This Week’s Menu.Feb. 4th – Feb 10th

This is it. I’m done.


At the end of this menu, 6 weeks of eating Paleo will be over and done with.

And this is what I thought of it.



I didn’t feel any better. I didn’t have any more energy. I *did* spend a lot of time thinking about chicken pot pies. But we ate really well before this whole experiment and felt good. So I’m not surprised there was no dramatic WOW I’m feeling GREAT moment.

There were on the other hand a, WOW.  I’m not pooping moments.  It’s not for me.

It might be for you, I get that, but it’s not for me.  Nope.

And thank God for that.  For one thing, to me food is much more than vitamins.

Food is much, much more than that.

I feel very sad for people who only think of food as a way to nourish their bodies.

Food is life.  It’s memories.  It’s experience.  Food is fun.

And the second someone tries to take my fun away I get angry.  And when I get angry I punch people in the throat.  I do it with one of those little boxers from an old Rock em’ Sock em set, but it gets my point across nonetheless.

For me, the major strike Paleo has against it is the guilt.  Guilt over eating a chip.  Guilt over putting a teaspoon of parmesan cheese on my salad.  I don’t need any guilt dictating what I do.  If I was looking for guilt,  I’d get myself a nice Jewish mother who at least knows the value of a good matzo ball soup.

My plan is to transition back to regular eating over a few weeks.  But …  I bought some really nice classic french onion soup bowls on line last week and I really want to use them.  Filled with broth, reduced onions, Parmesan cheese, toasted baguette slices, and Gruyere.  And then there’s the Pot Stickers I’ve been dreaming of making for a couple of weeks now.  Wanna make those.  And lasagna.  I keep thinking about lasagna for some reason.

And roast beef with mashed potatoes and yorkshire pudding and macaroni and cheese and quinoa salad and goats cheese on my roasted beets and hamburgers that have an actual BUN and french fries and pizza done on the BBQ and toasted bagels topped with swiss cheese, alfalfa sprouts, mustard and mayonnaise.  And a few other things too.

And chicken pot pie.  It should be noted that I don’t even like chicken pot pie.

But for now … we’ll be eating this glop.






I realize this menu isn’t exactly slop.  Or glop.

But it isn’t exactly lasagna either.


  1. Kara says:

    Ok so I totally laughed with your post.

    First of all, let me say that a few months ago I did a Whole 30 month and it was very helpful to me in learning some things about how I react to foods.

    Next, I’ll admit that my education is in history and anthropology and all this talk about “paleo” or “primal” diets makes me guffaw, snort, and snicker … as I read what our “paleo ancestors” supposedly ate or didn’t eat.

    Now I will admit that my adventure in paleo eating opened my eyes to some great food combinations, but overall I think the whole concept is a crock.

    Good for you for trying it and even better for you for saying out loud that it’s not the be-all and end-all of eating plans and letting everyone know it’s not for you!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    Cracked up at your post, Karen! 🙂 I live a paleo lifestyle (for the most part) but I totally get where you’re coming from….and I have to say I wasn’t a very healthy eater before going paleo so I found a tremendous difference all around….but as you said….you ate healthy before so why fix it if it ain’t broke? Kudos to you for trying this as long as you did! Enjoy that lasagna…and roast beef….and quinoa….and hamburger bun….and chicken pot pie! 🙂 And thanks for the laugh!

  3. Erica Filpi says:

    And now after that list I am starving. Hungry and in need of my coffee. LOL

  4. Kerri says:

    The Taco ending did it.. I’m sending help.

  5. marilyn says:

    i am with uou totally karen..i am kind of surprised that the fella goes in for this diet when he is so in tune with his body and excersise and the whole nine yards..a balanced approach to eating with everything in moderation seems like a much better idea..i too view food as a part of a happy life..some of our best times as a family have been around the table. we have fave family recipes, we share new ones all the time and each of us is known in the family for some food item that we do the best..its always oh brother marks pizza or moes roast beef and my sister michele bakes for all of us is life and you are so right it is FUN!! and what a shame for all those people who are missing out.the family dinner is going by the wayside. we always sat and ate as a family, i don’t see that happening anymore unfortunately. i cannot wait to get my new cookbook and start cooking!! hang in there karen it’s almost over! and i wonder too what the fellas dad thinks of this diet? mr true pie and all..

  6. Tara says:

    Last month my husband and I went gluten-free which was an experience to say the least and this month it’s vegan! (I already want a medium rare steak – so much so I almost punched my husband in the face last night.) But anywho – I’m not sure if it’s Paleo or not but it’s my favorite thing to put on everything – Bragg’s Amino Acids, they’re a great substitution for soy sauce (less sodium and much healthier for you) and it would make a tire taste fantastic!

    • cred says:

      Just a note if sodium is a concern, read the Bragg’s label closely. The Bragg’s label gives nutrition info based on 1/2 tsp rather than 1 tbsp that soy sauce uses- so multiply the sodium level by 6.
      I use San-J low sodium tamari (a gluten free naturally-brewed tamari)- it only has 760mg vs. 960mg in Bragg’s. And the San-J regular tamari still only has 20mg more than Bragg’s.
      If you have to reduce sodium, a low sodium soy sauce is a much better choice. Tamari typically has no gluten but read the label of course- Tan-J is one brand that I know is gluten-free.

  7. latenac says:

    Your post is not only funny but also hits the nail on the head of why I am so suspicious of fad diets. Food is so much more than nutrition. But as someone who grew up Catholic I understand the circle of sinning and repenting. I just don’t understand why you’d make food that circle.

