This post has the word boobie in it.

It’s that time of month again.

Oh my GOD!  NONONO.  NO!  Not that.  It’s advertising time!

Time to welcome my sponsors to the site and encourage you to go click on their buttons and buy stuff!  Except in the case of Your Money by Design.  She will instruct you on how NOT to buy stuff.

Please join me in welcoming back …






Remember way back when when I explained to you how advertising on blogs works?  I’m gonna recap the facts here for a second because things have changed!

As you can see, I have kept a few of my little Etsy ads.  Those are the ads above that are seen on the right side of my blog.  They’re the little square ads.  People who have small business and Etsy shops can buy those ads from me directly.  They pay me $50 a month and their ad goes up.  The end.

I used to also have Google Ads.  Other than one tiny ad at the end of my posts, I’ve gotten rid of the Google Ads.  At this point you’re either thinking  a) Hmm … I wonder what we should have for dinner tonight … because this post is boring you to tears.  Or b) But Karen … I’ve seen ads … you still have ads. In fact if I look directly to the right … I SEE AN AD!  They’re everywhere! Hmm … I wonder what we should have for dinner tonight.

And you’re right.  I do still have ads, only they aren’t provided by Google Adsense anymore, they’re provided by a fancy, highfalutin advertising agency out of New York City or San Francisco or somewhere.  Haven Home Media is an agency that gets advertising for home/design based blogs like myself, The Nester and Centsational Girl.  (if you’re not familiar with these two ladies you should check their blogs out … I’ve been following them for a while now and I love them!)


I  just added the word penis in, in case you were getting bored.

Basically how it works with Haven Home Media is they go out and look for the advertisers, then they sell the advertisers, Swiffer for instance,  ad space on my website for which I get half the profits.  50/50 split.  My money is made by the number of pageviews I get each day.  In essence the amount of people who see the advertisement.  Clicking is still good, mind you.  Feel free to click.

So my new goal in life, coming in right after learning how to do the splits, is getting more people to look at this blog of mine.

Bum bum.

So as I’m sure you remember, last month I begged you for cash.  Even though I still desperately need cash (for one thing if I had more money I could hire someone to train me to do the splits) I’ve chosen to ask you for something different this month!  Just to mix things up a bit.

What I’d like from you this month is some help.  I’d like you to promote my blog.  Tell a friend.  Email a post to someone.  Put it on your Facebook page.

One easy way to help me promote my blog is to use that thingamabob at the bottom of each and every post.  You see the thing that looks like this?

Well if you hover your mouse over it the blocks pop up and let you share my posts with Delicious, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and Twitter!  You literally just click on the button to share my post with whatever social media website you want.  (it only works on the actual thingamabob at the end of the post not this mere picture of the thingamabob)

StumbleUpon is the most coveted Social media website because once your post gets “Stumbled” you have the potential to get tons of views!  Literally thousands.  I’m gonna be honest with you.  I’m not *entirely* sure about how it works but it’s a GREAT tool.  Go look at the StumbleUpon site and see how addictive it is!  You just sign up, check off whatever categories interest you, and then click the Stumble button.  StumbleUpon automatically presents you with some of the best posts and pages on the Internet that pertain to what you’ve indicated interests you.  If YOU like something as you’re browsing the Internet, you can choose to “Stumble” it and it’s added to the StumbleUpon roster. I’m making it sound kind of dull but it’s not … trust me.  Go try it.  And once you get StumbleUpon figured out Stumble my posts!  Only the ones that you think are StumbleUpon worthy!  And then feel free to explain to me how it all works.

(This particular post is probably NOT StumbleUpon worthy by the way.  Other than you and I, nobody really cares about what I’m talking about in this post.  My Fire pit post?  Definitely Stumble worthy.  Or my Tie Die Beets?  Definitely Delicious worthy.  You get the idea.  Share the good content!)

Feet.  (some people have a foot fetish)

And if possible, if I could be so bold as to ask … try to remember to do this.   And not only today.  In fact, if everyone were to do it today it might be Social Media overload.  Just keep it in the back of your mind throughout the upcoming month.  Make it a bit of a habit if you will.  If you truly think a post is good, once you get to the end of it just click on one of the buttons to share it.  Or like I said, if you want to be all archaic, you can simply email a link of it to a friend.

It would mean a lot to me.  Yes indeed it would.


Have yourselves a truly great weekend!

p.s.  If it’ll make you feel better, here’s the donate button.  Just in case.  😉


  1. Kana says:

    Did you know that today (well, yesterday, as of 5min ago here in Boston) is/was National Clevage day?? I’m not joking..

