Today’s post is in your hands.

There will be no post today.  Not one written by me anyway. It’s all in your hands now.

I currently have a small army of antique toy soldiers  stabbing their bayonettes into my left eyeball while they jump furiously up and down. They have cleats on their shoes.    More specifically what they seem to be attacking is that long tendony type thing that holds your eyeball in your head.

I’m thinking of cutting it off.  At this point if I could I’d probably chew it off.

So, the entertainment value of today’s post is going to be left up to all of you.

I don’t care how you do it or what you say, but the comment section today is now your chance to shine and entertain everyone else who reads this site.

You could tell a joke or a story or an anecdote.  Maybe you have a highly entertaining story about how one can painlessly pluck one’s eyeball out of one’s head.

I know you have it in you, I’ve read your comments.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to smash my skull open with a meat tenderizer and eat my own brain.

omg.  Maybe I don’t have a migraine.  Maybe I’m a zombie.




  1. Ev says:

    Linda, you and your son are wonderful. All of the dog friends we’ve had through the years were rescues, so of course your story got to me in a big way. Thanks for sharing. If Karen can read, this has got to help a bit! Thanks for sharing, and caring.

  2. Danee says:

    My favorite way of carving a turkey.
    Step one remove stuffing.
    Step two remove skin.

    I let others deal with the turkey since I don’t really like it and now it’s time to drizzle gravy over the skin, brussel sprouts, breadrolls and stuffing and eat.

    I recently found stuffing balls (from a well known british grocery store that sells british food in other european countries) I used to think that stuffing should only be eaten at holiday family get togethers like Thanksgiving. Now I can pull a couple of stuffing balls out of the freezer anytime I want. I am now thankful for stuffing balls and Karen giving us the opportunity to share my thankfulness with you all.

  3. Candice says:

    The present, the past, and the future walk into a bar…it was tense.


    Whenever comforting a Grammar Nazi, I always say they’re, there, their.

    badadum ching!

    okay one more…

    A grasshopper walks into a bar. The barkeep says, “you know we have a drink named after you?” The grasshopper says, “a drink named Bob? How weird!”

  4. Ann says:

    Get well soon, Karen.

    At least you don’t have to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow because you Canuk’s celebrated a while back, right? So while we are all knee deep in uncooked doughy bread stuffing and swearing at our pie shells, you can rest easy in a dark room with the blankets pulled up over your head.

    Well, except I don’t eat any grains at all and very low carbs so I am still trying to figure out my menu. I am making it for Thanksgiving, just for hubby and I. Then for us and my sis-in-law/bro-in-law for Christmas. She has stage 3C ovarian cancer and is currently going thru her 2nd treatment. They have her following a total ketogenic diet which is supposed to help keep sugar from feeding the cancer. That is how I got started on ketogenics, as her sidekick so to speak. She is not all that much of a cook and keto limits what you can eat. So I find recipes and try them out and if they work I send them to her. But I sure feel 200% better and will never go back. So off I go to figure out what goes with filet mignon.

  5. Melanie says:

    A conversation with my three year old in the car the other day:

    Me: ‘Oh look, there’s a sleepy lizard (blue tongue lizard about a foot long) on the road!’

    3 yr old: ‘why mummy?’

    Me: ‘It’s crossing the road.’

    3 yr old: ‘Why’s the sleepy lizard crossing the road mummy’


    I could not resist and cracked up laughing the rest of the way home :) Needless to say her next comment was… ‘Why mummy?’!! :)

  6. Beth says:

    That’s too bad…however, it’s the perfect description! Your army is at this moment attacking my right eye. I would use a fork. My husband would use a spoon.

  7. Kyle says:

    I used to get migraines about twice a week and then suddenly they stopped…… I’ve got that going for me……I pretty much SWORE BY EXCEDRIN MIGRAINE! I had the kind of hard drugs that they make you wait in line for at the drugstore, but trust me, get some. Also, screaming into your pillow while your dog barks is somehow comforting as well. He used to lick my tears away too. I am very much a dog person and that story about Buck made my day! Karen, I look forward to your posts every day and I really feel for you, sleep it off and have a great holiday.

