Throw Away 50 Things.
You Did It!

Last week I issued a bit of a command.  A challenge really.  I mildly suggested you might benefit mentally from chucking a few things.

50 things to be precise.  And chuck you did.  Chuck, chuck, chuck.   All around the world people were chucking stuff in a mad frenzy to regain control of their lives.  Also a lot of people found keys they though they’d lost.

So as promised I have a few before and after photos from Art of Doing Stuff readers who took part in the challenge.  I wasn’t able to include all the pictures that were sent to me and I’m sorry about that.

A lot of people seemed to tackle the dreaded junk drawer but some of you got really wild and headed out of doors to clean up garages and sheds and porches.  To the woman in North Carolina who got rid of all the garden gnomes on her neighbour’s front lawn … that’s not really allowed.

O.K.  Here we go!  A photographic ode to the chuckers … (by the way, for some unknown reason, looking at other people’s junk is fascinatingly entertaining.  Who knew!?  Other than the producers of Hoarders.  I guess they knew.)



marti's junk

Marti wandered around her entire apartment gathering things to be chucked.  Yes the bowl is Limoge, yes she is chucking it.  Or Goodwilling it to be more precise.


Among other things, Michelle found some Betta fish food (her Betta fish died around a decade ago), a notepad in the shape of testicles and some Red Hots.  She ate those.  The Red Hots.  Michelle claims her legs grew 4 inches overnight and she can now speak Russian.  Plus she feels quite smug about her neat drawers.


This is Sue’s desk at work. Sue had all that stuff on her desk because her drawers were so full she couldn’t put anything in them. So she threw out the liquor bottles and decorating magazines and was able to put the stuff from the top of the desk into the drawers of the desk. Now Sue just goes to the bar for a drink.  Don’t be fooled by those two bottles of water on the desk in the first picture … totally filled with Vodka.  I mean I’m just guessing, but it makes for a way better picture if I pretend they’re Vodka. Which they probably are.


It’s a bit of a long and convoluted story, but for a while I thought Jan was a boy named Michael. It’s kind of a boring story so I’m not going to tell you about it. Jan had a choice. Clean up her crafts boxes or clean up the side porch. Since she loves to craft and wasn’t willing to part with crafty stuff, she tackled the porch. Which if I’m seeing things correctly, housed a chicken waterer. As you can see in the second picture, Jan’s chickens now get their drinks out of a chilled cooler by the door. Far more civilized.


I don’t know what it is about Karin’s drawers that I love so much but I do. She has German junk, and German junk is clearly a lot nicer than Canadian junk. She has cool little fish and nice tea lights and pretty stuff. Her junk looks great. German’s have the best junk.


Hunter’s drawer looked like Animal from the Muppets threw up on it. Then she cleaned it out and it’s a thing of beauty. Plus Hunter won the Nobel Peace Prize the very minute she finished cleaning out her drawer.
Now we all know our junk drawers are going to be filled with junk again in anywhere from 3 months to 3 days. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that you tackled it. That for now, you are smarter, with longer legs, speaking Russian on your way to pick up your Nobel prize. And that in itself … is pretty darn good. Большое спасибо.


  1. Kay says:

    After sorting through my deceased mother-in-law’s apartment last year, I went on a purge-it binge in my own house. She was a hoarder and cleaning up after her was horrendous. I don’t want to put my family through that some day. I don’t want to live like that either….so out went the stuff. I’ve still got more to do, but my mindset is different now, healthier, simpler, richer!

  2. Beth says:

    I am laughing like crazy!!! I missed the whole challenge because I didn’t find you in time! But I have been so there!!! We have been trying to declutter for a while – hubby and I are both packrats! He is just sure he’s going to need “it”, and I am too sentimental!!! (and am sure I will need “it” later!) I did just clean out the 4y/o’s bedroom because she wouldn’t pick the stuff up off the floor (some went in the trash, some is going to the resale shop and some is being held until she misses it or deserves it back – the newer stuff/more expensive stuff) Next is the 11 y/o’s room! Needless to say putting off the craft/office room until last – might need to call in reinforcements for that one! Thanks again for your blog – lovin’ it like crazy!!! Be Blessed! Beth (and yes I love looking at other people’s stuff for some reason too!)

  3. It’s so nice to see I’m not alone out there. I have junk that other people want, have a house and garden that people comment on, and run a home based business doing custom embroidery. I once sold a broken down Martin bird house someone gave me, it didn’t survive the ride home, but had a garage sale and a woman (like ourselves) bought it from me for $25.00…..What a Hoot!
    Love this Blog…..

  4. Terry says:

    Tell Marti to never throw out the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons. Even though they have an expiration date on them, they will still take them. And you can use one for each item you buy. Buy 50 items in one trip…. use 50 coupons.

  5. Theresa says:

    Is it me…or is the pic of the 2nd drawer of Michelle (from Washington State) has something, uh, inappropriate…?

    Or it just looks like that, and it’s a different thing entirely haahaha~

  6. Jane says:

    My daughter is going to live with her dad, does that count?

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