This Week’s Menu!
Sept. 17 – 23

Yes.  It’s the return of the weekly menu.   It’s been a while.  I’ve been living on bugs.




Wanna make some of these things?
Here are the recipes I use …

Potato Pancakes

Chicken & Goat Cheese salad w/ Roasted Red peppers

Garlic Bread (from Savory Sweet Life)

I’m trying *yet* another butternut squash soup recipe.  This one calls for apple cider, sour cream and other good stuff.  I have high hopes for this one.  Fingers crossed and spoons raised.


  1. Gayla T says:

    Wow! This one sounds wonderful. Sadly, I won’t be able to make it over for dinner at all this week. I’m going to be so busy with oven or stove top cooking that I’ll be spending all my time in the kitchen. I have to learn to cook again with out the microwave. I read the new report about how the use of a microwave changes the molecular structure of food so that our bodies can’t use the nurients or that there is no food value left. This came about through all the DNA testing that is going on over the ways our bodies can’t use the genetically modified foods. I know you are expecting me to drop the punch line about now but I’m dead serious about it. There was a lot of information about how it all works or actually doesn’t work even with water heated in a microwave and used to water plants. It showed the science fair project of a youngster who microwaved the water and used it to water one plant while unmicrowaved water was used on the other one. Identical plants, same amount of water and light and the one watered with microwaved water withered and died. Then the stats from real scientists who picked it up and ran with it. The scariest part was how the molecules that were left just go to fat and linger in our bodies with no where to go. So, yesterday when little three year old Kassidy wanted a carton of mac and cheese that has been her favorite food since she was weaned came out of the little plastic dish it came in, all ready for the micerowave oven and I had to cook it on top of the stove in a pan. Since she knows what buttons to push to cook it as we have been doing since she was old enough to declare what she wants to eat,she looked at me like I was nuts and said in her kindest voice reserved for those who really should be in the nursing home but refuse to go, “Uh, no Granny, that’s not how to cook it. Remember, we put it in the microwave and do three minutes.” Even when I explained that we now have a better way to cook it she was very scepticle as at least half of the population will be. When I first read it I’m thinking that it’s not that big of a deal because I don’t really cook with it, anyway. Then I got to thinking how much stuff I reheat, how much bread or rolls I freshen, how much frozen meat I thaw out. The list got longer and longer. I feel like I’ve buried one of my best friends. No more quicky frozen entres’ on weekends when I don’t have to cook for the kids. All the things I cook in larger amounts with the idea of having “planned overs” so I don’t have to cook again just got shot down. We love potatoes in cheese sauce so I always make a double batch and serve it again later in the week. I had the second batch in the fridge when I first saw the info so I had to reheat it on the stove top. Can you even begin to imagine how long it takes to reheat something like that without scorching it? I stood there and stirred for half an hour. That was thirty minutes I could have been sitting in my easy chair with the book I’m reading. That’s when I it really hit me that this is a monumental discovery. I’m glad to know that I’m ruining food that I prepare to nourish myself and others but I wish it wasn’t true. I think I’m going to cry!

    • Karen says:

      Gayla T – Don’t forget there’s a lot of hysteria associated with studies like this. It is entirely possible this is one of those cases. If microwaves killed all the nutrients in all our food we’d all be dead by now, having had microwaves since the 70’s or 80’s. Like everything in the world (other than asbestos, shotguns and wild mushrooms) … in moderation it won’t kill you. Search more about the study and see what else you can find. ~ karen!

      • Leslie says:

        Have you ever been on a Mushroom Foray? I went on a truffle foray once. It was informative, hysterical, useful, absurd in perfect proportions for blogging …

      • I had to replicate that experiment for a film and I can tell you, the fish lived, the plants lived and we quietly shelved the whole thing.

        On another note, I love Thai eggplant with basil and today for the first time I’m going to cook it myself. I would like a round of applause – *pause* – thank you.

  2. Jeff Walker says:

    Damn it Im a vegan but that garlic bread looks so good! There’s got to be a way to make that over without it tasking like crap.

    Hey- Have a favorite bean soup recipe? And here is a question for you: how to cook beans without the gassy side effects? I’ve tried everything from submerging aluminum foil balls during cooking to baking soda pre-soaks. Just asking..

  3. lemur_lass says:

    I am not sure if you have tried this one yet. But this is my go-to butternut squash soup recipe:

    I just cut open the squash lengthwise and roast it in the oven for 45 minutes. Then, I scoop out the cooked flesh. No peeling or chopping required.

  4. Kristin says:

    I know, I know; it’s from a mommy/kid website, but this soup is SO good! It’s a savory-not-sweet squash bisque, and my family starts asking for it every year as soon as the weather turns fall-ish. It’s a keeper!

  5. Chrissy says:

    I want the polenta recipe!

    • Patti says:

      I was just going to write that, myself. I’ve never tried Polenta. I’ve never eaten it or made it. But I trust that your polenta recipe is delightful, so I’ll save that for my Polenta Pioneer. K?

  6. Jeff Walker says:

    Have you guys been to yet? This is without question the best recipe site.

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