  8. Rachel says:

    Why is it that people clip their nails in the middle of work meetings? This happens all the time. I really don’t understand why they even carry nail clippers around.

    • Mindy says:

      Annnnnd, that one wins for the most disgusting. I used to work with guys who would clip their fingernails at their desks. I could hear the, clip, clip, clip coming through the office. So foul.

  9. I love all the jokes and great stories. Thanks for the recipe Susan R!! I take Zomig for my migraines!! It works but is very expensive. You pop it under your tongue so that it is absorbed into the mouth, not the stomach (in case you are like me and throw up) Feel better girl!

  10. Tigersmom says:

    Hmmmmmmm. A migraine, eh?

    Are you sure this isn’t just an elaborate ruse to avoid answering my, um….I mean your readers’, questions about your kitchen counters?

    Because not only are you a cook tease, you are also a counter tease. Although that doesn’t have the same fun smack of innuendo that cook tease has.

    Honestly, you are a multitude of teases.

    Some of the ones I can recall are when you were a frigid tease, I mean, fridge tease.

    And when you were a piggy salt and pepper tease (although I must confess, that one worked out rather well for me as I am still in love with them and smile daily when I use them).

    You have been a root vegetable tease, too. And there are so many more.

    Does anyone else, I wonder, have a favorite or particularly poignant way in which you have been a tease? Perhaps a tease that inspired them to get up off their but and do stuff?

    Oh, and just in case you really have a migraine, let me just say, “Ooooooooowwwwwwwwww,” and I hope it is soon gone and you are all better. There are some of us out here who have come to rely on your regular kicks to get our butts in gear and keep them there. : )

  11. Cindy says:

    I spend two hours a day going to and from work. TWO HOURS. A DAY. It makes me mind blowingly, bat s–t crazy. So, in an effort to keep my sanity realively intact, I’ve decided to take notes on what I observe from the windows of my Nissan. Whilst driving the other day, I saw the “I brake for noone” type of driver in my rear view mirror, closing in at lightening speed. And irritatingly, she had great hair, great makeup, (I put mine on at stop lights), and a BLACK JAGUAR. Really, there is no justice. And, just as quickly as she had revved up behind me, she veered to fill a gap on the right, and passed me by. While wondering if this was a sign of some larger meaning in my life, I noticed the hem of her coat caught in the car door. It was whipping furiously in the current, probably getting really beat up and dirty. Excellent. I smiled and watched her disappear.

  12. Nancy says:

    Thanks this gives me time to read yesterday’s post since I didn’t get to it. Feel better soon. Hope you. aren’t just taking the day to catch up with everything you pledged to get done in November so you could relax in December.

  13. Hey Karen there are drugs for that. I should know I’ve been a pharmacist for 30 years. Good grief! How did I get here?
    So to reach early retirement my daughter has entered me in a contest to win $1500 worth of Annie Sloan chalk paint. Please help fulfil this girls dreams of starting a second career. Details on my blog
    I’m getting a headache trying to get Amy’s joke. Newt?
    Maybe coffee will help

    • Karen says:

      Hi Margaret – I actually take Relpax, but if I don’t take it at the exact right moment, it doesn’t work. 85% of the time it works .. the odd time it doesn’t. This is the odd time. ~ karen!

      • laura gerber says:

        Relpax has been a lifesaver for me – I’m down to 3 or 4 really bad migraines a year now – down from one every couple of weeks or so. Granted once the bad ones hit I’m down for 48 hours…just saw my neuro today and he’s given me another heavy duty pain med to try (a nasal spray). Crossing my fingers.

        • Karen says:

          Yup, Relpax works well for me 85% of the time or so. If you don’t hit it at the exact right moment, you’re screwed. :/ It’s a wonder drug, though isn’t it? Good luck with the nasal spray. That sounds like it would work REALLY FAST! ~ karen

    • Nancy Blue Moon says:

      Margaret..My Newt = Minute = Small or Tiny

    • Hey, Margaret, I voted, once I had figured out the entry was in your daughter’s name. Duh. Make sure you tell everyone to vote DAILY. And change the text colour on your blog’s links to the contest, so dummies like me can find it more easily. Hope I’m not too bossy… just tryin’ to help, Sista. :) Did you have that coffee yet? (My newt… mi nute… minute… synonym for small, little, tiny, etc.)

