This Week’s Menu.
March 12th. – 18th.

We’re closing in on the end of the heavy, starchy foods season in Canada, so I plan to incorporate as many things that make me feel like I have a cement mixer in my belly as possible over the next few weeks.

Behold … the beginning of the end of the Winter Weight extravaganza …

Mar 12 - Mar 18



Recipe Links’

Szechuan Carrot Soup

Teriyaki Sauce

Broccoli Soup

See ya all on Monday!



  1. Barbie says:

    I feel like I have a cement mixer in my belly right NOW….Friday nights are Outback Steakhouse night, and that bloomin onion get me everytime! Your menu looks great….gonna try your carrot soup!

  2. Have a lovely weekend, Karen!

  3. Alison says:

    Down here in this neck ‘ya all’ would sound like the beautifully drawled ‘y’all’! Try it…sunshine in a word!

  4. Melody Madden says:

    I used to always meal plan .. that was a few years ago. I loved the organizational aspect of it. Now I’ve fallen off the wagon but since reading your Weekly Menu I think it’s time to jump back on …Thanks Karen

  5. cynD says:

    sounds so you!! My hubby cooks so I have to have him look at this..
    just so you know we share the efforts.. He cooks I clean up. and do the laundry, and the sweeping, and the bathroom cleaning, and the bed making… Ok don’t let his cooking go to his head. I do the rest of the her-chores kind of thing.. However I will take it. He is a good cook.

  6. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Love your broccoli soup Karen..I make mine creamy though..chili.grilled cheese..sounds like a good week..

  7. KatyKazoo says:

    We here in the Southwest are waking up to the possibility that spring might just really be coming. This signals that I must also craft a meal plan for the coming week that makes us want to never take off our soft clothes.

    Roast Chicken, posole (just one more time!), green chile macaroni & cheese (again, just one more!), carne adovada, and some Gypsy Stew. The shame is that it is too warm to light a fire, all these meals but one almost REQUIRE a fire in the fireplace.

    • Karen says:

      Katy – What’s a Gypsy stew??! ~ karen

      • KatyKazoo says:

        A time-consuming stew incorporating chicken, green chiles, tomatoes, a full bottle of sherry, and a few other things. The recipe originated at the Pink Adobe in Santa Fe, NM, and has morphed over time to be not as good as *ahem* I make it at home. To make it anywhere else in the world, you must locate poblano chiles, roast, and peel them. The time-old substitute of some green peppers with a few jalapeno will NOT work.

        • Marti says:

          Come on Karen, twist her arm a tiny bit more. I looooooooooove green chile stew and I made the most hateful, worst pot of wasted poblano poo-stew this season. Get that recipe for us!

        • mothership says:

          yes! we need all her recipes…. & can pasilla peppers (used here for chile releno) stand in for poblano??)

  8. Gayla T says:

    I can get the young’uns to eat most of this week’s menu! Nix on the broccoli soup but I might try that for myself this weekend. It sounds so good and you had me at no measuring as I seldom do unless it’s a new recipe. We are consumed with the 1-2-3 cakes right now. They can make them themselves so they feel that running the microwave for 1 minute each constitutes cooking and I’m giving them that one. Amazingly, they didn’t like the chocolate until I put about half a box of cocoa in and that makes it chocolatey enough. Have a good weekend. It’s spring here in NE Kansas with Daffies already in bloom at least a month early and I’m not complaining. I tell myself I enjoy the aspect of four seasons but it has not hurt my feelings at all to skip winter.

  9. Chiara says:

    Sounds like a great menu. It has inspired my meal planner for this week!

  10. Jodi says:

    Hi Karen! Can we have your recipe for the Gruyere Galette? Or is it top secret?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jodi – No secret. I just post the recipes as I make them so I can include pictures. Eventually all the good ones will be up. Could take years of course … 😉 ~ karen

  11. CLAUDINE says:

    The carrot soup was amazing! Thank you for sharing.

    • Karen says:

      Excellent! I made it this week too (as you know) but I wasn’t as in love with it, LOL. Something wasn’t exactly right. Soup *always* turns out different every time for me. Maybe I had a bad batch of carrots. Fella loved it though. He’s not quite as discriminating about my food as I am. 🙂 ~ karen

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