Throw Away 50 Things.You did it!

I went on a bit of an attack last week.

January gets me like that. Starts me cleaning and moving and organizing. It’s kind of imperative when you live in a small house. If you don’t clean and move and organize you end up starring as the lady with the liquified cats under her couch/bed/kitchen table on Hoarders.

It started with cleaning out my junk drawer. It ended in death.

The death of a million pairs of p’jamas, stained tee shirts and ugly, ugly footwear.

Those deaths made me feel more alive than I have ever felt. It’s like I gained strength and power from every single piece of flannel I flung into the garbage.  Screw eating broccoli. Throw out all of your ugly p’jamas. You’ll live longer.

And you folks did the same. I’m not sure about the ugly p’jamas part … I don’t even know if you wear p’jamas or if you’re one of those sleep in the nude weirdos. But you did throw stuff out.

In fact a ton of you threw stuff out.  Oddly, I inspired you SO much to throw stuff out that you didn’t take pictures for me.  You were too absorbed with chucking.  Which is fine.  That was the goal.

And I’m sure you feel better for it. If you *didn’t* throw stuff out you will still feel better, because at this moment you are now going to be able to look at everyone elses’s junk.

I did get a few pictures.

It’s fun to look at everyone else’s junk. Always puts me in a better mood.

Behold … your junk.



I suggest if you recognize any of this junk, you take cover immediately. The owners of it now have the power of a thousand fields of broccoli. And I can’t guarantee they’ll use their powers for good.


  1. WilmaJean says:

    This post is very timely for me. I just accumulated two bags full of clothes from family over New Years. Now I am on a mission to rotate some of my older clothes out. Donate some, consign others. If I can get it done over the next week or two, I may do a blog post of my own. These pictures really got me motivated now!

  2. Kelli says:

    I do this every January. Usually I get something for Christmas that I can’t find a home for so te whole house ends up getting organized! My husband told me there was no way I could live without the dresser in my closet. Oh yeah? Those are fighting words! Not only did I get rid of the dresser (and yes, many pairs of ugly pjs) I got rid of at least half of the stuff in my closet! I can’t seem to part w it all year, but come January… Watch out! Now I just have to keep it this way for a yr. yeah, right!

    • Karen says:

      LOL. That’s exactly what happens to me every Christmas. The whole house gets ripped apart looking for somewhere to put the one coffee mug I got. ~ karen

  3. Julie H says:

    We are downsizing from a too big house to a much smaller house so we’ve been purging like mad for a few months.

    Our biggest sources of clutter are books and clothes …specifically my husband’s 100 pairs of khaki pants. He is kind of a hoarder and has an office, garage and shed packed with his crap. I knew he was serious about the move when he packed up and gave away a literal truckload of bike junk.

    I am sure more will have to go but it’s been almost, kinda, fun!

  4. Julie says:

    Wow Karen

    Ive been doing this all winter and didnt think to take a before shot :(

    I love looking at other peoples efforts though – saves me re-doing mine :)

    How did you get on with the side of the Road old suitcase? Did it look ok painted? Keep up with the great work – I always recommend your site to friends – especially liked the Bikram Yoga blog/text :)


    • Karen says:

      Julie – I’m working on the case this week. What I’m doing with it is a surprise! I know. Took me long enough. :) ~ karen

  5. melanie j watts says:

    I purge all the time but after I read your post I went down to the basement and came up with more than fifty things I don’t want, most of them will be donated, the rest is only fit for the garbage.

  6. Mel says:

    I do the same purge every January, late spring, and fall. Clutter makes me anxious. I didn’t take pictures, but I freecycled, donated and threw out WAY more than 50 things. The only rooms left are the basement but that was done really well in the fall, so it’s still spic and span (did I really just say spic and span?!), the office/craft room (with a ‘c’ not a ‘k’, gah), and the garage (which I need warmer weather to tackle). Feels good don’t it.

  7. Carolyn Malphrus says:

    You got me going today, cleaned out kitchen cabinets, way too many plastic containers!! Now gone,counters are organized and stuff, gone…bag of clothes to take to Goodwill tomorrow!! Sure feels good,,,,Thanks!!!

  8. I’m not sure that “liquified cats” is a phrase I ever needed to read. Thanks for the mental image. Ugh.

  9. Jane says:

    Did you not cut those pyjamas up for rags???

    • Karen says:

      Um. No. ‘Cause then instead of having 20 pounds of p’jamas I don’t wear, I’d have 20 lbs of rags I don’t use.

  10. Gail Eaton says:

    I tackled my yarn ‘stash’ in the attic. Sorted, bagged, and boxed it all into one of the dormers! Then I made the mistake of pulling out a bunch of old artwork I hadn’t looked at for 20 years! My daughter went art ‘shopping’ to use in her own house. That counts, right???

  11. sera says:

    I admit, I had already slated my linen closet for deconstruction. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to take pictures. I didn’t count how many things I threw out, but I did manage to toss a some old sheets, random pillow cases, a ton of old toiletries (my linen closet includes “bathroom drawers” and a box of crap I had in there since we moved in nearly two years ago. It does feel satisfying, but the next round is my walk in closet. I actually think it may take me two days to get through it. I’ll take pictures though!!

  12. allyson says:

    You’re right, in fact I haven’t stopped! Started on December 26th, and still last night people were picking up my junk at the curb. Yes, indeed, it didn’t even have to count against my 3 bag garbage limit. Now that’s the way to purge. Small house owners unite!

  13. Laura says:

    So, when I am clearing out junk, I decide I need to listen to music. I go pick out cds and then notice something in that part of the house that needs done, many times I get involved in a completely different project and will wander back to the original started project and wonder who pulled all that stuff out of the drawer.

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