This Week’s Menu
January 21st – 27th

Alright.  Here we go.  A Paleo menu.  Full of things that are Paleo.

They’re adaptations of regular meals that we eat all the time when the fella isn’t torturing me with experimental meal plans based on men who had hair on the soles of their feet.

I may have had to take a delicious ingredient or two out, but these meals aren’t toooo different from  our regular meals.  That’s kind of my plan with this whole experiment.

For instance Monday’s meal is something we’d normally eat, only I’ve had to omit the goat’s cheese on the beets I’d normally have and the side of roasted potatoes.

For Tuesday, this is something we’d normally eat exactly as is, only I’m not sure it’s all that geared towards weight loss what with the chicken salad being made of scads of (olive oil) mayonnaise.  The Curried Cauliflower Soup is a new recipe from my True Foods cookbook and is delicious.  D E L I C I O U S.

Wednesday I’m breaking down and considering having Goat’s cheese on my salad.  The fella will not.  I might.  I haven’t decided.

Thursday and Saturday would have the addition of potatoes normally so I just took those out and Sunday I’d prefer a quiche, but we’re forced to have a Paleo friendly frittata.  Bleh.



jan 21 - 27


A couple of the recipes!


The True Food Curried Cauliflower Soup

My Chicken and Goat’s Cheese Salad

Civilized Caveman’s Paleo Banana Bread

The True Food Kale Salad (I omitted the parmesan and bread crumbs)


There’s actually a Paleo food seminar at the fella’s Crossfit gym this weekend. I’ve been to the nutrition seminars there before. Adam, the King Crossfitter is very well versed in matters of nutrition and box jumps.  And other stuff.  I like Adam.  I’d like to hear what he has to say.

But, I’ve been banned from this seminar. Not by the folks at Crossfit, but by the fella himself.  He claims to have some fear I’ll have an outburst.  I won’t behave myself.  At the first mention of how great Paleo is, I’ll jump up and start shouting FREE THE TUBERS! FREE THE TUBERS!  Or something like that.

So I won’t be going.  I really don’t know what he’s so worried about.  I’m just a tiny wisp of thing with the face of an angel. Just one look at me and anyone can see I have the disposition of a saint.

F*&kin’ asshole.

Anyhow, that’s what we’ll be eating this week.  It’s a good lookin’ menu, but looks, as we all know, can sometimes be deceiving.



  1. kirsten says:

    “Lettuce buns” may be the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. Goodbye crusty French bread. 🙁

    • Karen says:

      It is. It is very very sad. Even though I have always eaten this chicken salad this way. Now it makes me sad because I’m doing it because I *have* to. Boooo. ~ karen

  2. Susan says:

    How do you cook your chard, Karen? It grows in my garden all year ’round. I’m always looking for interesting recipes.
    I don’t see any aboriginal, heirloom tofu on the menu. You know, from the vegetarian Neandertals who sat around weaving and smoking pot instead of hunting mammoths.
    And didn’t early humans eat wild tubers?
    Thank you for not inviting me to dinner this week. 🙂

  3. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    FREE THE it..I’m not understanding why sweet potatoes and not other have to cook this but you can’t go to the lecture?? Surely you capable of disguising yourself my dear ;)Don’t you have access to all of that stage make-up and wardrobe stuff at the studio..He will never be the wiser ;)unless you open your mouth that is 😉

    • Ann says:

      Most nutritional experts will tell you that sweet potatoes react differently in your system than white potatoes. Even diabetics can eat sweets when they can’t do whites. The white potato turns to sugar immediately and spikes blood sugar levels very high. The sweet potatoes are digested much slower and don’t raise blood sugar levels as fast or as high. Still a starch to use a bit sparingly tho.

  4. Mary says:

    I’m so, so sorry you have to go through this…
    Eat like a caveman? Because they had such loooong lifespans?
    Cheer up, buttercup – the end is nigh!

  5. pixie says:

    Great job! Looks very edible 🙂 I’m dying to try paleo, but I’m scared… I may just steal your menu (if I may)

  6. Lynn says:

    Yay! So happy to hear you’re going to try paleo….and way to go, hubby! 🙂 My husband and I have been eating paleo for 8 months now and we love it! I’m excited to try your recipes along with you. By the way…..I just LOVE how you write (the F*&kin’ asshole part slayed me)! Good luck….looking forward to the updates! 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Lynn – Thanks for your support! But I shouldn’t need too much luck. This is to be a short lived experience for both of us, not a lifestyle change. He because he’s curious and me because I’m stupidly supportive, LOL. We eat whole foods normally (for the most part) and I’m happy with that so it’ll be back to it once he’s decided this experiment is over. Which hopefully happens before I crack and eat 12 cans of salt and vinegar pringles in one sitting. ~ karen!

