift to green tea at times too! Nothing beats that clean taste of black ice tea on a hot summer day (slowly approaching ;-)

  18. Marian L says:

    One cup of coffee in the morning and one cup of tea in the afternoon. And on the occasional wild night, an Irish coffee, decaf of course!

  19. Melissa says:

    Black coffee in the morning. Sometimes more coffee at work, sometimes hot tea. Soy lattes on the weekend.

  20. Bernard says:

    Beer – preferably an IPA, but a robust stout works too.

    • Nancy says:

      Ha, that’s what I was thinking. Lucile IPA from Georgetown Brewery. They are such snobs you can only get draft but it’s lovely and flowery and delicious.
      Or a dirty chai tea latte made with soy can be so nice. Or just nasty, depends on who is making it. And the Vietnamese coffee is always awesome, it’s New Orleans coffee and chicory dripped into condensed milk. Hot water? That’s different. Bless her heart.

    • Deb says:

      Ditto to stouts and porters (McMenamin’s or Black Butte)….never an IPA. Living in Oregon, it is said there are more microbreweries per capita than anywhere else. Don’t know if that’s true, but we do have an amazing selection of really, really fine beers.

  21. Mary Werner says:

    Coffee with cream – regular, no flavors, caffeine, and herbal tea – no cream but with sugar. Weird. Down here in the south we drink buckets of iced tea with sugar. No cream! I like it with no sugar but Very Cold. Love hot Chai Latte (creamy and sweet). Love Raspberry Iced Tea with sugar. Normally two coffees for breakfast but on special days, my sweet teas. If very special day, I make espresso with cream no sugar. Had the best every in Little Havana on a walk up street vendor steamed milk no sugar and can still remember the wonderful taste. That was the very best thing I’ve tasted – walking in the warm summer rain in the dark, sipping that fine drink from a paper cup. Once I got to my car, I drove back to get another one. Expensive but I still remember the taste after 13 years.

  22. ~gloria says:

    I’m a tea purist. No frilly, flowery, froo-froo stuff with Teddy Bears or butterflies on the box. Just some sturdy, no nonsense, loose leaf, black tea, warm the tea pot, lots of sugar and cream. The smell of a proper cuppa makes me very happy, the smell of coffee makes me very queasy.

  23. Stephanie says:

    Coffee. And then a refill. And then I add ice cubes to the stuff that went cold in the mug and enjoy iced coffee. Not after 2 pm, though, or I’m awake until way too late. I need to get to sleep pronto, because I wake up early. On waking I consider trying to go back to sleep, and then the thought pops up: “if I got up, I could make coffee.” So I get up.
    Tea? Meh.

  24. Raymonde says:

    No coffee. Ever. In my mouth it tastes like bitter medicine…I don’t even like anything mocha flavoured!
    I drink oolong tea sometimes, preferably Ping Ling Bao Zong. It tastes green and fresh, like summer.

  25. Melanie says:

    Coffee in the morning…strong (usually Sumatra), with a little bit of demerara sugar and half-and-half. And iced tea all day long. And all year long, like Bambi. Made with Luzianne teabags that I get from my sister in Memphis — because you can take the girl out of the South…

  26. Kaitlyn says:

    Tea is only for when I’m sick. Coffee is for when I need to survive, which means all day every day.

  27. Lin says:

    Tea….once or so a week a latte. Can’t start my day without a cup-o-tea. Black tea – Dilmah from India. One of my most favourite smells is cutting open the package and the scent of the tea bags is heavenly! Yep…I luv my tea.

  28. Tracy says:

    Coffee for sure! I do like it sweet and blonde though! I like black tea, but only with sugar in it, and since I am trying to avoid sugar at the moment, it’s been awhile. (It doesn’t taste right with sweeteners to me.)

    Sorry your tea wasn’t the real deal! :(

  29. KarlawithaK says:

    I am fairly sure my blood is at least 75% coffee.

