This or That?

I’ve noticed a few things about myself since the fella’s been gone.

I like to sleep sideways on the bed.

I eat dinner later.

And I watch less television and listen to more music.

I still love television but the television doesn’t go on until later and it gets shut off earlier.  Instead of having the television on in the kitchen when I’m working in there I always have music playing.  Always.  I have satellite radio (courtesy of the fella) and during the day I usually  listen to “First Wave” which is the kind of music from the 80’s I like.  Stuff like Depeche Mode, Ramones, and Peter Murphy.  I’ll also put on the all 70’s channel which is music before my time, but for some reason I have a strong affinity for.  For some other reason, I also know the words to every single song.  All of them.  Even songs I’ve never heard before.  Weird.

At night I usually switch over to the Blues channel or the all 40’s station.  That’s the music I clean the kitchen by or conduct many of my experiments to.  Currently there’s a brick making experiment and a sourdough starter experiment going on in the kitchen.  Chances are if you walk into my kitchen on any given day there’s a different experiment taking place.  Like the Oxiclean experiment from earlier this week.

Or the secret experiment from last week that I can’t tell you about because it involves several illegal procedures, a small explosion and a troll.

So I’ve rediscovered my love of music.  It’s not that the fella didn’t like music.  He did.  He just didn’t like it as much as I do.

So here’s my question to you … what’s your first love?



Television? Or Radio?

Have a good weekend!




  1. Roisin says:

    Radio…and by that I mean my CD player. Either Garth Brooks greatest hits or the Tragically Hip greatest hits. Or, if I do have the radio on it’s CBC. Starting every day with Ontario Morning lately. Do you get Ontario Morning or are you one of those lucky Metro Morning listeners? I think I can only handle Wei Chen before I’ve had my coffee.

    It’s funny though, when I was younger I was a music junkie, and actually, my husband still is. But I still listen to the same things I’ve been listening to for years, it’s like I got lazy or something. Or maybe all you need ever musically is Garth Brooks and the Hip.

    As for TV, we mostly go through phases of being hooked on one show or another. Right now it’s Dexter and Orange is the new Black and come winter it’ll be Justified (oh Timothy Oliphant…). It’s been years though since I’ve actually had cable. The only thing I kind of miss is hockey.

    Also, sleeping sideways on the bed is the best.

  2. Barbie says:

    Radio for music…have an old fashion one in my kitchen…use it while I cook.

  3. Shauna says:

    I know I’m totally late on reading all your posts from this and last week due to vacation, but I had to comment on this one – radio for sure. I remember getting my tape recorder out and trying to tape my favorite songs from the radio and being so mad at the stupid DJ who would talk over the beginning of the song until the artist sang.

  4. nancy says:

    I like silence or Blues. Besides, I just got married and honestly, this TV is so complicated and high tech, I can’t even turn it on. I have to learn how to work it without cussing and spitting before Downton Abbey starts back up.

  5. jan says:

    Reading. Silence and reading.

  6. Dee G says:

    Many years ago I bough a tee shirt that read:

    Theatre is art.
    Film is life.
    Television is furniture.

    ‘Nuff said. Radio for sure!

  7. Kathleen says:

    Music…always… Dearly Beloved is a visual, TV guy. I will watch with him when he is home, but my love is music. Thank goodness for iPhones and headsets!

  8. Robyn says:

    Radio – hands down!

    The only reason the tv is on every night is because a certain teenager in the house likes things like Home & Away, X-Factor, and whatever series is the current one.

  9. anna says:

    Radio, don’t even have a TV and don’t want it :-)

  10. Sera says:

    I used to be all tv. I’d put it on mainly to feel like someone was there. Now I prefer radio for that. Unfortunately, when my husband is home, he prefers silence. It can get very depressing for me when there is no music and I’m working on stuff. I think I need a kitchen radio.

    Also, Karen, the other night I had the strangest dream that I had cooked a lobster (which is insane since in the Pacific Northwest we cook crab) and couldn’t eat it all so I was trying to figure out how to FedEx the majority of it to you before it spoiled. Interpret that!?

  11. Angela K. says:

    Several months ago, my computer shot craps on me a couple of days after I decided I was tired of paying for TV/Cable services. It was a dark time.:-) What I learned, though, is that I only missed my TV on Saturdays when I could watch “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” for several hours while I cleaned house, paid bills, etc. I rediscovered my love of radio during this time, specifically the college-run stations in my city, where I could listen to all types of music and programs.

    I found myself sitting down less, getting more stuff done, and dancing considerably more. I’m considering putting myself back on a “ban” from my computer M-F so I can get that magical music time back.

    Oh, and I still don’t have proper TV. I use a converter box to bring in local channels only, and sometimes don’t turn the TV on for days. (I’d get rid of it completely, but I live in Oklahoma and MUST MUST MUST be able to see Doppler Radar when our weather turns nasty.

  12. Toronto Boy says:

    Neither! Youtube all the way baby!

  13. Caitlin says:

    Binge TV when we find a series to sink our teeth into. Comedy podcasts during the day when the baby and I are home together during the day. It’s nice to have another adult voice to listen to and laugh with. We listen to music in the car mostly.

  14. Jenny says:

    First love? Books. Then radio. Tolerate TV. Sleep right smack in the middle of the bed. And according my ex-fella, I do it regardless of whether anyone is there or not! Eek. I’m very interested in the details of the clandestine experiment…

  15. Beth says:

    Music, definitely! My fella is also more of a TV watcher than I am, or at least a TV leaver-oner. I have Pandora on my iPad, and can listen to my favorite sounds for hours, changing the style of music I listen to to fit the activity I am doing.

  16. Nikki Kelly says:

    TV! All day every day!

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