      • Lynn says:

        Karen, I hear ya on the Pringles! 🙂 Lay’s plain chips are my weakness…and I indulge now and then! Please post what hubby’s experience is with the paleo seminar! 🙂

  7. Darin says:

    Just in case you start having a bread breakdown– You can purchase “Paleo Bread” from this website.

    It isn’t cheap but may keep you sane. I dabble in a paleo type diet but I refuse to deny myself cheese, and there are many “paleoist” who think goat cheese isn’t considered “dairy”…go figure..

  8. Jennie says:

    Just blew coffee outta my nose reading the last three lines…ah, that’s the kind of writing that keeps me coming back!

  9. cred says:

    I am more of a frittata girl than a quiche girl- although my fritatta has a couple of thinly sliced russet potatoes tossed around with the onions, spinach and loads of cheddar.

    I am going to give that cauliflower soup a try- sounds delicious.

  10. The Fella's Dad says:

    I’m proud of that boy but he’s been acting weird lately. What are you doing to him?

    • Marti says:

      Hey Fella’s Dad… did somebody bogart the term you invented for “True Food Cookbook” or are you somewhere counting your royalties?

    • Nancy Blue Moon says:

      Hey Fellas Dad..Is he grunting a lot and carrying a big club around..and whittling homemade spears and other tool/weapon type items..If so..I think I know what’s up..

  11. Ann says:

    Karen, the original Paleo diet recommended that you don’t immediately start out at 100%, but that you allow yourself up to 3 meals a week that aren’t strictly paleo. Meaning you could make home made pizza using Paleo meat, lots of veggies but on a real pizza crust with plenty of cheese and eaten with a good glass of red wine to boot. Would that not make things a bit easier if you knew you could ease up on the restrictions 20% of the time? I did this when I went Paleo and it helped. But honestly, my body felt so much better after the first 2 weeks that I was afraid to even have the nonpaleo stuff at all.

    And to those who say that Paleo is a fad diet or that it is not based on good research needs to do a little research themselves. It is based on very good science. Someone mentioned the Weston Price Foundation, which is an amazing storehouse of research work that Paleo is based on. Mainstream nutritional research is very much influenced by the government’s desire for us to eat lots of grains because we can grow them in such abundance. But as more and more researchers, doctors and nutritionalists come out saying that grains are a huge problem for our health, maybe we will open our eyes and deviate from what the powers that be want us to do.

    I will probably give full paleo another try here in the next month or so. The last time I did the full monty, I felt better than I have in years. And when I had my blood work done, every single major factor was better than the year before. And that is pretty much what the Paleo followers have found across the board. More good meat, good oils, fiber from fruits and veggies and just watch your lipids go down.

    • Karen says:

      LOL. I’m one of the ones that thinks it’s a fad diet. I guess we can wait 5 years and see. We already eat well and feel great, so Paleo seems like a bit of a misguided adventure for us. And we both feel worse for it, LOL. ~ karen!

  12. Marti says:

    How scary is it that I already have everything needed for all of these dishes? Yikes!

  13. Megan says:

    Hilarious as always. Best of luck with Paleo. We’re about 80/20 now and it works for us. To be honest, there are so many mediocre hamburger buns in the world I don’t even miss ’em. Top that sucker with guacamole with a side of grilled sweet potatoes and oh my food. So good.

    Will definitely make the lime aioli this week. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. White says:

    Is there a viable reason why the fella is not responsible for coming up with the menu, and preparing it himself?

    • Karen says:

      Yes. He works 10 hours a day and drives and hour to work and an hour home. So it makes more sense for me to make dinner. He cleans up. ~ karen

  15. Amy says:

    Have you ever tried using your smoker to cook your beets? It’s the only way I will eat them. But why no potatoes? I’ve been curious about Paleo but I didn’t know potatoes were off the menu.

  16. calliek says:

    Any diet that excludes cheese can suck it as far as I’m concerned. But good on you for playing along!

  17. Julia says:

    A recipe for a paleo quiche – it’s nothing short of amazing.

    I thought I would try paleo for a couple months beginning last march. 2 weeks into it I decided I’m never looking back and was pretty miffed nobody had ever told me about eating this way before… And that was coming from a totally clean diet of whole foods.

    I have amassed about 2,000 paleo recipes (9 out of 10 of them I’ve tried have been stunningly delicious (key lime pie, pumpkin chili, mug cakes)… If you need any recipes, let me know.


