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May 7th – May 13th

I’m waiting on asparagus. I’m not so super devoted to eating “fresh” that I don’t EVER buy things out of season, but I’ve purposely not bought any asparagus for most of this winter. So I am FREAKING OUT EXCITED FOR ASPARAGUS. Should be here any day.

……(w a i t i n g)……

Kay. It’s not here yet. So, I shall have to plan an asparagus free menu this week. Which is fine. I thought the days of Spaghetti & Meatballs were behind us but it’s still acceptable Spaghetti & Meatballs weather as far as I’m concerned.

I mean, really the only weather that isn’t acceptable Spaghetti & Meatball weather is if it’s raining french fries. Then the dinner choice is clear.


Off to the menu!





Recipe Links

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Karen’s Chicken with Red Peppers & Goats cheese recipe

Martha Stewart’s *PERFECT* Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Holy shit.  Guess what?!  In the time it took me to write this post ASPARAGUS ARRIVED!  I swear to you!!!  I opened up the flyers and THERE IT WAS.  On the front page.  LOCAL asparagus!   So … as a bit of an amendment to the menu .. please sub in Asparagus wherever any other food item might be.  Baked asparagus, BBQed asparagus, steamed asparagus.  Sigh.  Asparagus.


  1. White says:

    Whew! You have just been saved by some timely asparagus.

    I was disappointed that last week’s menu made no mention of Cinco de Mayo (today, May 5) — a ready-made excuse for “moderate” use of tequila (watch those stairs), spicy peppers, ‘hot’ and timely inspiration to garden planning: habaneros (tequila) jalapeňos beans (mojitos) corn (margaritas) cilantro (sher-vay-shahz…hic!…ah! sh-ummertime…), All of Olé!

    And now this week, more disappointment: Wednesday features spaghetti and meatballs leftovers… hello, leftovers??? Of course, you made no mention about how one might use such unlikely leftovers (“re-fried” into an omelette? made into a broth-y soup? a cold pasta salad? (all of the afore-mentioned with asparagus, of course)…okay, itsh shtarting to mayksh shensh to me now.

  2. Gayla T says:

    Hey, you want some asparagus? It’s been here in KS a while and much earlier than usual because of the heat tsunami we are having. It was 90 today! Hard to believe. The humidity is awful because it rains like every other day. I ususally like heat but not this kind that keeps the air from entering lungs. There is an asparagus farm near here and they have been advertizing for a couple of weeks. I haven’t gone to get it yet but maybe this weekend as it is supposed to cool off.

  3. Asparagus rocks! I tried to grow it in our old house garden, but you would only get a meal out of it…one. And, have you had fiddleheads! Woohoo! They’re out too and on a par with fresh asparagus!
    xo wendy

  4. Kerri says:

    mmmm asparagus. I shall. I might throw in some spaghetti and meatballs too now that you mention it. Perfect for this 20 degree, snowy, sunny, rainy, windy, shorts and parka kinda weather we’ve been having here in good ol’ Eastern Ontario. Fun times.

  5. Debbie says:

    Mmm. Fresh asparagus. A few summers ago we discovered gobs of it growing rampant at my Grandpa’s farm, all tangled up among the absolutley giant rhubarb plants. What a spring find! We ate asparagus 1 hour out of the ground and rhubarb pie for dessert. Sigh. I’ve never been the same since.

  6. Elen Grey says:

    Some of us are celebrity watchers; some of us are asparagus watchers. I’m the latter. Thanks for the tip! Wahoo. It still feels like grilled sandwiches weather and soup weather, too. 😉

    • Jan says:

      Having company this week. How well des the sauce and meat balls freeze?

      • Karen says:

        Jan – The spaghetti and meatballs freeze perfectly. I do it all the time. The sauce tends to thicken up after sitting either in the fridge or freezer though, so when you thaw it you may need to thin it a little. Just add a bit of water. ~ karen!

        • Jan says:

          Thanks! I’m along using your sauce for stuffed peppers.

          My old recipe for stuffed peppers:

          I invented this after a very stressful day when our dog managed to get on the roof and fall off…chasing after a squirrel. Both animals fine. One had a $400 x-ray.

          Anyway, did the peppers like this: cut tops off peppers, gutted them ( removed seeds and bitter white parts inside) softened them slightly in boiling water.

          Then I added my usual spaghetti sauce to a pound of browned beef and some chopped onions. My usual sauce is a basic jar of Prego or spaghetti sauce of choice with lots of oregano and even more dried basil thrown in.

          I use fresh home grown basil if I have it. I use many tablespoons of dried basil ( yes, really, many tablespoons). And then…sugar so that the sauce tastes mildly least a tablespoon. This isn’t as disgusting as it may seem, especially once the pepper taste mixes in.

          Cooked rice is a nice addition but my goofy family prefers the peppers without them. So I stuff 4-6 peppers, depending on size, and bake them at 350 after putting a bit of the sauce in the bottom of the pan first.

          The secret is that sugar. When the sweetened sauce and the pepper favors combine they just flatter each other well. But don’t sweeten it too much.

          This recipe has been even more popular with my family than my mom’s legendary stuffed peppers and her peppers took hours to prep and make. Mine take maybe an hour or less, start to finish ( the oven time is mostly to soften the peppers more and heat things up.)

          No slouch in the kitchen, my mother had an instinctive knack for cooking, once making an invented pie the night before the state fair cooking contest entry deadline. She won Grand Prize but could never remember how to make it again. She always cooked by taste , not by recipes. She never wrote anything down.

          So I’m a bit proud of those peppers. They won’t win awards. But they get the family to eat green peppers and we never have leftovers.

  7. Debbie says:

    I would love more details on Tuesdays recipes,i.e. the sole and spinach dishes.

  8. Denise says:

    Vege quesadillas! yum! I’m still wanting to make those rhubarb crisps. Thanks!

  9. Leslie says:

    Mmmm asparagus ifs my favorite.

  10. Jan says:

    OMG, I am so embarrassed. My reply was about how excited I was to discover your recipe…which is actually baking and then will be frozen until company arrives.

    But somehow I added a whole stuffed pepper recipe which no lover of good food should make. When I said I was proud of the recipe all I really meant was that I was proud to have a recipe my family would eat. We’ve had some major culinary disasters around here!

    So my family’s idea of good food is much lower than what most here would probably like.

    • Karen says:

      Jan – I have a recipe for White Trash Salad on my site. It’s made with marshmallows and canned fruit. We’re not culinary elite here. I do make everything from scratch and well … normally don’t eat crap, but … I like anything that tastes good. 🙂 ~ karen

  11. karenagain says:

    Once again I made your spaghetti and meatball recipe. For about the tenth time. Hubby loves it and so do I. I will never make balls and sauce any other way. He asked me if I made it from scratch. Well, I didn’t grow or squash my own tomatoes. I bought tomato juice. BUT I didn’t buy spaghetti sauce. This year I will grow my own tomatoes. Okay?

    • Karen says:

      Karenagain – It’s a keeper isn’t it? I myself am looking forward to it immensely. I’m just about to start my no knead bread to have with it as a matter of fact! ~ karen

  12. Jan says:

    This recipe is wonderful! My family loved it. I did bake it for at least 4 hours and used regular tomato juice ( forgot to get the low sodium kind). Maybe I lucked out because it was fine. I did use organic juice, though, and many of those aren’t high sodium ( in my experience).

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