  8. Nancy says:

    You know I bet some paleo guy invented sov sauce by leaving those beans he foraged in a pot and they fermented. I don’t know…. I could do paleo maybe twice a week but I do love the occasional baked potato or french fry. And we won’t talk about the cookies that are in my life. (ginger snaps!)

    I’m impressed with your willpower and stick-to-it-ness.

  9. Teresa Messick says:

    What a hilarious post! I am learning in my old-age (44 next month) that the key to anything is balance & moderation! I love fresh fruit, home baked whole-wheat bread, and meals made from scratch using things I grew. However, I also still love southern sweet tea made with WHITE sugar, and peach cobbler, and chocolate chips out of the bag! For me, there is room for all of it in moderation. Thanks for post and a Saturday morning laugh with my coffee!

  10. Mindy says:

    Ha! I’m with you. I saw an interview with Barry Manilow once, where he said food doesn’t excite him and he only eats to stay alive. I always knew there was something creepy about that guy.

  11. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Good for you’ve made it through without doing bodily harm to the Fella..If it were me I would probably pig out for a week..I hope you don’t hear anymore crap from Paleo people for ending this madness..Isn’t it odd how some people get all bent out of shape and upset if you don’t like the same things as the do??? BREAK OUT THE PRINGLES HONEY!!!!

  12. Jasmine says:

    Tonight I’ve got the whole extended family coming over for dinner (my step-dad’s 82 birthday). We are having 2 huge prime ribs, gravy, roasted potatoes, roasted beets, green beans, and huge fluffy gravy-soaked yorkshire puddings. Dessert will either be creme brule or some kind of cake. No cavemen are invited, hence the menu. I would have invited you too, but perhaps next time. You could wear your jeans that probably fit you now.

  13. Moe says:

    My husband tells me that with me, eating is an “event”. I can’t just eat anything that’s in the fridge. I have to really want it, almost to the point where I can actually taste it on my tongue. That’s why trying a different eating plan is so hard for me. And yes, I feel the guilt too. Who needs that?

  14. Barbie says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I am dreaming of those wonderful foodie things right along with you. All the world goes gray for me when I have to deprive myself of all the wonderful things like pot stickers, love me some pot stickers. And lasagna and homemade spaghetti and gnocchi! Oh my!
    roast beef with mashed potatoes and yorkshire pudding hamburgers that have an actual BUN….YES…. and french fries and pizza and toasted bagels topped with swiss cheese, alfalfa sprouts, mustard and mayonnaise….oh and throw and avocado and thin sliced turkey on there with a little bacon. YES YES,
    Wish I could celebrate with you girl!

    PS: Did you lose the water wings you often talk about while on this diet? Just curious.

    • Karen says:

      Barbie – Well, I did lose the water wings a little bit I guess, but I never ate like a pig before. I lost a few pounds. Goal was to lose 5-6 lbs. I just need to move more, not eat less! ~ karen

  15. June Hodsdon says:

    Your post made me chuckle ( that’s a big deal . I recently started the Eat to Live route as I’ve given up medication and it’s side effects. I guess you could call it vegan. I want to feel healthy and energized again. After doing some research I felt it was my best option. I love food ..and use to eat my fair share of meat and dairy however I found giving up sugar was going to be the hardest obstacle. I still eat wild salmon and dim sum and am totally fine with having the odd dessert/dark choc. bar. Cooking has become more interesting as I learn to cook while avoiding the foods not best for me. This is what being over 50 has done ..I’m now taking notice of what I do for myself including having a healthy disease free body. Good luck and thanks for the entertaining blog, frankly I don’t know how you do it!

  16. June says:

    I forgot to mention that the hardest part of Eating to Live is how much food you have to eat …it’s a lot and goes against decades of eating less!

  17. Kristin says:

    You should try eating a ketogenic diet instead. You can have all the cheese you want. You can’t have bread or potatoes, but plenty of delicious cheese. And bacon, and salami, and avocados, and nuts, and cheese. And you lose weight really fast on a ketogenic diet.

  18. Margaret says:

    I think human-types would have eaten cheese in the paleolithic period. Otherwise, what is the point of a civilization?

  19. Well, I admire your stick-with-it-ness. I don’t think I could’ve gotten through six weeks of the rules and the limits and the endless thinking about food.

    I think that we already have so much guilt tied up in what we eat – I can’t imagine feeling even worse if a trace of cheese touched my lips.

    Your menu still looks divine, though. Well done!

  20. Ruth says:

    Bring on back the buns and the taco shells…. and the lasagna! Bye-bye Paleo! 😀

  21. Naomi says:

    Welcome back to non-Paleo living! Do you ever read old-school recipe books? I just finished one by Elizabeth Gilbert’s (Eat,Pray,Love)great-grandmother, republished this year under the title “At Home on the Range,” and she talks alot about the importance of hearty appetites and having fun. Your comments on this post reminded me of some of her observations, and that was way back in 1918.

  22. Marilyn says:

    Once again, I look to you with awe! Thanks for trying this for me and reinforcing my heavily guarded laziness. I’ve been kicking the paleoo idea around for many months but wasn’t sure I could afford the extra TP I’d need after all that fiber. I love veges of all sorts and have tried to be a vegan various occasions when my lust for fats gets out of control. But it doesn’t last long before the carnivore in me starts to scream for the iron in fresh blood, anchovies on pizza, warm sourdough bread with aged butter, red wine, pickled tomatoes, coffee with cream – all shared at a table with people I love who enjoy good comfort food. Hmmm, think I’ll go fix myself a slice of sourdough toast with a cup of scratch cocoa…

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