  2. Kim says:

    I found your blog throgh StumbleUpon, I’m sooooo addicted to the site! But now I’m addicted to your blog, I didn’t realize my addictive personality until now! Thanks for all your tips! I will definitely promote you!

    • Karen says:

      Thank you Kim! I really, really appreciate it. With thousands and thousands of blogs out there it’s harddddd to get people to randomly find your blog! ~ karen

  3. Whitney says:

    I don’t remember how I found your blog. I’m certain I must have been typing “How to cook beets” or something similar into google. Cause your tie died beets post was one of the first I read. (I tried it by the the way… they are way more delicious in tie die form!) But you’ve just reminded me of my love for stumbleupon. I forgot ALL about it! The first thing I’m going to do after I re-download the trust SU toolbar is promote your tie-die beets post! So that other beet lovers can be amazed and enjoy!

  4. Pam'a says:

    I am POSITIVE your blog will continue to grow by leaps and bounds, Karen. Maybe it seems like thin money right now, but look how far you’ve come in such a very short time! (I feel all old and motherly, having been a reader since way back.) You’re the only blog I check every day, and you’re my husband’s hero for coming up with Cake In A Cup. So just keep it up!

    Does anyone know Oprah? Oprah definitely ought to be reading Karen. Then *talking* about reading Karen… 😉

  5. Sharon Woo says:

    I just gave you a buck for each boobie! Enjoy! Tomorrow I will share my favorite AODS posts 🙂

    <3 not-Chinese Sharon Woo <3

  6. pve says:

    I hope you bake a boobie cake in honor of all the ta ta’s in the world. I think your sponsors would like that too.
    I’ll spread the word. We all like dirty little secrets, that spread like wildflowers…your name is now, the art of a slut doing splits and stuff. you crack me up.

  7. Liz S. says:

    You need to add a Facebook share button.

  8. Marie Anne says:

    Hi Karen,
    Just wanted to let you know I’ve shared your stuff on Stumbleupon before…I was very happy when you posted/tweeted about the random boost in traffic due to it! I love your blog, I think you’re hilarious! Will continue to share your great posts aroung the web! Would love it if you would follow me on twitter!

  9. Cowlady says:

    I Just stumbled upon you! Thanks for that site – I’d never heard of it! Of course, it;s not as neat as YOUR site but hey – someone has to be at the bottom of the ladder! LOL!

  10. Cowlady says:

    Ooops! It looks like I just found THIS site when I meant I just registered for stumbled up & “liked you” immediately! Good thing YOU know what I mean, even when I can’t express myself!

  11. Library Mix says:

    You start my day with a laugh. I discovered your website while researching an article about birdbaths for “Home and Garden Ideas” and provided it as a reference. Although I toil as a content writer, I also have a website, Library Mix, and a Facebook page where I often mention aforesaid articles if I can form some tenuous link to libraries and reading. So I’ve given you a shout-out on my Facebook Library Mix page.

  12. Shauna says:

    I found your blog through another blogger whom I follow. Now, I click into yours WAAAY more often. The big bummer for me is stupid work blocks us from stumbling, tweeting, or delicous’ing anything – whatever! So, for now, I have stuck to the antiquated way of forwarding you to everyone I know who also wants to waste time at work and dream of being home building fire pits;)

    • Karen says:

      Shauna! Thanks. I feel bad I stole you away from some other blog. I constantly surprised by how many people only look at this site at work and never at home! It’s like a morning ritual, I guess. I should probably talk about toast and coffee more. ~ karen

  13. Library Mix says:

    Oh, yeah. Consider yourself tweeted as well.

  14. Trysha says:

    I found your blog via Pinterest. Katie at had pinned a post about…something. Crap, I don’t remember because of all the other awesome stuff I’ve read on your blog. So yes, a compliment on your awesome blog that includes the word crap.
    (Magic Erasers are ammmmmmazing! I have three kids and they are figuring out new ways for me to use Magic Erasers)

  15. melanie says:

    Insert Fart Joke. Real crowd pleaser!

  16. Jennifer says:

    I nominated you as my favourite blog on cityline! hope it helps…and will share…I promise!

    • Karen says:

      Yay! Thanks Jennifer … I looked for a link on the Cityline site to post it here but I couldn’t find it. Post it if you have the chance. ~ karen

  17. Girl as always you have me holding my stomach from laughter 🙂 I’m clicking, I’m stumbling, I’m so pumped now.

  18. Ah so YOUR POST’s why I got a sudden spike in traffic. And here I thought it was my fine writing 🙂 Ssrsly – thanks for the above-and-beyond plug Karen. -nanc

  19. Krikit says:

    Pinned, Tweeted, FBooked (that’s different than FBombed!), G+’d. Anything I’ve missed? ~;)

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