      Karen, I am working on an anti-migraine spell… hope it reaches you before you commit optic nerve hari-kari :(

  14. Debby says:

    Why was it so difficult for Beethoven to get music lessons?

    Because his teacher was Haydn

    You are welcome

  15. Judy Bickford says:

    Hi Karen, remember me? I used to work in the Benjamin Moore paint store in the west end. It’s been just over a year now since my husband, two cats and I have moved to Newfoundland. I don’t have an exciting story to tell but one that make me feel good.
    When I moved, I left two daughters and a mother behind to start a bed & breakfast here on the east coast. (Miss them terribly) Before I left, I had many well wishers from among my customers come and say goodbye to me–some gave me cards and Tim Horton’s gift cards! But the nicest gift I got, was a beautiful orchid from one painter. He was one of the nicest young men you could meet. Loved his kids, talked about them all the time, and had a very strong work ethic. Hard worker and such a gentleman. Anyways, I brought that orchid with me in the front seat of my car. Me driving our Rav4 and following behind my husband driving a Penske truck with all our possessions. Needless to say, after opening and closing the car, two cats trying to sit on it and lack of a stable environment, the orchid lost all of its flowers. It has sat in my kitchen window wince last November and up until a few months ago, I thought I had killed it. But, I guess talking to it everyday gave it the courage to sproud a stem and now I have 8 lovely orchids turning their lovely plump, pink heads towards the sun. Why do I tell this story? I feel like that orchid. For so long, I’ve felt like I ‘lost’ my reason to bloom. Missing my family and friends, it’s been a struggle and a lot of hard work trying to get this place going. But now, with just two more inspections needed, we are finally realizing the end to all that hard work and we should be opening within the next month or so. And, I’ve come to know many, beautiful Newfoundlanders that have been happy to become my ‘new’ close friends and family. And like that orchid, I finally feel like my time has come. The second half of my life is ready to start.
    Not a great story, but if anyone out there thinks that life doesn’t get better after a ‘certain’ age (54), you’re wrong. I’m just getting started!!

    • Karen says:

      Of course I remember you, lol. You helped me mix “Bertelsen Black” for my chicken coop among other things. Glad to hear your story. It’s a good one. :) ~ karen

    • Susan says:

      Judy, I just had to give a big hello and good luck from another mid-life transplant. My move was when I was 56 and I did it on my own. I gave up a good job, sold my house, gave away my car and left my parents, son and grandchildren in Ontario to buy a little convenience store in a tiny village in PEI in 2005. My late husband and I used to come down here for a week every year and I fell in love with the place.
      Thank heavens for parents who taught me to be independent and use basic tools, and for blogs like Karen’s to help me through new skills. Last week was a Murphy’s Law week with the hot dog roller dying (took it apart and cleaned the things that made it move); my storm door wouldn’t latch properly and blew open, ripping the screws out of the frame and bending the hydraulic thingy at the top (bought a new hydraulic thingy – twice – and finally crazy glued a piece of soft cord under the springy little latch so it wouldn’t depress so much and let the latch pop off – man, they make those door parts cheap!); somebody poured a slushie and reefed the pouring spout so hard it snapped right off the machine (that one was tough, but after getting red slushie all over my white shirt – have you every notice that you’re always wearing white when something like that happens? – I finally got the spout back in place. Just another normal week at the store. Fixing stuff doesn’t stress me because I just take my time and try different things but what does stress me is the Tom Sawyer thing that goes on every time a man comes in and sees an old lady with tools in her hand. They just have to help, even if they know less about what I’m doing than I do, and it has sometimes had very frustrating results. And comical. But that’s one of the things I love about this village and this island – there’s always someone willing to help with anything. Whether you want it or not, haha.
      Slight digression there! All I wanted to tell you is that it has been incredibly hard work, lots of worries about whether the year would be longer than the budget, guilty feelings when my parents started to fail and all the frustrations of being a long-distance nana, but I don’t regret my decision one iota. I give thanks every day for being where I am. I wish you a very happy future!

