This Week’s Menu!
June 11th – June 17th

Too tired.  No writing.  Only menu.


Only menu.  No writing. Too tired.




Tired.  Cranky.

Go away.  You’re pissing me off.



Recipe Links!

Karen’s recipe for Spaghetti & Meatballs
No Knead Bread from Steamy Kitchen
Karen’s Guaranteed Crispy Sweet Potato Fries and Sriracha/Mayo dip.


TIREDDDDDDDD.   Go away.  You’re buggin’ me.

love karen.



  1. Karen,

    We all love you even when you’re tired and cranky 🙂



    PS – I hope everyone is okay with my admitting our love.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for the menu effort…gnite. Zzzzzzz… Hope you wake up feelin’ finer than frog hair ~:0)

  3. Gayla T says:

    Amazingly, I think I could get by with most of the meal plan this week. There will be things the picky kids won’t like but oh, well. I will be trying that no knead bread. The last one I tried was not so good. I just noticed that we have read that script you used tonight before. One little difference was the fella doing the talking and you trying to put a band aid on a paper cut. LOL We were not any where near you and you are getting cranky. Maybe you have the cranky flu that’s going around. When my daughter and I had it we talked about how grouchy we were and believe me, we were grouchy, big time. Now the usually laid back SIL has it and he is a tiny bit crankier today than he was yesterday. I think it’s the broken hand that’s what is really bugging him. LOL His ten y/o ‘puter was acting up last night so he slammed the key board with his fist, threw it off the desk, kicked it across the living room, out the door and off the porch. He then went out and stomped it to pieces. I’m so darn mad I didn’t get to see it but my daughter says it was price less. She is only sorry she didn’t have the video camera at hand. One of his friends was there to witness it so he can’t even expect sympathy at work. He is so sheepish over it and that makes it even more fun to tease him although I told my daughter we better lighten up now that we have seen what he is capable of. She’s known him for 25 years and never seen him like that. Several others, after hearing this story, admitted how mean they were when they had this flu. I wonder if it would stand up in court as a defence just in case I need one. I thought he was even more laid back than I am but now I’m not so sure. Any way, if you find you are sick, it’s probably best just to get the fella out of the house until you feel better. Being the loyal fan I am, I will be more than happy to take care of him for you just as long as you are crabby. I’ll be calling the air lines to see about getting him on a plane to Kansas. I’m sure he is dying to see the Little House on the Prairie, too, so this will be an excellent opportunity and he can take pictures for you. You don’t need to say a thing. I know already how much you are appreciating this offer. It will give him a chance to add to his fan club when he gets to meet the Red Hat Cougar Society girls. He’ll be a big hit there. Well, I better get to bed so I’ll be up to entertaining him while he is here. No thanks needed. Just doing my part as a friend to get you through this illness you might or might not be coming down with. But, you better send him anyway just in case. We don’t want anyone “tripping” (wink wink) on those stairs again.

  4. I’m going to copy and paste these words to hold up when I’m too tired to describe how tired I am. Like today. So tired I thought your “mini souffles” read MINT souffles…..thought “Karen must have planted a load of mint in her garden and now it’s gone wild and she’s using it up in souffles”..oh my, I’m going back to bed!

  5. Pate says:

    We acknowledge that you are The Goddess of Everything. However darling, you are entitled to be tired and bored and annoyed with everything just like the rest of us mere mortal girls (not to be confused with the cluck cluck girls).
    When you’re feeling better, I’d love to see some updated pics of your backyard garden. How’s your chipmunk?

  6. Barbara says:

    Take a deep breath, calm down,do something fun, we love you anyway! You don’t have to entertain us everyday.

  7. Darlene says:

    Okay here….and Karen,we especially love you when you are tired and cranky!! Because you say what we want to,but don’t always have the nerve to say!!
    Now go away,I’m tired,too!!

  8. Sherri says:

    I’m so impressed that you create a weekly menu that it’s easy to forgive your bad mood. Now go to sleep and don’t come out of your room until you’re happy. *kisses*

  9. Shirley says:

    Boy, you know you’re having a REALLY bad day when even the chipmunk’s giving you a hard time! But that’s OK, because this is all about me! Look at that incredible avatar I managed to attach to my comment! A “Shirley Poppy” — get it? Thanks for showing me how to do that, Karen. It was so easy that I may come up with a different one every other week. I’ll bet you can’t wait!
    There, do you feel better now? Does the anticipation give you something to live for?

  10. Barbie says:

    HA HA HA HA HA! …..AGAIN… this is why I love you! lolol

  11. Bonnie says:

    I don’t knead any bread this week.