  30. Jamie Lynn says:

    mostly green tea now if either. I used to drink at least 1 iced coffee (from Dunkin’ Donuts) every day, sometimes two or three. But I realized I was drinking them more out of habit than actual enjoyment. So I pretty much stopped. I do have the occasional iced coffee (I don’t like hot coffee) from somewhere else, but I prefer tea now (hot or iced).

  31. Deb says:

    coffee. absolutely. espresso beans, grind at home. constant coffee drinker.

  32. Nanette says:

    Tea.start the the day with hot and have iced during the day. On cold, stressful or winding out the end of the day I have hot tea. The hotter the better. We tea drinkers like to sip. Somehow Keurigs 192 degrees doesn’t quite cut it. I’ll have to try the condensed milk idea one day.

  33. glenda says:

    I’m a tea drinker, always have been. The few times I’ve tried a sip of coffee confirmed that I was a tea drinker. Then, three months ago, I drank the first cup of coffee in all my 48 years. I was in Japan, in a board room meeting, when, much to my surprise, a cup of black coffee was set down in front of me – yikes! Not wanting to offend, I drank it. All of it! Although the look on my boyfriend’s face while I drank it was really amusing, I’m hoping that is the last cup of coffee I ever have to drink.

  34. Christal says:

    I started drinking tea, and I still prefer it for taste, but I’ve become more and more of a coffee drinker for the caffeine. Especially since tea tends to make me sleepy, no matter how much caffeine it’s supposed to have.

  35. Brenda Isakow says:

    Neither, never had , don’t plan too.

  36. Tchin says:

    One generous cup of coffee in the morning, every morning. And a cup of tea at night, every night.

  37. Alice says:

    COFFEE. Tea makes me throw up. Really it does–something about the acid does me in.

  38. Becky says:

    Coffee in the morning for me. I drink tea, but only iced…. on a hot summer day I will drink a gallon of iced tea.

    I do, however, have daily tea parties with my 5 year old daughter, and that is hot tea… so its probably about 50/50 for me.

  39. Alyssa says:

    Coffee. I love tea and drink it often, but I need my morning cup of coffee – usually just one a day. Though there have been different times where I drank a lot more.

  40. Robin says:

    Coffee! Sometimes before I go to sleep at night, I wish it would be morning so I can have my coffee.

  41. Sara Benson says:

    Tea! I’ve never ever in my almost 42 years had a cup of coffee…blech!

    • Kristin Ferguson says:

      Oooh, are you missing out!

    • Kelly says:

      in my house, you wouldn’t be allowed to say you don’t like something unless you tried it first! Sometimes you might not like it, but sometimes, you would be surprised. To me, that’s a recipe for missing out on pleasure.

  42. West Coast Nan says:

    I have never had a cup of coffee in my life. I did drink tea for many years but now I prefer hot water, not hot water from the tap though, it must be boiled.

  43. SusanR says:

    Coffee, coffee, coffee, espresso! Hot, iced, in a cup, in a glass, IV ok too. My morning ritual is to take my first sip looking out my kitchen window. I think about how lucky I am to have a window that belongs to me and a wonderful cup of coffee in my hands.

  44. Brenda J. Moore says:

    coffee, coffee, coffee…unless I’m sick..then I cant even look at my coffee. Darling little k-cups silently waiting for me.

  45. Linda G says:

    D’oh! I was so excited to hear about this mysterious chai tea and then find it for myself. Womp womp. At least you bought only 4 bags. It’s as if you knew they would never let you leave with the secret!

  46. Carolyn says:

    Coffee! with International Delight Heath creamer. But this cold winter has driven me to drinking tea also – and just driven me to drink ;) Love Chai Tea though.

  47. Bambi Mayer says:

    Tea for me–ice tea all day long, all year long.

  48. ruth says:

    Oh. Coffee. Totally coffee.

  49. Luanne says:

    Previously a die-hard coffee-drinker, I’m shifting… at about 50/50 now. If coffee weren’t available 100% of the time at work, I’d probably be solely a tea drinker now.

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