This Week’s Menu … has gone astray.



Surprise!  NO real menu this week.  Which is kind of stupid, because THIS of all weeks is the time I probably *should* be making a weekly menu.

This week, you see … is FRONT YARD VEGETABLE GARDEN week.  Over the past 3 weeks I’ve been writing and typing and photographing until my fingernails fell off.  Why you ask?  Mainly to gross people out, but secondly so I could take an entire week off … to tackle the front yard.

I pre-wrote all of my posts for next week.  And they’re some of my best posts ever, if I do say so myself.  Perfect French Fries anyone????  Yup.  That’s comin’ up.  I’ll still be around to read comments and play around on Facebook and such.  I just won’t have the pressure of writing and editing 6 posts.

I know blogging probably seems like the kind of occupation (Hah hah!  I just called blogging an occupation!) where you can take time off whenever you want, but it sadly doesn’t work that way.  There’s this whole blogging mafia type thing and if you take a day off they punish you.  Your first offence is just a slap on the wrist (which makes typing really difficult) and anything beyond that, they impose a complete “Chevron” ban. .  They take away your right to ever post anything with a Chevron pattern. Ever.  So clearly they mean business this blog mafia.

I put in more hours of work as a blogger than I ever did as a television host.  Plus no one goes shopping for my clothes for me anymore.  Which,  of course, sucks.  But blogging is fun, and I love it, so who cares?  The only problem is … you really don’t get any time off.  No.  Not even weekends. Which makes large projects, the kind I have an affinity for, almost impossible.

Last year when I built the chicken coop I was so frazzled about 2 months into it I was literally gluing myself together.  So, this year for my majorish project (The Front Yard Vegetable Garden) I’ve decided to be a bit smarter about it, and give myself time to do it without the distraction of having to write posts.

I’ve pre-written a full week’s worth of posts so for 7 days I can wake up, walk outside, work until dark, come inside, fall on the carpet and eat whatever bug happens to wander past my slack jawed face.

Which brings me to the topic at hand … no menu this week.  Cooking is a large part of my life.  Partly because I love to eat and partly because I love to cook.  But with something like this going on, the thought of having to stop and come inside to make food angers me.  Ironically the only thing that angers me more is not having something good to eat for dinner.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do but I figure I’ll pull it together with whatever stuff I can find in the freezer.  Nothing caps off a hard day of manual labour like a Mr. Freeze that’s gone slightly gooey and a gel filled ice pack.

Actually, I know for a fact I have some damn good Jalapeño Perogies in there, some Homemade Pizza Dough and Sauce and if I dig deep enough some Roasted Red Pepper & Smoked Tomato Soup.  It’s not me I’m worried about so much as the fella. He requires a fair amount of sustenance for someone so delicate looking.

See?  I’m not tied to my weekly menu.  I can deviate. I can roll with the munches.  So long as I have a fully stocked freezer, a massive project to complete and carpet full of bugs.



  1. gloria says:

    Ha! Roll with the munches. I got it. Can’t slip a pun like that past me.
    Looking forward to the veggie project. I’m doing something similar. And don’t listen to those people who will say, ” you know they sell vegetables in stores nowadays.” They are evil fun-suckers and have no vision. Now go build that veggie garden!

  2. Lucy says:

    A week’s worth of take out food would not only be convenient, but would make you appreciate the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor even more. Have fun. We’ll be standing by for documentary pictures.

  3. Marti says:

    And for a third straight day……. back to the pictures of The Fella!

  4. karen says:

    Your honesty is refreshing! Good luck with your garden. Sounds like a great plan.

  5. ev says:

    Though I do like to cook (most of the time, well,sometime), I would rather be outside almost ALL of the time! Your project will be a lot of work, but I hope you enjoy it, too. Melt some chocolate for dipping those bugs, Karen! Yum!

  6. Jamieson says:

    I actually teased @homepodge once for his seeming obsession with reposting links to chevron crafts. What is so exciting about chevrons??

    • Karen says:

      Jamieson – You know what? I have *no* idea. Chevrons. Hurmph. They’re certainly no herringbone. ~ karen

  7. Fella says:

    This whole no menu thing is making me nervous.

    • Gayla T says:

      I’m afraid for you, too, you big hunk. However, after this group has finally seen you there are probably plenty of tables you can eat at this week. Big mistake Karen, BIG mistake. Roughly 3/4 of us were on your side over the band-aid fiasco and that was sight unseen, honey. Now that you are no longer the invisible man…..what exactly is your opinion of older women? Much older women who can cook up a storm? Signed…..the Panther

  8. Sam says:

    It’s just that time of year again; where we knock the big bits of dirt off… Stumble to the fridge… Grab a carrot and a cold chicken breast and get back at ‘er! For some silly reason my fella thinks I should put the power tools down to eat! Ha! I laugh at his slack attitude. Not even hunger can get in the way of the awesome stupidly huge summer project… Let your veggie gardens be awesome!!! Now please excuse me, but I have a bread oven to build!