    • Suzanne @ Le Farm says:

      I so agree. I think at the age of 56 I am falling in love with a man from Iowa…yes, that’s what I said, Iowa! It is right where the Bridges of Madison County was filmed. I love warm southern weather and I do NOT want to move to a farm in Iowa…but never say never…especially after the age of 50. “Good things can happen, even late in the game.”
      [email protected] Le Farm.

    • Kim from 3 peanuts says:

      Love this story too. Hang in there:)

  16. jainegayer says:

    Karen, I used to get migraines really bad too. I know what you’re going through. Kudos to you for posting what you did. I hope you feel better very soon.
    I loved the lost dog story but didn’t get the newt in the bar joke. But I haven’t had my coffee yet.
    I need to get started on the Thanksgiving cooking and I am so unmotivated right now. And I need to clean the house too. And the damn turkey isn’t thawed out so that’s a problem. And let’s not even think about Christmas cause I didn’t take the Christmas pledge and I’m screwed.
    On a better note, my Rough Linen tablecloth came yesterday and I just want to wrap myself up in it. Thank you for your blog.

    OK, I’d better start the coffee.
    Feel better kiddo.

  17. Su says:

    Can I just say in light of the coming holiday I am very thankful to have found this blog???? Karen rocks and her readers do too!

  18. Cat says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Karen….feel better dear – we need u

  19. Terri says:

    Karen, I’m so sorry you are not feeling well. You’re blog is the first thing I read in the morning, because it makes me happy. My Kindergarten granddaughter told us this joke last night. Why is 6 afraid of 7, because 7 ate 9.

  20. Sue Ann says:

    Hope you feel better!!

    I have a now month old chick living in my house, free ranging in my husband’s study!! I know that you are dying to know why any idiot would do such a thing. Weeeell, it’s kind of like the old Taco Bell commercial where the chihuahua said in his best Mexican accent, “I sink we are gonna need a bigger box”!! We literally had to peel the guy out of his shell and put him in the chick NICU for a few days, he moved up to the newborn nursery and is fast heading to the adult step down (or fly up) unit. He hates the Chileans outside and will have nothing to do with them …he says he’s special!! Oh well, the hubby ain’t happy, but I figure one of two things will happen….he’ll get over it or he’ll have me committed!!

  21. Farquist says:

    I got an iphone last week. So excited.
    My husband is an IT manager and knows lots about technology. I know a little about technology.
    I asked him to help me connect the bluetooth in the car so I could listen to my tunes. I had tried and failed. This was the only question I asked about how to set up my phone.
    He did the task quickly and successfully. Then he turned to me and said, “Imagine what would have happened if you had actually read the manual.”
    I wanted to say, “Imagine how much laundry you could do if you read the manual.” I didn’t.
    Thanks for the opportunity to say it here.

  22. Laura Bee says:

    ohhh…gotta go to work – I’ll return with something that happened today. Feel better! xxoo

    • Laura Bee says:

      So, nothing happened today out of the ordinary. Work, home, daughter had her 2nd swim lesson BY HERSELF! She is three now. Hubby is making something for dinner with some Paleo pulled pork he brought home from work. I’ll let you know how that turns out!

      I need to relax tonight & unwind, going out dancing, it’s my cousin’s daughter’s birthday. I need a celebration, been a bad 2 weeks at work on a personal level for three of my co-workers. We are a close knit bunch & are all hoping for some good news soon.

      On a happy note, I wrapped another gift today. First Festivus party Friday night.

  23. JennyW. says:

    Once upon atime in a little burb in Canada, there lived a short blond Imp named Karen.
    Karen lived in a quaint little home, that all who visited, thought was perfect. It wasnt.
    Deep below the perfectly presentable upper level, lurked a secret. A terrible secret almost too terrible to tell you about! But I will…
    One blustery evening, a few years back, Karen was making her famous soup and attempting to open her favorite wine with a shoe and a tree branch (that she kept stored in her closet, much easier to find than a bottle opener).
    Then the unthinkable happened!!!
    NEXT: – circle story :)

    • Jake says:

      From behind her came this really horrific scream, she turned quickly and to her horror saw…………………….

