This Week’s Menu.
February 27th – March 4th

I want you all to be quiet for a second.     Good.

Now … I want you to imagine Weird Al Yankovich singing Eat It!   Are you seeing it? Are you hearing it?

You’re welcome. That oughtta be with you for the next few hours.

Feb 27 - Mar 4


And yes. Lot’s of leftovers this week. Why the hell not? Especially when it’s Firebroth Soup and Spaghetti & Meatballs!


Recipe Links

Fire Broth Soup

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Eat it!  Just Eat it! Open up your mouth and feed it!!!

Again, you’re totally welcome.


  1. Suzy says:

    The only way I can get “eat it” out of my head is by singing “this is the song that never ends it just goes on and on my friend ….” now I have to think of something else to get that one out of my head. Are you being overwhelmed by eggs?

    • Karen says:

      Heh. Yes I am. Just a few days ago I didn’t have enough to give away. Now … I don’t have anywhere to put them in the fridge. ~ karen!

  2. caribou says:

    Your blog is amazing and I love it, but it’s Yankovic. No h. <3 from the lifelong weird al nut.

  3. Gayla T says:

    We did bacon, eggs and toast for dinner tonight and the girls would be very happy to do it again that soon. They love breakfast for dinner any time. We did home made pizza last night which is another favorite. I love the look of the hot soup recipe but it wouldn’t fly here and the left overs wouldn’t so I guess I’m on my own. For some reason knowing what people have planned to eat entertains me no end. It’s kind of like looking in their medicine cabinets although I of course would never do such a thing. LOL

  4. Barbie says:

    God! I love you! ha ha ha ha hah hahahaha! You just totally made me laugh with that last line….thanks…now I won’t be able to sleep. ha ha ha hahahahahaha!

  5. Marti says:

    Fire Broth! My fav! Making that myself. (Yes, again.)

    As for the antojitos that I know are being made somewhere…. I need details.

  6. Celine says:

    Can’t WAIT for the day when I can say “Kitchen closed”! ahhhhhhh

  7. Mary Jo says:

    Love your recipes and your blog! I just ordered myself a 2 ft x 3 ft magnetic wood framed blackboard for my kitchen! I CANNOT wait to get it so I write cool things like MENU on mine, too!!

  8. Mary Jo says:

    Yes! It is a porcelain magnetic chalkboard with an oak frame AND a 50 year warranty! I haven’t gotten it yet-should have it next week! They told me the blackboard finish could not be damaged by magnets or liquids! I am SO excited and can’t wait!

  9. Meg says:

    I’m jammin’ man, we love Weird Al in this house! Also, we had fend for yourself nights even when I was growing up. I credit my ability to cook to those nights.

  10. Nancy says:

    We have a breakfast supper here at least once a month I could use some of your overflow of eggs..Spaghetti and meatballs is always a winner!! Also since my son is grown up (23 next month) and can cook for himself I get a lot more nights off..

  11. I agree with Gayla, it’s highly entertaining looking at what other people are planning to eat! This house is weird when it comes to food- 1 vegan, 1 vegetarian, 1 who doesn’t eat fish chicken or eggs, and 1 who loves fish chicken and eggs, and finally 1 who eats most everything.
    So, 5 different dinners each day! I cook something that I like, then try to find some common things too…reminds me of learning sets in Maths class.
    Panko breadcrumbs have just arrived in supermarkets here, are they all they’re cracked up to be?

  12. Mary Werner says:

    Did you learn to print at school or are you just fantastically talented or is that chalkboard really just a trick that you photo shopped? I LOVE Weird Al

    • Karen says:

      Mary – I’m a pretty darn good printer if I do say so myself. But that chalkboard is photoshopped. 🙂 I’m kind of in love with it, and after trying a few different things for my menu of the week have decided this look is the one. ~ karen!

  13. Amy says:

    I try to fix dinner for my husband and son every night but we don’t always get to all sit down at the same time because of meetings and activities. A lot of dinners have to be simple and fast. Both of them know, though that if they turn up their noses at the meals for 2 dinners or more, I have a sign that comes out. It says “Kitchen is Closed – Cook is on Strike!”

  14. Kristin says:

    New favorite egg sammich around here; it doesn’t use up very many eggs at one time, though:

  15. Lucy says:

    Hi: Have you (or any other bloggees) made Fire Broth soup with turkey Italian sausage instead of pork?
    Thinking of doing this as a sub.

    Thanksfor sharing your menus – gets challenging to think up new stuff this time of year.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Lucy – I’ve never used turkey sausage, but if you like prefer turkey sausage, I see no reason at all why it wouldn’t work. Go nuts! 🙂 ~ karen

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