  9. Clare says:

    Sending best wishes and positive vibes for a smooth running major project!

    This week is also a major project week for me. I’m tackling the upstairs bathroom. I laughed like crazy reading this post, I am so like that when I take on a big thing. Nice to know I am not the only one on the planet with’I can do that’ blinkers.

  10. Susan says:

    Seems to me that my generation spent a lot of energy ensuring that yours didn’t have to worry about what the fella was going to have for dinner. Hopefully his mother brought him up to be more use than to make people drool over your blog pages.
    Make the man cook! Or bring home, if he’s kitchen-challenged. And don’t listen to any of the “this wasn’t my idea” crap.

    • Karen says:

      Susan – Yes the fella can cook. Yes he can bring home food. But I actually don’t like take-out. I can handle it once a month maybe. But the fella also works 12 hours a day and his work isn’t right here in the house. So … while I appreciate the work of the previous generation I also appreciate the fella and all the hard work he puts in. Hopefully you sense from the fact that I’m the one around here who builds the chicken coops and instals the central vac, that we aren’t exactly tethered to our traditionally gender assigned roles. 🙂 ~ karen!

      • Nancy Blue Moon says:

        I am older than you too Karen (will be 59 in May)but I agree that any guy who works hard for 12 hours a day deserves a good home cooked meal at night..I believe from what I have read that you two treat each other with a lot of love, respect and encouragement which is very refreshing to see these days!!!

      • Susan says:

        Sorry, my sarcastic sense of humour wasn’t at its best before my coffee this morning and that post wasn’t meant to be mean to your fella. My mother got her own cement mixer when she was in her 50s but she always had a meal on the table for my father, who couldn’t cook and hated take-out. They blurred the gender job assignments but they each had certain traditional roles. My mother made fantastic pies and paving stones.

        • Karen says:

          Sorry Susan! I’ve had a few people email saying “Tell him to make his own dinner!”. Uh … not likely. ‘Cause then he’s bound to tell me to clean the bathroom. Uch. ~ karen!

  11. Hi Karen,
    I am SO excited to see this front yard garden. We are moving right now and, sadly, I don’t think I’ll have the time or energy to tear up my front lawn until fall. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  12. Karena says:

    Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. In fact sometimes I do not post for over a week!! Of course you don’t see any chevron patterns on my site…oh well. I try to suffer in silence.

    Art by Karena

  13. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Oh yea..Have fun doing your garden..I am getting ready to start mine soon..

  14. Barbie says:

    I am so EXCITED to watch the progress of your Front Yard Garden! And kudos to you for getting all the blogs done ahead of time! YOU ROCK! I KNOW how hard and time consuming it is to blog only three times a week! (and I haven’t even done “that” lately) for my mediocre blog! So as I read your blog daily I cannot tell you how many times I have thought about all the time you must put into it with editing and getting that photo just right and the videos and humor! So I totally GET it. You go girl!
    OH, and the garden will bring you untold JOY and HAPPINESS! And the fella will think you are a Goddess….(well he probably already knows that one!) 🙂

  15. Lorrinda says:

    I would not abandon your blog if you *gasp* didn’t post every day. Matter of fact, short and sweet teaser posts would keep me on the edge of my couch for the big front garden reveal. And I hate chevrons anyway.
    By the way, pictures of muscular tattoo-sporting men in skimpy shirts flipping steaks on the BBQ don’t require any captions 😉 Just sayin’

  16. Melissa L. says:

    Enjoy your much deserved week “off”… working your teeny-tiny butt off!

  17. Jake says:

    Have fun in the garden, and hope the frost stays away.:). If the fella is getting nervous about the menu or lack thereof, he is quite welcome to come to my house for supper. Poor thing looks like he could use a good meal. Just one warning, I cooked a lettuce thinking it was cabbage. Ooooops!

  18. Traci says:

    Sooo excited to see your front yard garden! We were going to put one in the front yard too but then came up with the brilliant idea of pouring a driveway there and so now I have a vegetable “strip” between the new driveway and the sidewalk leading to the front door. Not was labor intensive for sure, but I’m hoping for a nice enough yield for us!

  19. Gayla T says:

    I was going to volunteer to be guest menu maker for this week but thought better of it when I decided that I’d actually have to figure out what to eat all week. Dang! That would be way too hard! And I’d ruin your chances to be the best blog next year when I had to actually have people read what these grands and I eat all week. Bbbboooorrrrriing! Here’s the menu short and sweet, hamburgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese, pizza and green beans, new potatoes and ham in the crock pot. Yep, I am going to make them eat real food so if your read of a of a food riot in a Kansas prison it will just be us. I’m going to be putting in my red and green lettuce border along the walk this week and that’s as close to a front yard garden as I can offer. See why I don’t have my own blog? It’s just too dang much work to try to be interesting and no one would believe my crazy life anyway. Don’t let the fella read this. I’m trying to make him think I’d cook for him so I can lure him away from you. Actually, that sound like a lot of work too so it’s ok if he reads this. I’ll continue my life of junk food and Barbie dolls.