  12. AnnW says:

    I learn something from you almost every week. It would be every week but I am resistant to new things. I am going to make that bread as soon as my kitchen is finished. I have to find a pot to put it into. Then, I am going to try the sweet potato fries. I don’t have time to put in a garden this year. We have too many critters around here, but I am thinking about it. Don’t go near the back stairs in your pajamas! Deja vu. Take a handful of magnesium. You might be getting a migraine. The magnesium really works. Take over 1000mg every few hours. Stop when you get diarrhea. It usually doesn’t happen. If you go to the hospital, they give you IV Magnesium. Cheer up, it has rained here everyday for 3 or 4 weeks. Ann

  13. Carla Barnes says:

    Another riveting round of comments – I love ALL of you ladies! “Thanks” to Karen for bringing us together.

  14. Cynthia says:

    Dear Karen,
    Well, cranky happens.(Too some people a lot, my heart goes out to them cuz it’s not a sweet place to be. Sooooo, when we’re in that non-sweet place let’s wine, oops, I mean whine also and maybe your menu could look like this one week.
    Mon. – Take-Out
    Tue. – Leftovers from Take-Out and a couple eggs scrambled from our beautiful chickens who lay forth.
    Wed. – Please God, friends/family invite us over for dinner.
    Thur. – Please God, friends/family looked upon my weariness and sent us home with… Leftovers.
    Fri. – The fella sez, “Darlin’ I’m taking you OUT tonight for___________ your favourite food.
    Sat. Hmmmm, may be picking up a bit. Might even trim off some of the mould of food in the fridge and yessiree, stir-fry the who damn thing.
    Sun. Not usually too religious but there happens to be a Potluck at the Evangelical Church a few blocks away. Maybe they won’t notice we haven’t brought anything if we just smooze our way into the banquet hall.
    This week’s menu. SO DONE.
    Sound okay? ;>)

  15. Cynthia says:

    Sorry, I didn’t edit that last post or spell check. Oh well. Not perfect AGAIN.

  16. marilyn says:

    i could send my murderous cat down to deal with the screaming chipmunk..that might help your mood some, she is two for two on the baby bunnies 🙁

  17. Mary Werner says:

    LOVE TO READ YOUR COMMENTS. Oh, and your post too, HA.

  18. Ruth says:

    I never make anything from your menus, but I sure love the comments they generate. LOL!

    To wildlife-deprived Jamaican, chipmunks look so darn cute…way cuter than chickens. Let him scream all he wants to, and don’t you dear take up Marilyn’s offer. Hmph! The very thought… *shivers*

  19. Ruth says:

    That should read “To A wildlife-deprived….” and “don’t you DARE….”
    (Could we have a feature that will allow us to correct our comments. Hehehe…)

  20. judy says:

    chipmunks must be related to squirrels which are a variety of rats with mutant tails. When you see one feet up in the middle of the road, that’s a genuine Martha Stewart GOOD THING!

  21. Anj says:

    I like to check your menu to see what you are doing this week.
    Here is my weeks menu as it has happened so far.
    The kids and I are doing the 4 Day Evening Walk at the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. It is Oskar’s and my 2nd year and Elise’s first year. Essentially it involves walking 5K each night for 4 nights with a bunch of Dutch people then they give you a medal.

    This has led to some pretty poor eating on my part so here is the menu:

    Monday: Coke, Barbecue Hot Dog, Bag of Chips
    Tuesday: Coke, Barbecue Hot Dog, Bag of Chips
    Wednesday: Ice Tea, DVCA Pizza, Doritos
    Thursday: Leftovers at Karen’s House 🙂 Your dinner looks better than what I can get at the conservation area
    Friday: some sort of take out that better involve vegetables
    Saturday: Girls night dinner with my sister, my 8 year old and her 4 year old at August 8
    Sunday: Whatever Heidi makes for Father’s Day
    See you tonight 🙂

  22. Arun says:

    So–I found reference to making sweet potato fries and your recipe calls for CORN starch. Grandson is allergic to corn and wheat (and a bunch of other stuff but NOT sweet potatoes) so–any suggestions on what to use instead of flour or corn starch. I considered almond meal but, oh yeah, he’s allergic to tree nuts and peanuts, too. Not legumes in general, it seems, though.
    Thanks for whatever suggestions you might make. Hope you’ve managed to get sufficient rest and that you didn’t get two lines in the test.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Arun -I”m afraid I haven’t heard of a suitable substitute. Some people have suggested arrowroot starch, but since I haven’t tried it I can’t vouch for how well it will work. Give it a shot! ~ karen

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