    • kate-v says:

      hummm …….. maybe I don’t get this, but I think it’s the beginning of a story and I know what happened next ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      ……….at first she didn’t notice the sound, after all, the wind was up so , of course this was understandable, also, it is hard to hear much over the sounds of shoes and branches opening bottles of wine. It was Norma, sweet Norma, sitting by the fire working on her genealogy (after all it was her great great, great, great, geatr, grwat, hreat, great, grandmother “The little Red Hen” of chicken history) who first was aware of the sound coming from the basement. How odd – she could only get a hint of it when Karen was whacking the wine bottles or stirring the soup. Then it would fall silent.
      “is there some strange echo in the house today?’ asked Norma. Just then, Walnut came through the back door with more wood for the fire as Cuddles carefully swept up the bits of broken branches in the kitchen. Cheese Whiz – that handy, crafty bird – quietly clucked to herself as she worked on her crochet.
      “Funny you should ask”, answered Cheese Whiz, “I was just thinking that myself.”
      “Do you Suppose, ” asked Cuddles, “that the old haunted tales about the house are true?” Walnut snorted but they all stepped nearer to the basement door with an ear turned to the dark regions.
      Sure enough, there it was again, just as Karen whacked the bottle with the newly formed shoe/branch combination a faint sound arose from the stairs – a sound that meant only one thing — one horrible, despicable thing: brussel sprouts stalks!!

  24. Rhonda Smartypants says:

    Well, I guess I’m not too surprised to be called upon by our Hostess (with the Mostestess) to do her bidding, since she is always so complimentary and caring about her readers. We know she has had migraines before and blogged anyway. Here’s what I think we need to do before the next one of these hits and, if my timing’s right, we have about 6-8 weeks so here goes: each of us get a Dollar-O-Rama post together and then we can have a complete blog-o-rama prepared for our Hostess to see how talented and cheap, I mean chic, our crafting skills are in her absence. I was pleased to see we pretty much covered the other topics Karen has used before: chicken jokes, sad stories about lost animals and the happy endings we are all holding our breaths to read, horrifically unhealthy appetizer recipes from the 50’s that include all the bad things we run from eating today, a wise but strange saying from an old person, some strange rantings from the USA contingent so now there is some balance in this category, and the love we all share with each other and our Bestie Blogger Karen — hip, hip, hooray for us! We did it. We completed a blog for Karen! (PS-Don’t forget to like everything!)

  25. carey says:

    Pulling up to the drive-through at the bank, I noticed there was a braille plaque next to the deposit bin. Yup, the drive-through!

  26. Chris says:

    Here is a question or two for you:

    If a parsley farmer gets sued do the garnish his wages?

    What disease did cured ham actually have?

    Why is a “bra” singular but “panties” plural?

    Chris =]

  27. Roz says:

    You guys are hilarious! Why can’t I ever think of anything witty to say when I need to?

  28. Auntiepatch says:

    Drugs and darkness! Drugs and darkness!

  29. Sara says:

    Did someone say dead baby jokes?

  30. Julia says:

    Talking of Zombies…
    My children and I regularly have discussions about the best place to seek long term refuge in the event of a Zombie apocalypse…
    Recently we have come to the conclusion that a Costco would be ideal… Not too many windows, plenty of canned and dried food, clothing, tools, water, furniture, batteries, etc etc etc
    You could climb up the storage racks in the event of a security breach too. Not sure about weaponry though – I guess there would be some tools we could use.
    And we’d NEVER run out of spectacles.

    Hope you feel better soon
    Best wishes from the UK!

  31. Cathy says:

    At first Sarah won, then Linda chimed in. Loved her story. I love Haiku as well….hmmmm guess you’ll have to decide.
    Meantime, you need dark, quiet, meds if you wish. Take all you need. We have your back.

  32. Kate says:

    Years and years ago, I used to get bursitis in my elbow. It would hurt like stink for a couple or three weeks and then it would go away. It would happen a few times a year. Eventually, I ended up at a famous orthopedic surgeons office about it. He x-rayed and looked and finally said some magic words.