  20. Diane says:

    Ahhh no menu…? It’s ok. Whenever I see your menu and all the planning you’ve put into it, I start thinking about how good it must all taste….drool starts to drip from my chin. It’s a disgusting mess, really. I always feel lazy and incompetent for not making a menu and not knowing how to cook! LOL Thanks for not making me drool this week! 😀

  21. Brittany says:

    Can you please send the blog mafia over to me? I used to only post 2-3 times a week, but now I’m doing a daily blog challenge. And people are actually READING, and showing up, and COMMENTING. It makes me think I’ve been doing it wrong all along!

    Have fun in the garden! 🙂

  22. Danielle m. says:

    Happy vegetable garden week, Karen!

    I received a lovely parcel in the mail yesterday from you! Thank you so much. Loved the ribbon, too. That was a lovely touch.

    Happy Easter!

  23. Jen says:

    The main thing I took away from that post was “Jalapeño Perogies.” Recipe??? 😉

  24. incredimombo says:

    Me too – so excited for this one. I’m not a chicken coup kinda girl, but I’m certainly down and dirty for a garden…been redoing my BACKyard for the past 3 summers but I can’t imagine the horror of letting the neighborhood watch me from the front – course my daughter asks if your pictures are of a model posing as you cuz someone so cute couldn’t REALLY be the one writing the blog. Will you wear a cute gardening outfit – maybe a little apron and a matching scarf?

    • Karen says:

      Hah. Nope. When I garden I’m a complete and utter mess. All of my neighbours know what I’m like and they don’t blink an eye. Not a one of them would be shocked if they saw me out digging out a garden bed at midnight in my p’jamas. 🙂 ~ karen

  25. Ellen says:

    I admire vegetable gardeners no end… my vegetables have always been extremely expensive single tomatoes, so now my idea of vegetable gardening is to go to the local farmers’ market… Tomatoes are cheaper there by the basket than they ever are if painfully grown by me.

  26. Hey Karen…..not that you need one more type of social media in your life but are you on Instagram? It’s like twitter with pics. I love seeing random pics by friends to see what they are up to. I’d love to follow you if are on it?

  27. Karyn says:

    I’m jealous actually! As I was planning just my small container Garden, my fun sucking “friends” laughed out loud. Mainly cause we live on the Lake where we have Lots and Lots of dear and squirrel! How can I do a fresh vegetable Garden and not have it as the animal appetizer before it makes it’s way to the table as MY meal????

    • Karen says:

      Karyn – Chickenwire. But I’m sure others with this problem will have suggestions too. ~ karen

      • Deborah says:

        At Karyn above on how to keep deer and other wildlife out of your vegetable garden. For deer, either totally cage it in (roof included) with chicken wire OR electric fence, only has to be waist high. It doesn’t harm the deer, they get a tingle and their natural skittishness makes them jump a mile and take off 🙂 As for squirrels, spread lots of bonemeal/bloodmeal in the dirt, they hate the stuff…or, plant daffodils as a border surrounding the garden, let the leaves stay long after the flowers are gone as daffodils are poisonous and the deer, squirrels (and rabbits) will not eat them. Marigolds are also good to deter deer and rabbits.

  28. Lynn says:

    OMG – as if I didn’t ALREADY think you are the smartest & funniest gal in BlogLand, I almost spit Reduced Fat Wheat Thins all over my computer screen when I read your ‘complete Chevron ban’ comment! You have officially reached Goddess level Karen. Now all those who like Chevrons cover your eyes for a moment… WHAT THE HECK IS WITH ALL THE STINKIN CHEVRONS?!?! Whew. I feel better. “Roll with the munches…” Goddess I tell ya, pure Goddess.

    • Karen says:

      Huh. Well that was a good comment to come in working from the garden to read. That was a horribly worded sentance. Ignore it please. ~ karen!

  29. Carolyn says:

    This is my first time commenting. I found your blog about a month or so ago & I’m more of a reader/background web member than a witty commenter. I just love everything you put on here! Your posts crack me up all the time. You also inspire me to get up off my butt and get the house projects done which is not easy when you’re caring for a 4 yr old boy all day.

    Anyway, I had to say I was puzzled by this whole mention of chevrons. So off I went to google and its images. Aside from countless corporate logos for the company, all I can figure is they are the zig zaggy looking patterns? Is that right?
    If so, I must say, we can do without them. They make you dizzy if used too much (saw an example of chevron patterned curtains – I vote no…).
    ~ Carolyn

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