    • Karen says:

      Thanks Julia! It does look good, but I’m not sure I can consider a quiche with a crust made entirely out of bacon to be a healthier option than how I normally make it, LOL. Thanks for the site I’ll look some more at it! ~ karen

  18. Ayngelina says:

    I’ve been experimenting with food myself and while I’ll never be vegetarian I have been eating vegetarian a few days a week for years. This year I decided to do vegan one day a week and it’s tough but I like the challenge.

    I have thought about the paleo thing but wondered about the theory being flawed. I understand that back in the paleo time they didn’t eat grains or fruit but they also lived 1/4 of the lifespan we did. Regardless good luck with it.

  19. Thera says:

    You have made me grateful that my hubby is such a plain joe that hates any kind of change! LOL, good luck!

  20. maggiewann says:

    It looks to me like the cavemen were eating pretty good, yum.

  21. sara says:


    i just adore your blog and often times laugh until i cry or wet my pants. i started eating paleo awhile ago and here are a few website to help you out even if it’s just for a week.

    health bent has some awesome stuff like butternut squash lasagna and cuban pork tenderloin.

    everyday paleo is stricter paleo and has some awesome steak and stir fry recipes.

  22. Ruth says:

    What on earth are lettuce buns?! Somebody, anybody, wake me up! Gimme back my burger buns!

    Oh, those are Karen’s buns? My bad… as you were… I found my buns. Stupid nightmare… *sheepish grin*

  23. mothership says:

    OMG! yeah OF COURSE some diets TOTALLY work for some people…
    & yeah the paleo “idea” makes sense… in the way “unrefined” makes sense… our generational turnover as humans is so slow, that our bodies cannot adapt quickly to new (as in the past 3,000-5,000 years new) changes in nutrition.
    THAT being said… probably the best way for a person to eat is to look at what YOUR VERY OWN ANCESTORS evolved eating…
    for instance… my ancestry is 95% NORTHERN european- I HATE sweet potatoes, don’t really like, &/or am allergic to most tropical fruits (do like pineapple- but can only eat in very limited quantities), don’t like rice, love starchy root veg… am NOT lactose intolerant…. in fact, along with storing root veg, meats, and fermented veg and beverages(!), yogurts and cheeses have been a way to preserve animal products for a very long time- being one of the the ONLY way for humans to survive in far northern climates… AND studies have been done that show that birds/animals PREFER naturally fermented berries/grains found in nature.. as I would suppose humans found (& learned to replicate sooner rather than later I would think) in paleo days…. speaking of ferments- those are found in all cultures… even those lucky enough to eat pineapple!
    and we have to remember…. hunter/gatherers would be way more likely to eat that slightly “off” find than modern day shopper/buyers!
    so I have to believe that alot of this hard core paleo stuff is for the birds (pass those fermented grapes!)

  24. Shauna says:

    totally off topic here and I think you’ve told us before but a search for ‘chalkboard font’ on your site, didn’t come back with anything. what font do you use to ‘write on’ your chalkboard for your menu?


    I can’t comment on your new (albeit temporary) diet, because it makes me sad for you, and I only like to think of you as a happy chip eating Karen:)

    • Karen says:

      LOL. Today I was happy cake eating Karen! Even though I don’t really like cake. Made a triple layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for his birthday and we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast. All bets were off for today. 🙂 The font I use is called “Chalkduster”. ~ karen!

  25. Bonnie says:

    I am quite sure that our paleolithic ancestors did not eat olive oil, curry, or other spices, or sausage. Silly, silly, silly…

  26. Jeanne says:

    Wow that meal plan looks AWEsome. Only thing I saw that looked ugh was red peppers. I can’t stand em. I think I need to go Paleo. I can’t wait to try kale chips – saw the recipe in your yesterday’s post. I am one of those rare people that LOVE bitters. I guess those who hate kale/kale chips don’t like bitters. Understandable. Doesn’t the Paleo lifestyle also incorporate interesting physical activity too, like mad dash running sprints and hauling/throwing super heavy objects? I read up on it once but didn’t really go there…was more into vegan at the time. I know, Paleo is very different especially the meat part, from vegan, but it would probably be easier to get the hubbs on Paleo than vegan. I’m flexible that way… except giving up my coffee… uh nuh… I’d go caveman on people without my coffee…

  27. Barbie says:

    So? how is it going? This menu does not look so bad to me! 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Barbie – It’s going AWFUL. I hate it, LOL. The menu looks fine until you have to eat like that for weeks or months on end. Bleh. I NEED A POTATO!!! ~ karen

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