    “I don’t know. We could do some exploratory surgery…”

    I told him I’d think about it and went home. I know it sounds like a silly story, but I was cured on the spot. Since that time, I have not had any serious pain in that elbow.

    Exploratory Surgery. It’s a magic phrase.

  33. Sia says:

    3 year old… Santa is magic!
    5 year old… Santa is not magic. He has a huge machine that makes toys!

    My eldest once said… “When I grow up, I wanna be an ambulance”

    Kid conversations always make me smile, laugh, and often fall over a pee my pants…

    Hope you feel better soon Karen, and reading all our comments with each eye in its designated socket.

    And since American Thanksgiving is around the corner (although I’m Canadian and think of the following every day recently), always remember…
    “Someone else in this world is very happy with much less than you have.” ~ Author unknown

    Smile always! It’s contagious!

  34. Valerie says:

    For use closer to Christmas:

    With rising prices and inflation
    Taxes have taken away
    The things I find most essential
    My red suit, my reindeer, my sleigh
    This year I am making my way on a donkey
    He’s crippled, he’s old and he’s slow
    So if you don’t see me this Christmas you’ll know
    That I am out on my ass in the snow.

  35. nancy says:

    LINDA!!! Best story!! I love Karen’s commentors almost as much as her blog.

  36. SusanR says:

    I found getting older does help migraines. It also, however, gives you a saggy face, droopy boob syndrome, spreading ass, aches and pains, memory loss, and generalized grumpiness complex. So, migraine lookin’ any better to ya yet?
    Seriously, Karen. I feel your pain. Just go to bed!

    Ok, an unattended soap box! My prayers have been answered! Here’s a yummy, very 50’s retro hors d’oeuvres recipe that my mom used make for every party. Fun for Thanksgiving to keep the hoards calm until dinner. Really delicious.

    Take junky, soft white bread and cut out circles with a shot glass. (More fun if you take a shot first.)
    Place circles on a cookie sheet.
    Spread tops generously with mayo. Add finely chopped onion and grated parmeasean cheese.
    Broil until lightly brown and serve immediately.
    Can be made in advance, covered with plastic wrap and stored in the fridge (uncooked) until needed. (I don’t have to tell anyone to remove the plastic wrap before broiling, right???? ;)

    You will be a superstar!

    Hope you feel better soon, Karen.

  37. Sara says:

    My ten year old son’s favourite joke….

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    To get to the idiot’s house.

    Knock Knock

    Who’s there?

    The chicken

  38. Linda says:

    Sorry you have a headache. I have a story for you that is so awesome, your migraine will disappear by the time you finish reading it.

    So, a few days my son went hunting in a remote area about 60 miles from our town. While driving along a dirt road, he saw a dog, a dog that had no reason to be where he was. He got out of the car and called to the dog. The dog looked around but it didn’t seem like he could see anything. My son got closer to him and called him again. After several attempts, he finally got close enough to the dog that the dog could see him. My son noticed the dog was blind in at least one eye and was pretty old. He was a very sweet cocker spaniel and my son named him Keller. No other cars or people were noticed in the area. He put Keller in his truck, notice a tumor on his stomach, took a picture of him, and drove to the nearest small town which was about 15 miles away. He found an animal shelter and left the dog there thinking that Keller had to have come from that small town. He then posted a picture of him on Facebook.

    Later that evening, I saw Keller on my son’s facebook page and got pretty worked up about the fact that someone abandoned an old blind dog in the boonies. But at least my son had saved him and got him some help. We were hoping it was a no kill shelter and someone would adopt him soon. We were going to keep our eye on the situation.

    There is something you should now about me at this point. I am obsessed with the pet section on craigslist. I got the dog I have now from an ad on craigslist. The next day I was perusing craigslist pets as usual and noticed a post about a lost cocker spaniel that was blind in one eye. However, this dog had gone missing in my town, which is about 60 miles away from where he was found. And he had only gone missing the morning he was found. How could it possibly be the same dog?

    I called the number in the ad and explained the story to the gentleman that answered the phone. He didn’t think there was any possibility that it could be his dog until I mentioned the tumor on the stomach of Keller. The gentleman quietly said, “My dog has a tumor.” The odds went up.

    I sent him the picture of Keller that my son had taken. This dog was the right color but was very dirty and looked darker than the gentleman’s dog. But it look enough like him that he called the animal shelter and compared some other distinguishing features and confirmed that this WAS his missing dog. His name was Buck, not Keller. He drove the hour to pick up Buck, sent me an email telling me that it was definitely his dog and thanking my son and me for helping him get Buck home.

    How Buck ended up 60 miles away from home out in the boonies with no houses around, we’ll never know. But I am so glad that my son rescued him from a cold night in the mountains and that I have a bad craigslist habit.

    Your headache is gone now, isn’t it? ;)

    • Teresa J says:

      Wow, what a great dog story with such a happy ending and I am not even a “dog” person, but it really choked me up!

      Hope you feel better soon, and it was great idea to call out to your peeps on this!!

      Hello to all from Beautiful British Columbia!

    • Sia says:

      First of all , you’re son did a GREAT thing. Thanks to him, Buck’s rough day ended.
      2nd if all, don’t feel bad about your addiction ;) That’s what got him back home…

      Super son-mom team!

    • Su says:

      omg you just made me cry and I’m not a dog person really…. thanks for sharing

    • Jody says:

      That is the best story ever. Karen, I’m sorry you have a migraine but that wonderful story would not have been told otherwise. Thank you for sharing.

    • Brenda says:

      I have goosebumps (for everyone who lives in Hawaii – chicken skin). Wow!!! Just……!!!!!! :)

    • J says:

      That is amazing. Honestly, I’m a little teary eyed as well. What a wonderful thing, to reunite someone with their pet.

    • J says:

      I’m hosting my first Thanksgiving tomorrow with my husband in our new house. We’re cooking a prime rib instead of turkey (husband’s request) and my sister is flying in and my mom and her husband are driving up. Not a big crowd, but still nerve wracking, really. This also marks my first chance to use my grandma’s china that my mom recently gave me!

    • Kristin says:

      That happened to a cat I had once–he stowed away in someone’s truck and ended up across town.

    • Sarah says:

      If my pups ever escape, I hope they are found by someone as caring as you and your son!

    • Linda S in NE says:

      How wonderful it is to read that some people are still raising their kids the “right” way. What a great story, and a good Mother and Son team. Thanks for caring.
      Karen, I hope you feel better soon.

    • Suzanne @ Le Farm says:

      I don’t think there are any accidents in this crazy world. There is just purpose.
      Thanks for sharing!!! It made my day that is too dreary with the rain and missing my kids for Thanksgiving.
      Suzanne @ Le Farm

    • lori jones says:

      What an awesome thing you and your son did!

    • Kim from 3 peanuts says:

      Happy and uplifting story…thank you for sharing:)

  39. Amy says:

    I present my favourite joke:

    A man walks into a bar with a lizard on his shoulder. He asks the bartender for a pint for himself and a half pint for Tiny, his lizard. The bartender asks “Why do you call him Tiny?” The man replies “Because he’s my newt.”

  40. Sarah says:

    Three (unrelated) haikus:

    Sadly, Karen is in pain.
    She looks to comments.
    Ridiculousness prevails.

    Karen can carve a turkey.
    I cannot at all.
    Fork and knife will do just fine.

    (To be read the day before Thanksgiving . . . and not before!)
    Thanksgiving is tomorrow.
    Christmas follows soon.
    It’s too late to start the pledge?!?!?!

    (That last one was about how dreadfully behind I am with the Christmas pledge that I halfway didn’t take.)

  41. Marti says:

    Botox. Botulinum Toxin. The answer to so many of life’s questions.

    Chuck Norris doesn’t get migraines. He glares at his temple until it stops throbbing and roundhouse kicks anyone who says different.

    Hope you feel better.

  42. Susan says:

    OMG! Somebody has allowed me to talk? Anything I want to talk about? My kids? My dog? My goofy cat? My chickens? Don’t tell me I’m speechless. That never happens. Give me a minute while I take the dog hair out of my mouth and push the cat off the couch so I can answer the phone and tell the stupid telemarketer that I would love to go on the free holiday they’re offering but I have to go to one of my grand kids birthday parties and I’m sure I can come up with something to talk about. In the meantime hope your head is better soon cause those sucker headaches are the worst. Sometimes you just want to pluck that eyeball out and play basketball with it while you hide under a black out curtain in a padded room. …sorry Karen, can’t think of anything to talk about so we’ll wait till you’re feeling better and let you do what you’re best at! Gotta go now because that skunk that has been trying to steal my chicken’s eggs is raiding the henhouse and I must chase him over to my neighbour’s perfectly manicured yard and then the fellow can pressure wash the smell away tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. while he’s cutting his lawn and blowing all my leaves back onto my property. To make a long story short…it’s too late!! Xox

  43. Jenny says:


    I cave under pressure! I can’t take this!

    (Feel better!)

  44. Christy says:

    I’ll share my dad’s quote of the day, “This house has no room to store garbage. I need a garage to store all the stuff I don’t want.”

  45. NikiDee says:

    Here’s something that may make everyone (in the US) feel good about Thanksgiving. I just got back into town & will be doing my grocery shopping for our holiday “feast”…the day before the holiday. I’m hoping wilted lettuce, week old bread & chicken livers can be made to look festive. Not sure if I’m dreading the lack of supermarket choices or the throngs of stressed out – last day before the big day shoppers. Sigh. Next year no trips to appease relatives before I have to conjure up an amazing meal!

  46. Katie King says:

    What does Snoop Dogg (a.k.a. Snoop Lion) use an umbrella for?

    Fo’ drizzle.

    What does Snoop Dogg (a.k.a. Snoop Lion) use to clean his clothes?


    Why does Snoop Dogg (a.k.a. Snoop Lion) use conditioner?

    Fo’ frizzle.

    What does Snoop Dogg (a.k.a. Snoop Lion) put on his salads?

    Bacon biaaaaaaaaats.

    You’re welcome. I also have a repertoire of dead baby jokes, available upon request…

  47. Rebecca Saha says:

    Ouch! That’s gotta hurt! Sorry to hear you’re unwell, Karen. You are always missed on such occasions. On the entertainment front, though, I bring you a small furry coat that is shaped like a giraffe. Yes, a giraffe. If you are a 6-12 month old girl (or boy? hmmm….) who has always dreamed of being a giraffe then you are in luck — and pretty cute to boot! Check out the cutest coat ever on the Facebook page of our online kids’ consignment boutique, Eco Outfitters Online: . While you’re there, you might even…ahem…”like” us?! Thanks! We appreciate your support.

  48. Pat Kichinko says:

    Hmmm….an empty soap box. I think I’ll climb up here and take a look. Okay. Not much to say except…in the good ol’ U.S.A., the left lane is the PASSING LANE. If you want to mosey along, doing 20 miles under the speed limit (especially in a 30 mile per hour zone), get in the RIGHT LANE. Face it: you aren’t passing ANYONE. Orange construction cones travel faster than you. Yup. That’s right. I said it. Uh-huh.

    • amy watson says:

      YAY..YAY..YAY Pat!!!!!! I want to make a flash card that says that do when I get close enough to these people that go slower than moallsses in January ( Yep I said it) I want to educate thenm on the rules of the road,,,you see, there used to be signs up that said “slower traffic keep right” I haven’t seen may of those signs if ANY in years….I say bring them BACK!!!!!! Evidently there is a couple of generations that have no clue that this is a road LAW, i guess more people would say it is a courtesy….buy it is a LAW…..Throw them suckers in jail and maybe they will get it, OK I am climbing down off the soap box…somebody else take over now…Karen…I hope your head doesn’t bust wide open :)

    • Dana R says:

      Amen, amen, amen!

    • Shelly says:

      Thank you for saying (typing) the words I scream in my head every day on the roads.

  49. kathy says:

    oh, you poor kid. i used to get migranes. then i got older. and they stopped. guess getting old ain’t all that bad!

  50. Deb says:

    So so sorry to hear you have a migraine – they are the worst…

    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Cash who?
    No thanks, but I would like a peanut instead!

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